3 Renewable Energy    rd                                                                                11 August 2009Indi...
Opening ceremony of Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPOShri Deepak Gupta, inaugurated the 3rdRenewable Energy India 2009 Expo...
away                                                                                          Key take                    ...
Accelerating the solar                         parity by 2017-20 was also discussed.          Thin film technologies: an  ...
Wind energy                                      Rising wind power generation capacity                                    ...
wind power assets                                                                                                         ...
Vestas Wind                                                               Mark Ginsberg, Senior Advisor toTechnology India...
Country Pavilions                             AWS Truewind Llc                                              www.awstruewin...
Ghodawat Energy Limited (GEL)Ghodawat Energy Limited (GEL) in partnership with AMSC-Windtec GmbH, Austria todayannounced t...
Garrad Hassan, a Germanischer Lloyd (GL) companyWe are one of the major independent technical andengineering consultancy f...
SCHOTT Solar is the oldest still active solar manufacturer in the world. Exhibitions                       India spoke to ...
Product showcase                                    Freeplay Energy India Ltd.                     Gautam Polymers        ...
Webel-SL EnergySystems LimitedWebel SL Energy systems Ltd. has astate- of-the-art integrated productionfacility at Kolkata...
Conference program                                                                          11 August 2009 Track IX       ...
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  1. 1. 3 Renewable Energy rd 11 August 2009India 2009 Expo Show daily Day 2 Dr. R. Chidambaram Dr. R.K. Pachauri The theme for today’s bulletin is Wind Energy. Key Principal Scientific Director-General, events of the day include Adviser to the The Energy and • Pre lunch conference sessions Govt. of India Resources Institute on wind farm developments, & DAE – Homi (TERI) and Chairman, issues and challenges faced Bhabha Professor Intergovernmental by state developers of SHP, short term forecasting of Panel on Climate wind power and CDM issues Change (IPCC) Renewable energy offers one of the most It is becoming increasingly apparent that to • Post lunch panel discussion on promising options for simultaneously business model for successful meet the objectives of energy security and achieving the often conflicting goals of the supply of energy on a sustainable basis, emerging technologies and economic development and environmental conference sessions on renewable sources of energy would have to be preservation. India has set ambitious targets used on a large scale globally in the coming securing investments, road for increasing the use of its abundant, map to grid parity, predictive years. This would also be important to mitigate renewable resources as a part of its the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), maintenance to maximize energy security and lower carbon ROI and minimize downtime, which have increased substantially with the path climate policies. burning of fossil fuels since industrialization energy efficiency and turning challenges into opportunities The National Action Plan on Climate Change began. It is for this reason that the country’s (NAPCC), announced by the Prime Minister National Action Plan on Climate Change • Country pavillion — of India on the 30th of June 2008, has also (NAPCC) provides primacy to the solar mission German and US laid special emphasis on renewable energy which has recently been approved in principle • Product launch by by including the National Solar Mission as for implementation. The target in this mission Ghodawat industry one of the eight National Missions that will is the establishment of 20,000 megawatt of be implemented by the Government of India solar capacity in India by 2020. Against this to address the challenge of Global Warming. background renewable energy developments for India would take off on a large scale andConference program Pg 14-15 I am happy to know that the Exhibitions would require an unprecedented level of India Group is organizing the 3rd edition international cooperation involving a range of Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo in of business opportunities. Investments in New Delhi during August 10-12, 2009. I am research and development and dissemination sure that the event will offer an opportunity of renewable energy technologies will grow for policy makers, industry leaders, correspondingly at a very rapid rate. technology experts etc., to come together with the objective of accelerating cost- Bringing experts involved in the trade, effective renewable energy development. technology and policy aspects of the sector, an event like 3rd Renewable Energy India I extend my warm wishes to the 2009 Expo enables the rise of new strategies, organizers of the event for its success. appropriate policies and cost competitive applications for a progressive energy mix where renewable energy plays a significant role. My best wishes to the organizers for the success of the event.
  2. 2. Opening ceremony of Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPOShri Deepak Gupta, inaugurated the 3rdRenewable Energy India 2009 Expo. Mr Alternative energy is a booming business and India is positioned favourably to take “As Government’s,Prem Behl extended a warm welcometo more than 385 exhibitors from 27 advantage of the growing opportunity with its abundant resources and scientific businesses andcountries. He spoke about the need tohave a coherent roadmap to fully leverage engineering and R&D capabilities. He also mentioned the fact that India has signed individuals worldthe huge but latent renewable energysector in India. He also gave a background a declaration at the major economies forum on energy and climate (MEF) last wide rise to thefor the DIREC 2010 which is expected tobe held at an even bigger scale. Mr Kuljit month which could create an enabling environment for reaching a climate change challenges of energySingh, Partner, Ernst & Young, made thetheme presentation of the session. The agreement during the 15th conference of parties in Copenhagen in December. security and climateErnst & Young Renewable Energy CountryAttractive index pegs India at number Shri Pranav Nahar, MD Evolution Markets change, renewable India, spoke about the evolution of policy4 globally and he stressed the fact thatin each of the sub sectors the installed in renewable energy in India, the evolution energy has emerged of Indian entrepreneur / project developercapacity needs to be upgraded to tap thisvast potential. He addressed the need to and evolution of markets. Carmine D’alosio, as the most Councellor and Minister for foreign affairs US promising solution”explore the avenues of financing and access embassy emphasized about India’s strategicto growth capital needed for much needed role in the development of clean energy. Heinfrastructure development. Shri Deepak also spoke about the challenges to creatingGupta, Secretary, MNRE, acknowledged the a global framework which is recognized by — Shri Deepak Gupta,renewed interest and the world’s viewpoint Honorable Secretary Minister all the developed countries which addressesagainst the backdrop of depleting fossilfuels. He stressed on the challenges of new climate change and looks towards achieving for New and Renewable Energy, economic growth. He stressed upon the roleand changing technologies and encouraged Government of India of PPPs and private sector in this growthparticipants in the exhibition to take and tools such as smart designs, bringingadvantage of the platform and help meet green power to the masses and jump-challenges ahead. The global renewable starting manufacturing, and integratingenergy market is doubling every three years. local industry in the global supply chain.2 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  3. 