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Magazine design

This is my magazine templates that i am choosing to use for my music magazine.

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Magazine design

  1. 1. I am going to incorporate Q’s Mastheadmasthead into my magazine.Having the mast head in thetop left of the magazinemakes it very eye catching and Imageallows other space for othercover lines, images etc. Main Cover line I have chosen to emcompas the same Cover B style cover line in the a Line bottom left hand of the r c magazine front cover. o d e I am going to have one large image in theI have chosen to have the main middle of the front cover. Instead ofcover line in the middle of the having a number of different photos I ammagazine so that it stands out and going to have one high quality stylishmakes you focus straight to it and image. The model will be looking directlythe image. I used inspiration from at the audience “Male gaze” from off theNME. shelves.
  2. 2. I have chosen to incorporateBlender’s masthead into my MastHeadmagazine. This is because themasthead is very eye catching Imageand bold which makes it standout. Having a mast head thatstands out allows you to build a Main Imagestrong brand awareness becausecustomers would recognise the Imagebrand. MainHaving the main cover line in the Cover linebottom left corner of the Imagemagazine allows me to use avariety of images on the frontpage. I am going to have the main image in I Have decided to have 3 images the middle of the page. This makes down the side of the magazine to the image very eye catching and give the audience a insight to creates a “Mel Gaze” to the what will be featured within the audience. issue.
  3. 3. I have chosen to have my mast Mast Head head in the top centre of my page. This is because it will be bold and will stand out compared to the other conventions on the front page. Cover line ImageHaving the main cover line in themiddle of the page will let the Main Cover lineaudience know straight away whatthe magazine is mainly going to beabout. Banner Having a banner on the magazine I like the ideas of having the image in the allows me to add extra information centre of the magazine. This creates a “Mel like Q uses “the UK’s biggest music gaze” so the artist is looking directly at the magazine” to make the audience reader from off the shelf. buy the magazine because they would think that it is the best magazine.
  4. 4. I have chosen to have abanner because it will Bannerallow me to make textstand out and draw in thereader. Magazine Image I like the contents page from the magazine show. I think it is creative and allow the audience to find the articles quickly. Editors Inside contents Note Page numbers: I am going to have arrow leading from images and cover lines on the front page and I will provide the page numbers where to find them The inside contents allows the I am going to have a editors note readers to find the articles that to introduce the issue. Providing a they want quickly and efficiently. editors note makes a person connection from the magazine to audience.
  5. 5. I have chosen to have the image in the middle of the magazine. This Title: will make the image stand out. A r Image: t i c l eI am going to have the title at thetop of the page in Serif Sans so I have decided to have the articles downthat it stand out for the reader, each side of the image to make the doubleand the audience know what the page look symmetrical. The articles willarticle is about instantly. relate to the main image which is in the middle of the page. I am going to make sure that the double page spread is bright and relates to my chosen genre of music. I will also use colours and fonts that relates to my target market.