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medical tourism

  1. 1. Medical Tourism Innovative Project by Dr.Kampon Sriwatanakul
  2. 2. Demands in Medical services
  3. 3. F F F F F Fก medical hub of Asia F ก ก ก 2008 ก F F Fก regional medical hub F ก (training + service hub) high level health care working group strategic partner ก F กF กก
  4. 4. F F F F F ก F Fก Asian hub for F cancer treatment & Medical tourism ก F high-end ก Ultra-Modem Cancer Center strategic partner ก F F Fก Health Tourism Hub F Cosmetic Surgery of Asia F ก Package Public private cooperation
  5. 5. F F F F F Fก Global Health Care F Cardio Care, Joint/Hip Destination Replacement, Lasik
  6. 6. The Science of Services Marketing
  7. 7. Creating centers of excellence Translate marketing concepts into programs and projects that produce results
  8. 8. Proposed health prevention & promotion centers of excellence Medical spa Holistic weight management center Bio-energetic healing center Bio-aesthetic treatment center Wellness and Detoxification center Anti-aging center Longevity center
  9. 9. Proposed specialized centers of excellence Stem cell transplant center Integrated cancer care center Liver treatment center Spinal cord center Holistic cardiac care center Orthopedic treatment center
  10. 10. Implementing new technologies Telemedicine Energy medicine Mind-Body medicine Orthomolecular medicine Stem cell technology Gene technology Thalassotherapy & Balneotherapy
  11. 11. How can we….. More effectively reach our target customers? Determine what our customer really think of us? Generate more qualified leads? Improve our public identity and brand recognition?
  12. 12. Market Research Measurably improve satisfaction among consumers, staff and customers Secure new desirable customers Improve consumer (e.g.,patient or resident) compliance and therefore outcomes
  13. 13. Market Research (cont.) Increase recruitment and retention of staff Improve customer / client retention and loyalty Increase efficiency & profitability
  14. 14. Finding Answers to the Right Questions Are our customers, clients and staff satisfied? How is the choice of service providers really made? Who are our customers and what do they really want?
  15. 15. Finding Answers to the Right Questions (cont.) Where are the customers we want? Which services are they using now? Why would they switch? Why are some customers loyal, while others are not?
  16. 16. Innovative Research Strategies Measurement of healing energy Measurement of UV radiation Determine the quality of water Determine the quality of atmospheric oxygen Evidence-based studies to determine the success outcome
  17. 17. NIA medical tourism cluster coordinators Dr.Kampon Sriwatanakul M: 081-636-4975
  18. 18. Thank You National Innovation Agency Dr.Supachai Lorlowhakarn Director Khun Pakapong Pornmanuchatip Project Manager Khun Prakit Roatphunyakit Project Coordinator