3. away Key take away Key takeDay 1: key highlights the timelines vary, there was adequate scope for all the sectors in the renewable and also achieve higher steam pressures for higher co generation potential. The space in India to grow. Just like telecom session then moved onto the issues of cleanCEO roundtable sector attracted investments both foreign development. India represents almost a third and Indian, after some incubation period of all registered CDM projects and more thanErnst & Young and Exhibitions India jointly so too would the renewable energy a third of registered cogeneration projects.hosted a CEO roundtable on the theme sector – it is just a matter of time. The potential for co generation projects“Financing renewable energy projects, for CDM in India, especially in ‘bagasse’current experience, challenges and Potential and challenges faced and waste heat recovery applications wereroadmap for the future” at Hall 11, Pragati by various industries involved discussed. Looking at the future prospectsMaidan. The roundtable was anchored by in paper industry the session then focusedKuljit Singh, Partner, Ernst & Young. The in cogeneration on the development of biomass-basedroundtable was attended by 10 senior The pre lunch session on “Potential and cogeneration system, bio-gas generationleaders from the renewable energy sector. challenges faced by various industries from carbohydrate rich waste affluent involved in Cogeneration” was extremely streams and utilization of biogas turbineIt started off with a context setting informative. The speakers talked about system and generation of ethanol frompresentation by Kuljit Singh on “evaluating the challenges in future prospects in the cellulosic biomass and the utilization ininvestments and M&A dynamics in the paper industry and presented the status co generation system. Moving on thererenewable energy sector”. The extremely of co generation in the Indian context. was light thrown on cogeneration fromlively session was attended by the CEOs from Issues such as barriers in cogeneration an energy conservation perspective andthe Solar, Wind, Biomass and Hydro players. faced by medium and small scale solar thermal development challenges.They debated and discussed issues in industries, lack of expertise for optimum Another topic discussed was that of tri-tapping the RE potential in India, challenges configuration were also highlighted. generation and its associated policy andfaced by foreign developers in entering theIndian RE, the most feasible alternative regulatory issues, main application areas, It was heartening to note that India featuresfor fund raising in the current scenario. cost efficiencies, business opportunities among the top 15 producers in the global for ESCOs and major project activities. context. The industry however remainsIt was felt that financing structure is a Lastly the session concluded with an fragmented with capacities varying betweenmain issue in attracting investments. introduction to biomass boilers, high 2 and 800 tons per day. The session alsoFurther the bankers could explore lending pressure cogeneration with biomass brought forth the fact that while co-also to the rural sector where contrary to in travelling grate boilers and common generation improves plant efficienciespopular perception the collection rates problems associated with biomass fuels. considerably, there is a need to maximizemay actually be high. While grid parity co generation by using all internal fuels Biofuels: Market driversbetween solar and wind is a debatableissue and the perceptions for achieving and outlook This post lunch session focused on the Indian biofuels market. Although oil will remain the leading energy source but factors such as price volatility of oil, oilfield decline will provide a boost to the biofuel industry as an alternative to the oil industry. On the biodiesel front, the session elaborated on R&D work on high oil yielding Jatropha seeds that is underway and pilot projects for plantations and trans-esterification. It was felt that the industry is in the incubation stage but large scale jatropha cultivation and the infrastructure for oil seed collection and oil extraction must be established before the industry can be placed on a rapid growth track. The global market drivers, the out look for biofuel industry, the key drivers – blend rates was discussed. It was felt that the future lies in carbon intensity where the winners will be those biofules with negative CO2 emissions. It was interesting also to get a perspective on biofuels in rural transformation whereIn view of the upcoming carbon regulations we saw how biofuels through the use of waste land resulted in higher farmand carbon taxes, bio fuels could be a incomes and better quality of life.viable alternative to diesel and petrol – Dipankar Ghosh, Partner Ernst & Young 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 3
  4. 4. Accelerating the solar parity by 2017-20 was also discussed. Thin film technologies: an The panel members ended the session oneconomy: How to reduce costs outlook in turbulent times a unanimous conclusion that governmentand maximize ROI should focus on providing a stable policy The afternoon session started with aIn this session the panel came together regime, rather that providing subsidies. look at various thin film technologiesto discuss a sustainable solution for the and the challenges the industry is facing Does the road to electric due of global financial meltdown. Thechallenges being faced by the industrywith the perspective of reducing cost vehicles pass through India? panel members briefly pointed out theand maximization of ROI. The panelists issues each of their respective companies The session captured the journey and statuselaborated the fact that solar industry has were facing and potential solutions. of electrical vehicles in India, the buses,the greatest cost reduction possibility. The cars and two wheelers. It threw light on Securing the finance needed topanel members addressed the need for the increased trend for plug in hybrid carscheaper financing to enhance the return drive solar forward and hybrid carriers globally with specificon investment. It was agreed that every examples from the US. It also touched upon The panel members provided both privatehousehold had the potential to become electrotherm efforts for growth of electric equity as well as a venture capitalista solar power producer. It is a potential vehicles and governmental support and perspective into the funding. Some ofsweet spot where India had the potential how the players foresee the EV target to the panelists felt that there was no needto become a global leader along with reduce to CO2 emissions. The session also for government subsidy in India and thatChina by contributing as much as 5% of featured rise of EV’s in China, key best the solar industry should let the marketthe global solar energy production by practices of Chinese EV industry and the forces take its course. The members2020. The panelists felt the need for a vision for the future of LEV’s in India. The pointed out that the sector has adequatefeed in tariff, removal of differentials and session addressed the emission and energy capital available, but the investors werea proactive government role in providing security concerns by elaborating on how seeking certainty from the government.both regulatory and fiscal support to the EVs/HEVs would help us to “preserve ourdevelopers. The recently announced solar environment” by reducing emission, “reducemission which aims s to make solar energy dependency on oil” for energy security.commercially competitive and achieve grid“EV’s will not help usto save environment,until we change theway we produceelectricity” — I.V. Rao, Managing Executive Officer, Research and Development, Maruti Suzuki4 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  5. 5. Wind energy Rising wind power generation capacity 12,000 10,243Until recently, India’s “renewable energy 8,754 10,000story” was limited to wind energy. The In MW 7,090renewable energy industry lacked depth 8,000and wind farms mushroomed not because 5,341of any specific green energy focus but 6,000 3,594because wind farm owners were largely 4,000driven by high stable returns offeredby this sector owing to the accelerated 2,000depreciation benefits, coupled with 0generation returns. A large attraction wasalso that wind farms rarely necessitated FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09any management focus or staff allocations Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and Indian Wind Energy Associationby the wind farm owners. This is becausethe equipment manufacturers fashioned Issues which may impede • Wind farms require large tracts ofthemselves as full wind farm developers. open land and as such companies organic and inorganic growth face hurdles and local communityThis made fully developed projects availableon a turnkey basis and also provided Several issues, which can potentially be a opposition in acquiring land. Thesecomplete operations and maintenance serious constraint on our growth process delays or long lead time usually resultservices in relation thereto. The promised in this sector, still remain to be addressed: in cost escalation, locked-in capital andhassle-free and stable returns drove under-utilization of planned facilities. • The approximate capital cost of windgrowth in this segment and the country power projects on a turnkey basis is • The cap of 49MW on the Generationemerged as the fifth-largest producer of INR55-60 million/MW, which is higher Based Incentive (GBI) scheme implieswind energy in the world, with a current than the capital costs of conventional that there is no meaningful impact oninstalled wind capacity of 10,243 MW. energy. Moreover, the average plant the equity internal rate of return (IRRs)However, the last couple of years have seen load factors (PLFs) of Indian wind farms of most wind power projects since thea growing seriousness in this sector, with stand at around 15%, which is low as wind power capacity added in India in onedomestic conventional as well as renewable compared to the global average of 30%.energy players, global utilities, private A low PLF, coupled with the high capitalequity fund-backed wind energy companies cost, drives down the equity return Workshop on “Latest trendsand others are vying for a presence in associated with such investments. in designing, manufacturingthis sector. To encourage the emergence and testing of PV modules“ • Since buyers take decisions at the lastof serious players, the government has moment (just before September 30announced generation-based incentives of Organized by Solar Energy Society and March 31 every year to avail ofINR0.50 per kWh of electricity generated, of India (SESI), a workshop will be the accelerated tax depreciation), thefor a period of ten years for grid-connected held on “Latest trends in designing, equipment suppliers in India have evolvedwind farms. However, the generation-based manufacturing and testing of PV as developers themselves. For instance,incentive scheme is currently at a pilot level modules“. The workshop will have the equipment suppliers in India typicallyand is applicable for a 49 MW in aggregate, presentations from distinguished undertake all development activitieswhich means that the subsidy offered to sector experts, followed by the lunch including land acquisition, construction,this sector is approximately a meager and tour to IndoSolar. Following are Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)INR500 million over ten years. Further, the experts taking this workshop: finalization and transmission tie-up;assets, which avail accelerated depreciation Dr. Amitabh Verma, Scatec Solar, once the project is commissioned, suchbenefits, are not eligible for this incentive. Norway - Latest Technologies contractors even undertake operationDespite the insufficient fiscal support for and maintenance, billing and collection of Cell manufacturing in PVIPPs, growth has not been impeded and activities for the buyers. Therefore, Dr. Patrick Hofer, 3S IndustriesIndia is today among the fastest growing readymade projects are sold virtually off Ltd, Switzerland - How to designwind energy markets in the world. During the shelf by equipment suppliers. Since the Module. & guidelinesFY05–FY09, the total installed wind power the equipment suppliers are undertakinggeneration capacity in the country has the functions of developers as well, Mr. Andreas Schoeni - 3S Industriesincreased at a compound annual growth buyers are forced to pay a premium for Ltd and Mr. Michael Kroeffkes -rate (CAGR) of 29.9%. Approximately 95% the wind power projects that are being SOMONT GmbH, Germany - Latestof the investment in wind power has come sold to them. This may lead to Indian wind techniques on Stringing & Laminationfrom the private sector. Moreover, there power projects being more expensive and Mr. Alfred Widmer - Pasan Sa,has been a steady rise in foreign direct even restrict competition for equipment Switzerland and Spire Corporation,investments (FDI) in wind power projects. supplies in India. This is because several USA - Testing of PV Modules international equipment suppliers are not able to compete in the Indian market as 12 August, 2009 from they are not in a position (or are unwilling) 1000 hrs to 1430 hrs to undertake all development activities. Venue: Meeting room adjoining Media Lounge in Hall # 11 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 5
  6. 6. wind power assets automatically becoming more concerned with the significant aspects of wind power projects namely wind potential, technical capability of the machines that they purchase and the reasonableness of the supply contracts that they enter. Additionally, in order to ensure that a vibrant secondary market develops for wind power projects in India, the capital gains tax complication associated with the sale of wind power projects from existing companies should be addressed. Basically, the accelerated tax depreciation is a form of subsidy that is being paid to make wind power projects financial viable. It is just a policy differentiation that unlike other countries in the world that pay generation linked subsidy, India chose to give subsidy mostly in the form of accelerated depreciation. But nonetheless both forms of subsidy have the same end objective namely to promote wind power projects by making them financially viable. In the case of a generation linked subsidy scheme, a sale of wind power project by one entity year alone is generally around 30 times over-hang of accelerated tax depreciation to another would not result in very high this limit of 49 MW. For Independent needs to be offset by strengthening the capital gains liability because the asset Power Producer (IPPs) setting up GBI scheme. Assuming an average PLF being sold would not have an extraordinarily greenfield assets, this implies that the of 25%, the existing GBI cap will lead to a depreciated value. Hence, simply because IRRs could be quite low, since accelerated subsidy of just around INR 54 Million per the form of subsidy has now changed from depreciation benefits are not really annum by the government. For a country generation linked subsidy to a subsidy in useful and GBI scheme is not adequate. with the second largest population in the the form of accelerated depreciation, the world, the above subsidy amount of INR capital gains complexity should not arise.• The wind power industry in India has 54 Million per annum would translate into developed uniquely. The entire wind Outlook a per capita subsidy of approximately 5 power growth in India has hinged on the paise per person per annum. Further, since 80% accelerated tax depreciation that Among all the non-conventional energy the GBI can be claimed only by giving up is provided by the government. In view sources, wind appears to be the most the accelerated tax depreciation benefit, of this, a bulk of wind power capacity attractive option with the lowest economic it would imply that from the government’s in India has been set up on the balance cost of generation per kWh, low capital costs perspective, there would be a tax saving in sheets of existing companies (which may and maturing technology vis-à-vis other net present value terms through the denial be in diverse businesses such as textiles, technologies. These factors are expected to of accelerated tax depreciation benefit. steel etc., and are hence in a position increase wind powered electricity generation This tax setting can partially offset the to set off the tax depreciation against worldwide. outflow due to the GBI scheme. Therefore, the income of their other businesses). for strengthening the GBI scheme, the cap According to the Indian Wind Energy In view of the same, investment in or of 49 MW should be removed and at the Association, the gross potential for wind acquisition of an existing wind farm same time, the GBI of INR 0.50/kWh itself energy capacity in India is 45 GW, which poses significant structuring challenges. may also be significantly increased (the is approximately more than four times Any transaction involving either sale US allows a production tax credit of almost the current installed capacity. There are or induction of a partner would entail double the GBI per kWh allowed in India). significant opportunities for Indian wind first a ring-fencing of such assets with turbine generator (WTG) manufacturers, resultant structuring and tax issues. A stronger GBI regime will ensure that not only from the domestic market, wind projects can be set up as SpecialIn view of the above, there is an urgent but also from overseas, due to their Purpose Vehicle’s (SPV), which will attractneed for a significant modification of low manufacturing cost advantage and more domestic and international powerthe policy regime in India to ensure that increased stringency in climate change developers to the Indian wind powerthe wind power sector in India grows in norms, especially in developed countries. space. It will also ensure that buyers ofa healthy manner. As a first step, the6 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  7. 7. Vestas Wind Mark Ginsberg, Senior Advisor toTechnology India the Assistant Secretary of thePrivate Limited US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable EnergyToday the world faces a critical challenge,the raising demand for power and anurgent need to reduce the emission ofgreenhouse gasses. Wind is the right A billion dollar opportunitychoice in meeting this challenge. Theworld is re-thinking its energy future. The United States and India have enormous opportunities to reduce energy waste. “WeWind power is renewable, competitive, are very optimistic that existing and next generation energy efficiency and renewablepredictable and clean energy. This is why energy technologies will transform our economies into more productive and sustainableVestas calls wind power Modern Energy. models,” says Mark GinsbergWith around 20 per cent market share in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) works to strengthen the United States’2008, Vestas is one of the key players in energy security, environmental quality, and economic vitality by enhancing energymodern energy. We have installed more than efficiency and productivity and bringing clean and affordable energy technologies to the38,000 wind turbines in 63 countries on five marketplace. International cooperation and partnerships are an important part of thiscontinents. Vestas wind turbines generate effort. As a senior advisor to EERE Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi, Ginsberg oversees60 million MWh annually – enough to supply an international portfolio, including advancing the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Cleanmillions of households with electricity. Development and Climate, which includes both the United States and India as partners.During the past 25 years, we have increased The Indo-US Energy dialogue, another valuable forum for both countries, has beenthe generator effect from our wind promoting the development of more efficient, clean, and affordable energy solutionsturbines a hundredfold, and the turbines since 2005.are becoming increasingly productive. Ginsberg’s upcoming presentation, “Energy Efficiency – A Billion Dollar Opportunity,”In India, Vestas has been present for over a will address future collaboration under the Indo-US Energy Dialogue, and opportunitiesdecade through its wholly owned subsidiary for energy efficiency and renewable energy in both economies. In particular, theVestas Wind Technology India Private presentation will address the implications of the American Recovery and ReinvestmentLimited. Vestas India is headquartered in Act (ARRA) on energy investments in the United States. With the support of U.S.Chennai, with world class manufacturing President Barack Obama, USD60 billion from ARRA has been invested in energyfacilities in Chennai and Puducherry. efficiency, renewable energy, and smart grid applications. These funds will help makeVestas has installed over 1250 MW in public buildings more energy efficient, boost the use of renewable energy, and createwind rich states of Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, thousands of energy-related industry and service jobs in the U.S. More examples ofMaharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and Rajasthan. how the U.S. is capitalizing on this billion dollar opportunity are featured at the U.S. Department of Energy’s booth at the Expo, where you can learn more about U.S.Vestas bring decades of rich experience in solar, geothermal, hydro, biomass, wind, energy efficiency and US governmentmanufacture and installing wind turbines incentive programs.to help our customers in India get the bestout of the wind. In India, Vestas offers1650 KW turbines, the most powerfulturbine in the country and today more than1500 turbines globally and 300 turbinesin India are successfully operating. Youth SummitOur focus on quality has been 12 August, 2009, Hall 12 A - 2implemented through our IntegratedQuality Management Systems Certification The youth of today have a prominent role to play as future innovators(ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 & for progress of the renewable energy industry. India’s education systemOHSAS 18001:1999) which covers produces some of the brightest engineers, scientists and managers in themanufacturing, installation and service. world and can meet the sector’s need for trained and skilled manpower.Vestas offers complete turnkey solutions Keen to integrate Indian youth with the renewable energy industry, the 3rdfor wind power projects in India. Our Renewable Energy India 2009 Expo brings you a special Youth Summit, beingcompetencies cover everything from site organized in collaboration with the Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN).studies to erection and commissioning, The summit brings young entrepreneurs, industry professionals, ministrydeveloping the infrastructure (road, power officials, academics, NGOs and media together to enlighten India’sevacuation, substations, etc.), liaisoning youth on the career opportunities available in this industry.with government agencies and turbinemonitoring with Lifetime comprehensive The Youth Summit will demonstrate success stories of the youth entrepreneurs in theOperation and Maintenance Services. field and the challenges they faced. Panellists would also take up issues like which educational streams are of direct relevance to the renewable energy industry, the pathway for young people to enter the field and the formal training programs available. For further information, please contact: Bhaskar Joshi, Tel.: + 91 97119 87660 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 7
  8. 8. Country Pavilions AWS Truewind Llc www.awstruewind.com Pratt & Whitney Power Systems www.pw.utc.comGerman Pavilion We are an international leader in renewable We are the industrial gas turbine businessThere are two companies participating energy consulting for over 25 years. Our of Pratt & Whitney, provides powerin the German Pavilion suite of integrated services and innovative generation and mechanical drive solutions products support the full project lifecycle for the electric generation, oil and gasSignet Solar Inc. from resource mapping (windNavigatorTM, markets, including service through theSMA Solar Technology AG MesoMapTM, WindSurvey), energy entire product life cycle. In addition toSIGNET SOLAR INC., USA, assessment and project engineering manufacturing gas turbines as a traditionalwww.signetsolar.com (SiteWindTM, openWindTM) to due original equipment manufacturer (OEM), diligence, performance evaluation and it provides full turnkey engineering,We a global company established power production forecasting (eWindTM). procurement and construction solutions.in 2006 to bring “Clean AffordableRenewable Energy™” to people and Azure Power Suniva, Inc.countries worldwide. Signet Solar is the www.azurepower.com www.suniva.comfirst mover in large-area silicon thin film We are a leading service provider Suniva® develops, manufactures andPV technology that reduces total solar specializing in a diverse range of solar markets its ARTisun series high-efficiencysystem costs and installation time. projects for clients in various industries silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells for clean,SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY AG, across India by offering viable and socially earth-friendly power generation and isGERMANY, www.sma.de responsible alternatives to conventional dedicated to driving down the cost per watt sources of energy. Our area of expertise of solar generated power. We are developingProfile is in developing renewable solar energy its products focused on the intersection ofWe have been developing and independent power producing facilities high efficiency and low cost, as it believesmanufacturing technical components for for utilities as well as commercial use. that is the mass market for solar PV.PV systems since 1981. With the award- Deeya Energy Sunpowerwinning “Sunny Boy” line of inverters, www.deeyaenergy.com www.sunpowercorp.comSMA has become an eminent player inphotovoltaic inverters, a key component Founded in 2004 in the heart of Silicon We are a leading global provider of large-of all photovoltaic solar power plants. Valley, we are a cleantech company scale solar power systems and solar dedicated to developing and manufacturing electricity, bringing unmatched experienceUS Pavilion electrical energy storage systems. Our and proven financial performance to innovation, the L-Cell, is based on a novel commercial, utility, public sector, andCompanies part of the US battery technology originally developed by residential customers. From 1996 to thePavilion at REI 2009 Expo NASA in the early 70’s as a potential energy present, we have installed more ground1. Pratt and Whitney Power Systems storage method for long term space flights. mount power plants and rooftop solar (UTC Power) power systems than any other US company. Enlog L.L.C. SunPower Corporation engages in the2. Azure Power www.Enlog.us design, manufacture and marketing of solar3. 3TIER We are a worldwide sales company electric power technologies. The company4. Suniva Inc. devoted to the photovoltaic industry since operates in two segments – components and 1995. We offer essential materials and systems.5. Deeya Energy machinery for high quality manufacturing Team Sustain6. Enlog LLC of both crystalline and thin film www.teamsustain.com7. Pennsylvania Trade & Investment Office photovoltaic module technologies. We are a leading provider of products &8. Team Sustain Pennsylvania Trade & Investment Office solutions in clean & green technologies. www.newPA.com9. SunPower Corp The company has come a long way since10. AWS Truewind Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA its inception in 1994 with over 300 major projects in diverse applications such as11. US Department of Energy Pennsylvania stands as an important player Sustainable Rural Development, Sustainable in the world economy. It ranks as the 18th Tourism, Solar Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, largest economy in the world. Pennsylvania’s Biomass Power, Small Wind, Micro HydroHere are the brief profiles of economy is characterized by a diverse blend and Sewage and effluent treatmentthe companies of industrial manufacturing, advanced plants with projects in India, Maldives, Sri technologies and service firms. The State3tier India Pvt. Ltd. Lanka, the Middle East and the USA. of Pennsylvania has established the largestwww.3tier.com global trade and foreign direct investment Us Department Of EnergyWe are an energy efficiency company: program of its kind in the United States www.energy.govproviding the core data and knowledge Our overarching mission is to advancefor clients to make the best decisions the national, economic, and energyregarding their investment in a renewable security of the United States; to promoteenergy generation technology. scientific and technological innovation in support of that mission; and to ensure the environmental cleanup of the national nuclear weapons complex.8 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  9. 9. Ghodawat Energy Limited (GEL)Ghodawat Energy Limited (GEL) in partnership with AMSC-Windtec GmbH, Austria todayannounced the launch of their prototype, state-of-the-art indigenously manufactured WindEnergy Converter (WEC) – Ghodawat 1650.The first product of the recently signed technology license agreement between the twocompanies, Ghodawat 1650 is designed to operate with the highest standards of reliability andefficiency which is certified by GERMANISCHER LLOYD (GL).Mr. Shrenik Ghodawat, Managing Director, Ghodawat Energy Limited said, “The Ghodawat 1650is the first Wind Turbine, for Indian markets, manufactured jointly with our partners AMSC-Windtech GmbH. This joint venture has facilitatedour endeavour to launch a world class product which is well-equipped to meet the future requirements of the industry.“Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Tim Poor, Vice President – Global Sales and Business Development, AMSC, USA said, “The rapidlychanging global climatic conditions have made it imperative to tap alternate sources of energy like wind, solar, biomass, etc. India has alreadyshown advancement in these arenas hence it was to our advantage to set up base here through this JV with Ghodawat Energy Limited, withtheir vision and focused approach we will achieve our common goal.”Unique features of Ghodawat 1650 include:1. Integral Drive Train: A patented Windtec solution, which incorporates the rotor shaft and gearbox as a single unit.2. Unique Electrical Pitch System Design with integrated Safety LOCK TM: Aero-dynamic flow conditions on the blades.3. Generator and Power Electronics: Ghodawat 1650 is equipped with a Double Fed three-phase Induction Generator. The advanced power electronics (IGBT converter) ensures that the generator works with highest efficiency over the entire speed range.4. Lift in Tower for Maintenance Purpose5. Bus Ducts in Tower - to avoid cable thefts6. Compact Unitized Substation for better reliability 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 9
  10. 10. Garrad Hassan, a Germanischer Lloyd (GL) companyWe are one of the major independent technical andengineering consultancy for renewable energy, servingthe onshore and offshore wind, wave, tidal and solarsectors. From our offices across the globe, we offer afull service to stakeholders at all stages of the renewableenergy project lifecycle which includes engineering,consultancy services, industry standard technologyproducts and professional training courses.We have been recognised as the technical authority onwind power for the last 25 years and, more recently, have adapted our expertise to help deliver wave, tidal and solar projects too. In August2009, as a result of a shared need to retain the pace of growth in the renewable energy sector globally, we joined engineering and consultinggiant, GL, to create a truly single service provider with a reputation for technical excellence.The newly combined Garrad Hassan/GL offering in India comprises four offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.We welcome all the visitors to expo stand W35, to meet India renewable energy experts from both Garrad Hassan and GL,including key Indian wind industry expert, M.P. Ramesh.Bergen Associates Pvt. Ltd.It was established in 1983 and is the flagship company of the Bergen Group. This is the singlesource of all capital equipment and consumables required for fabrication of poly silicon, wafer,photovoltaic cell manufacturing and module assembly as well as BOS.For solar PV, we supply Sand to Module manufacturing technology and machinery through ourpartner Gebr Schmid GmbH, Germany. The first Solar Powered Rural Electrification Mini Grid inRampura, Jhansi, and Uttar Pradesh was executed by us with international funding.DD Berg Consultants Pvt. Ltd.We are a diversified group company of Bergen Group of Companies having multinational footprint in research, consulting and turnkey solutiondesigning in areas of Electronics Manufacturing and Renewable Energies. Our consultancy services include research and development,designing, planning and construction for our clients helping them to build technologically advanced production plants cost effectively.Our company has integrated its strengths in process technology, engineering, modular fabrication, procurement, project management,construction and commissioning and capable of carrying out projects in core industry sectors on EPC (Engineering Procurement andConstructions) basis.We excel in activities like project planning, designing, equipment selection, facility and utilities, execution, process optimization, maintenance,cost management strategy, sales and marketing strategy, training and manpower development.Reliance Industries polysilicon to ingots, wafers, cellsLimited and modules.Solar Group Offerings: Rural Off-Grid Market: SolarThe solar energy initiative of Reliance aims Home Powerto bring solar energy solutions to remote and System, Solarrural areas and bring about a transformation Street Lightingin the quality of life. System, SolarOur group offers a single stop solution for Lantern and Solardesign, development, manufacture, supply, Water Purifierinstallation, commissioning and after sales for Corporate &its customers. Reliance through its 30MWp Industrial Market:state of art automated and ISO-9000:2008 Grid Connectedcertified manufacturing facility offers quality Roof-top System,modules as per IEC 61215, IEC 61730 and Building IntegratedUL 1703 standards. PV System, Telecom Utility Market: Large Ground-MountedReliance is concurrently working on Solutions, Off- Grid Oil and Gas Solutions PV Systemdeveloping the upstream and midstream Residential Grid Connected Market: Roof-top We also offer customized solutions suited tocomponents in an integrated manner - from PV Solution, Solar Air-Conditioning Solution meet specific customer requirements.10 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  11. 11. SCHOTT Solar is the oldest still active solar manufacturer in the world. Exhibitions India spoke to Amit Barve, General Manager for Solar Business of SCHOTT in India, and Alden Lee, Sales Director Asia & Pacific, about SCHOTT Solar´s activities in India. 1. How important is the Indian market for SCHOTT Solar? Lee: India is one of our focus markets in Asia. We are actively involved in the market for more than 10 years now. The need for energy is growing here so fast that India has to utilize renewable energy in order to meet the ever growing demand. Therefore India plays a Amit Barve significant role in our global growth strategy. Alden Lee 2. What can a German company offer to Indian customers? Barve: Most important criteria for Large scale Solar power plants is the energy yield over a period of 15-20 years and not the nominal installed capacity. We have Solar modules in the field for more than 25 years and they still performing extremely well. We can provide Solar Modules with highest international standard to Indian companies who are looking forward to durable and reliable products. 3. Which product is most suitable for the Indian market? Lee: In regions with hot climatic conditions modules with amorphous silicon technology, as the SCHOTT ASI TM, is the best choice. Phoenix Solar, a large scale System Integrator and Installer has made a test in Germany: During the summer ASI has outperformed crystalline panels by far, while crystalline panels performed better in winter time. If the summer is even hotter and longer than in Germany, then ASI produces much more energy than crystalline panels. In Malaysia we have test plants and ASI is producing 15-20 % more kWh than the crystalline panels! 4. What is the price difference between ASI and crystalline panels in India? Barve: Since ASI needs much less silicon, we can sell our ASI modules around 20 % cheaper in India than crystalline modules. With the added benefit of extra yield and less cost customers can enjoy double benefit of more kWh for less money! 5. Where do you produce these modules? Lee: We produce all of our ASI modules in Germany. The production is fully automated to ensure consistent high quality of our product. Workshop on “Industrial Growth through The Youth Energy Efficiency“ Entrepreneurial Green Awards 2009 Organized by Cluster Network Germany-India (CNGI), a workshop will be held on “Industrial Growth through Energy Efficiency“. The workshop will have a presentation 12 August, 2009, from CNGI, followed by the presentations on Energy Efficiency in Germany and India Hall 12A - 2 respectively. As a further impetus for young 11 August, 2009 from 1400 hrs to 1800 hrs innovators, this Expo would also Venue: Hall 11, Meeting room feature ‘The youth entrepreneurial green awards 2009’, felicitating initiatives to help create a sustainable3S Industries AG future. Exhibitions India Group and Indian Youth Climate Network present a special award, sponsored3S Swiss Solar Systems, established in June 2002, is a wholly owned subsidiary of 3S by Garrad Hassan & Partners Ltd.,Industries AG, has increased its sales activities in India. UK., to appreciate the ideas and capabilities in Indian youth. One ofAfter entering the business sector of turnkey, automated production lines last year, 3S Swiss the many proactive steps of thisSolar Systems has now delivered the first turnkey production line for solar modules to the Expo towards bringing awarenessgrowth market India. The headquarters of 3S Industries as well as the factories operated by 3S on Renewables, this platform invitesSwiss Solar Systems are located in Switzerland. young entrepreneurs to showcaseThe new 25MW production line has been their innovative projects in renewablestailored to the specific requirements of Indian space. Out of many submissions till 31customers. “Using a minimum of equipment, July 2009, 10 projects will be shortwe have achieved a maximum in automation”, listed and showcased at the Exposays Andreas Schöni, Sales Director of 3S Swiss Entrepreneurial Green Awards aim toSolar Systems AG. encourage initiatives of Indian Youth in the field of renewables.“We are extremely satisfied with the linesupplied by 3S because we are able to For further information,produce a high yield on a very low breakage please contact: Bhaskar Joshirate” explains Mr. D.V. Manjunatha, Managing Tel.: + 91 97119 87660Director of Emmvee Photovoltaics. 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 11
  12. 12. Product showcase Freeplay Energy India Ltd. Gautam Polymers Freeplay Energy India Limited, jointly held Solid MultilightTM is a Patented Solar by IFFCO (the cooperative fertilizer giant) LED Lantern from Gautam Polymers,Hero Range of Electric and Mr. Devinder Raj Narang, is the key India’s Largest Solar Lights Manufacturer.Two-Wheelers player in developing stand alone home It can be used in Multiple Ways -The largest selling range of Hero Electric Two- products which are independent of grid • As a Torch,Wheelers includes Optima Plus & Maxi e-bikes power or the conventional disposablewith extra range. batteries to perform. Our products harness • As a Study Lantern for Focused Light, human and solar energy to power medicalDepending on what version of the electric • Can be hanged from the Ceiling and equipments, lights and radios, enablingtwo wheelers is used a single charge can the world’s poorest and most vulnerable • Be used as a general Lantern.upto 70 kms. The universal appeal of the to transform their lives through accessproduct is for customer of any demographics. to healthcare, energy and information.With plans of launching new vehicles in nearfuture, the entire range will provide a wide Our environmentally friendly technologieschoice for the customers. The current range help you achieve objectives in health,requires no registration and license. education, home lighting solutions, disasters, refugees, agriculture andWave DX civil society strengthening. We recently Our products generate electrical power introduced ‘Wave via a hand wound input system, gearbox, DX’ a trendy, alternator and power conditioning stylish e- bike with electronics. The electronics accept power revolutionary features from the alternator, rectify it and store like cell phone it in a battery pack. The stored power charger, electronic is used on demand to produce light. Emmvee Solar Systemsbraking system, drive disabler and large Efficient LED’s are used as light source to It was foundedstorage capacity. With its attractive looks achieve maximum benefits for the user. in 1992 as aand aerodynamic styling, it is destined to We have launched three products in the single productgive a fun filled ride in addition to being eco Indian market viz, specially developed companyfriendly. Wave DX is available in two variants for rural India and to make available manufacturingwith a range varying from 70 km to 100 km. to the rural populace a cost effective, solar waterOptima Plus ecofriendly renewable product. heating systems under The recently 1. Freeplay EcoCharge LED Lantern. the brand introduced Hero 2. Freedom EcoCharge LED Flashlight names of Electric Optima SOLARIZER. Plus impresses 3. FreeCharge (mobile phone charger) With a well with its styled IFFCO not only is a partner but is also steadfast dressing. Sleek distributing these products through its focus on quality and reliability, body line, easy to subsidiary IKSL (IFFCO Kisan Sanchar SOLARIZER has achieved tremendous read instrument Limited) in rural India as Kisan Lantern, success and has become a household panel, well sculpted Kisan Torch and Kisan Mobile Charger. name in the Indian market.indicator lights gives Optima Plus a stylishstance. The handling of Hero Electric Optima Freeplay also partners UNICEF and other Solarizer 316Plus lets you slide through the jam packed, aid and donor organizations in Africa in • Inner Tank: SS-316bumpy roads, with so much ease and spreading education, empowerment ofconvenience. The noise free motors power women and creating awareness about • M.S. Support: P.P. Coatedof delivers an above average range of 70 km AIDS through the Freeplay Foundation. • Thermosyphonafter a single charge. Globally we have presence in UK (flashlights • Heat Exchanger: 316 HEMaxi and radios), US (outdoor camping segment) and South Africa (product • Pressurized System: 316 PR Hero Electric redefined the future with Maxi, a development and humanitarian work). Solarizer – 304 fuel-free electric scooter. • Inner Tank: SS – 304 Plug one in, charge it, ride away and get amazing • M.S. Support : P.P. Coated savings. Maxi has been • Thermosyphon rated the Best Electric Two-wheeler by Bike • Heat Exchanger: 304 HEIndia Magazine. As this scooter is fuel free, • Pressurized System: 304 PRmaintenance free and free from license &registration and further runs for 70kms ina single charge, it could be the best way tofight against soaring petrol prices.12 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO
  13. 13. Webel-SL EnergySystems LimitedWebel SL Energy systems Ltd. has astate- of-the-art integrated productionfacility at Kolkata from cells to modules. In this integrated production system, Weproduce high efficiency photovoltaic cellsand modules using mono-crystalline siliconwafers. es.Recently we produced W2100-Type module &output range is (210-225) Wp. It is made upof 88 Monocrystalline solar cells.(125X125)mm. Module efficiency is (14-14.5+)%. Thismodule are approved by IEC/EN61215,IEC/EN61730 & UL1703 Standards from variousreputed institutes like UL,TUV,EUROTEST&CSA. This module ensures minimizeddegradation in output and gives excellenceunder diffused light condition. We export it100% of this module in Europe.WinWinD Power EnergyPrivate LimitedWinWinD is engaged in the design,manufacture and supply of utility grademegawatt (WWD-1) and multi megawatt(WWD-3) wind turbines for the globalwind energy market. Our offices inIndia, Finland, Portugal and Estoniaprovides end-to-end solutions in theestablishment of large scale reliable windfarms in India and overseas markets.We are showcasing our advanced windturbine model - 1megawatt and 3 megawattwind turbine based on the permanentmagnet technology, miniature of the soonto be launched facility at Vengal nearChennai, display of WinWind’s wind farmwith 20 miniature wind mills and a completedemonstration of ‘testing of blades’. Our hybrid variety and low speed • Optimal energy production: WWD-1Rajindra Valsalan, Executive Director, planetary gears makes the highest is equipped with an automatic controlWinWinD Power Energy Private Limited said in quality amongst the other players system that controls the generator and“With our flourishing wind energy presence in the field. The other breakthrough network as well as optimizes energyin Finland and other European, we are technologies of WinWinD include: production of the wind turbine inlooking to produce 8-10 wind turbines per accordance with the prevailing weather • Reliable wind turbine: An advancedday in our Vengal facility in few months from conditions. planetary gear solution and low speednow. The Vengal facility will be country’s synchronous generator form the heart of • Maintenance friendly: Low maintenancelargest integrated state-of-the art facility” the concept. costs are also a benefit of the WWD-The concentration of WinWinD in India will concept. • Grid-friendly electricity: Electricitybe in the 1 mw wind turbines whereas the production is controlled by a two-way • Designed for extreme conditions:Finland facility will specialize in the 3 mw. IGBT AC inverter that feeds through a WinWinD’s wind turbine has beenThe company plans to install wind turbines transformer to a medium voltage level of designed with all the necessaryMaharahstra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, 11/22 or 33 kV. technology in order to withstandAndhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. operation in the most demanding conditions. 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO 13
  14. 14. Conference program 11 August 2009 Track IX Hall 12A-1 Track X Hall 12A-2 1000 - 1115 hrs: Wind farm developments: Procurement 1000 - 1115 hrs: Issues and challenges faced by state developers of SHP & solution optimisation in a constrained market Chairperson Chairperson Dr. Praveen Saxena, Director, Ministry of New & Shri K.P. Sukumaran, Adviser, Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, Government of India Renewable Energy, Government of India Keynote Address Speakers Mr. Yogendra Prasad, Special Advisor, Government of Uttrakhand Mr. R. Anbarasu, Technical Program Manager, GE Energy - Renewables, India Speakers Mr. Reinhard Kehrer, Managing Partner, Gantner Instrument, Germany Mr. K.C. Ashok, COO, Boving Fouress Mr. Madhusudan Khemka, Managing Director, Regen Powertech Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Arun Kumar, Head-AHEC, IIT Roorkee Mr. V.C.S. Velumani, Director, Winenergy Drive Systems India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Tarun Kapoor, MD, HP Power Corporation Q&A Mr. Arun Sharma, MD, A Power Himalayas Dr. Pascal Storck, President-Global Operations, 3TIER, USA Q&A 1115 - 1130 hrs Tea / coffee break Track XI Hall 12A-1 Track XII Hall 12A-2 1145 - 1300 hrs: Short-term forecasting of wind 1145 - 1300 hrs: CDM issues & way forward power: Technology and regulatory challenges Chairperson Chairperson Mr. Ashutosh Pandey, CEO, Emergent Ventures India Dr. Pramod Deo, Chairman, Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Keynote Address Speakers Ms. Tanushree Bagh, VP, Evolution Markets India Mr. Andrew Garrad, MD, Garrrad Hassan & Partners Ltd., UK Speakers Mr. Pascal Storck, President - Global Head, 3TIER Dr. Keshav C. Das, Regional Director, Business Operation, Clean Trade Group Mr. Mahesh Vipradas, Head Regulatory Affairs, Suzlon Energy Ltd. Mr. Dinesh Shetty, Local Product Manager - Climate Change Dr. John Zack, Principal, AWS TrueWind, USA Services, Bureau Veritas Certification India Pvt. Ltd. Q&A Mr. Kiran Patil, Managing Director, Ecolutions Carbon India Q&A 1300 - 1400 hrs Networking lunch Track XIII Hall 12A-1 Track XIV Hall 12A-2 1400 -1515 hrs: Panel discussion - Business model amongst 1400 - 1515 hrs: Securing the investments needed to drive renewables successful emerging technologies: Economics for power generation Chairperson Chairperson Mr. Craig O’ Connor, Director, Ex-Im Bank, USA Dr. B. Bharagva, Director, Ministry of New & Speakers Renewable Energy, Government of India Ms. Lakshmi Ananthamurthy, Director, Carbon Credit Capital Speakers Mr. Noam-Ben Ozer, MD, Focal Energy Mr. Florian Hoecht, Key Account Manager, Schott Solar CSP GmbH Mr. Kiran Patil, MD, Ecolutions Carbon India Mr. Anjan Ghosh, Sr. General Manager, Tata BP Solar India Ltd. Mr. Pranav Nahar, MD, Evolution Markets India Mr. Sarad Mohanka, Gautam Polymers Mr. Todd Najera, Director - Renewable Energy, Standard Chartered Bank Mr. Gurmeet Naroola, India Business Development Mr. Deepak Verma, COO, Emergent Ventures India Head, SunPower Corporation USA Q&A Mr. Shiv Shukla, President & CEO, Abencs Engineering Private Limited Dr. Pascal Storck, President - Global Operations, 3TIER, USA Mr. Gagan Vermani, General Manager - PV, Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd. Q&A 1515 - 1530 hrs Tea / coffee break Track XV Hall 12A-1 Track XVI Hall 12A-2 1530 - 1645 hrs: Road map to grid parity: The great 1530 - 1645 hrs: Wind energy: Preventive & predictive incentive debate & regulatory framework maintenance to maximise ROI and minimise downtime Chairperson Speakers Mr. Manuel Brachet, World - Wide Business Development Mr. Gavin Greene, Electrical Team Leader, SgurrEnergy Ltd., UK Head, SunPower Corporation, USA Mr. Vidyadhar Tagade, Deputy General Manager, Speakers Customer Service, Vestas India Mr. Rajeshwara Bhat, CEO & Director, Sun Technics Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rajesh Padhi, Consultant, Lucintel Mr. Rajinder Kumar, CMD, Bergen Associates Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Jami Hossain, Director, WWEA Mr. Amit Kumar, Head- North & Central region, Tata BP Solar India Ltd Q&A Mr. Ashok Ramakrishna, General Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd. Mr. Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman, Mulk Holdings, UAE Mr. Rajni Umakanthan, General Manager - Asia Pacific, Underwriters Laboratories Q&A Track XVII Hall 12A-1 Track XVIII Hall 12A-2 1645 - 1800 hrs: Energy Efficiency - A billion dollar opportunity 1645 - 1745 hrs: Pursuing the green path: Turning Chairperson challenges into business opportunities Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Secretary, BEE, Ministry of Power, Government of India Speakers Speakers Mr. Ambrish Bakaya, Director - Corporate Affairs, Nokia India Mr. S.N. Eisenhower, Director-Operations, Saint - Gobain Glass India Ltd. Mr. Sandeep Kashyap, Business Head - Alternative Energy, ACME Tele Power Ltd. Mr. Mark Ginsberg, Sr. Executive Board Member, US Department of Energy, USA Mr. Niranjan Khatri, GM, ITC Welcome Group Mr. Pradeep Kumar, Joint Director, National Council Dr. Gopal Sinha, Director, Advance Institute of S&T, CSIR for Cement & Building Materials Q&A Mr. Dhruv Mehtani, VP, Evolution Markets India Mr. Sean Zhou, Head - PV business, Intertek China Q&A14 3rd Renewable Energy India 2009 EXPO