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  1. 1. Round One – “Movie Quotes”1) “Bright Light, Bright Light” – Gremlins2) “Will somebody get this walking carpet out of my way” – Star Wars3) “Did you order the Code Red ?” – A Few Good Men4) You are the bouncers, I am the cooler. All you have to do is watch my back and each others andtake out the trash” – Roadhouse5) “I’m having an old friend for dinner” – Silence Of The Lambs6) “Are you the Gatekeeper ?” – Ghostbusters7) “I wont think about that today. Ill think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day”– Gone With The Wind8) “Did you see how leathery he was? He was like a saddle bag with eyes” – City Slickers9) “Snakes! Why does it always have to be snakes ?” – Indiana Jones & The Raiders Of The Lost Ark10) “Nine million terrorists in the world and I had to kill one with feet smaller than my sisters” – DieHardRound Two – Numbers11) How many pockets are there on a snooker table – 612) How many cubes are there on a “Rubik’s Cube” – 5413) How many cards in a Tarot Pack – 7814) How many stripes on the US Flag – 1315) How many times can you subtract the number 5 from 25 – Once (then it becomes 5 from 20)16) How many yards in one mile – 176017) In monetary terms how much is a “monkey” – £50018) In Roman numerals how much do the letters “XL” represent – 4019) How many slots are there on a roulette wheel – 3920) In bingo what number is snakes alive – 55Round Three – Children’s Time21) Peter Perfect drove the Turbo Terrific in which cartoon – “Wacky Races”22) Which 1960’s series told of the adventures of the World Aquanaught Security Patrol – “Stingray”23) Who is He-Man’s arch enemy – Skeletor24) What was the name of the little girl who owned Bagpuss – Emily25) Which superhero has his base in a postbox in Baker Street – “Dangermouse”26) According to the children’s story who pushed the wicked witch into the oven Hansel or Gretel –Gretel27) In which city is “101 Dalmatians” set – London28) What type of sandwiches were Paddington’s favourite – Marmalade29) Why did old mother Hubbard go to the cupboard – to fetch her poor dog a bone30) Who is Dudley Dursley’s cousin – Harry Potter
  2. 2. Round Four – A History Lesson31) In what year was Hong Kong returned to Chinese Rule – 199732) What is the name of the volcano that destroyed the town of Pompeii in 79 AD – Vesuvius33) Who was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic – Charles Lindbergh34) What was the London Monument built to commemorate – The Great Fire of London35) In which war were the British defeated at the battle of Yorktown – American War ofIndependence36) Which explorer discovered the islands of Hawaii – Captain Cook37) William IV died in 1837 which monarch succeeded him – Queen Victoria38) In which decade did Concorde make its maiden flight – 196939) In which battle did Henry V beat the much larger French army in 1415 – Agincourt40) Who won the Wimbledon’s men’s singles title consecutively from 1976-1980 – Bjorn BorgInterval Round - Muppets1) Gonzo The Great2) Camilla The Chicken3) Dr Bunsen Honeydew4) Beaker5) Kermit the Frog6) Robin (Kermit’s Nephew)7) Waldorf8) Statler9) Animal10) Dr Teeth11) Miss Piggy12) Rowlf13) Swedish Chef (Tom)14) Fozzie the BearRound Six – Around England41) Where did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp in 1936 – Skegness42) Which English county changed its name from Rutland in 1984 – Leicestershire43) Which famous dyke separates England from Wales – Offa’s Dyke44) Sellafield (is famous for its nuclear reactor) but what county is it in – Cumbria45) In which city was Dick Turpin hanged – York46) Whose official residence is Lambeth Palace – Archbishop of Canterbury47) Which Surrey town is famous for its mineral deposits – Epsom48) Which county would you be in if you were visiting Stonehenge – Wiltshire49) On a London Underground Map what colour is the Northern Line – Black50) On a London underground map what colour is the Victoria Line – Blue
  3. 3. Round Seven – By George5) Which English monarch was known as “Mad King George” – George III52) Boxer George Foreman has made more money than he did in boxing by promoting what – TheGeorge Foreman Grill (Lean Mean Grilling Machine etc)53) Which singer was born George O Dowd – Boy George54) Whose autobiography is entitled “The Good, The Bad & The Bubbly” – George Best55) What type of animal was George in the children’s TV series “Rainbow” – Hippopotamus56) What was George Clooney’s character name in “ER” – Dr Doug Ross57) Who crossed the Delaware river to engage British troops on boxing day 1776 – GeorgeWashington58) Who played the title role in the film “George of the Jungle” – Brendan Fraser59) Who’s catchphrase was “Turned out nice again, hasn’t it” – George Formby60) Writer Eric Blair was better known as whom – George Orwell Round Eight – “Wipeout” 61 What is another name for the Russian Wolfhound Borzoi 62 Which American company invented the computer floppy disc in 1970 IBM What was the name of the depressed robot in “Hitch-Hikers Guide to the 63 Marvin Galaxy” Who said after her divorce from Tom Cruise, “At least I can wear 64 Nicole Kidman high heels now” 65 In which country was Albert Einstein born Germany 66 What is the sour ingredient in a whisky sour Lemon 67 What is the capital city of Canada Ottawa 68 What number shirt did Sir Stanley Matthews always wear 7 69 Does a giraffe have a tail Yes 70 Prince Phillip is also known as the Duke of … EdinburghMarathon “A Group Story”RIGHT SAID FRED as he pulled the bedclothes from us. It was 7 am, and we were on a surfingholiday. He continued, “lets get down to the BEACH BOYS, there’s a good surf running”. Wequickly got dressed and headed down the STEPS to the SANDIE SHAW, we were alone apart from aFLOCK OF SEAGULLSWe soon spotted a group of local lads playing volleyball, WHO were all art lovers, they were knownas the CULTIRE CLUB, this part of the beach was for men only and was known as the BOYZONE.As soon as we joined them the tide rose quickly and we got WET, WET, WETDick was the first to get hungry and wanted some breakfast, but rather than use the path back to thetop he decided to climb the rock face. George, the youngest of us shouted “Don’t climb the CLIFFRICHARD, some ROLLING STONES may fall down and hurt you”. Dick took no notice of theBOY GEORGE, He had not gone too far when he slipped. Luckily he was not hurt, the few scratcheswere covered with a BAND AID.
  4. 4. Back in the van we heated up some BATCHELORS cup-a-soup. George turned on the radio, it wasplaying a song by Ella Fitzgerald. Fred told him to find another channel, “You know JOHNNYHATES JAZZ” he said. We were nearing the end of our week and would soon be heading home, themoney was running short and if we were not careful we could find ourselves in DIRE STRAITS .We decided to go to ABBA for a beer, The landladys name was Elizabeth. She was tall and slim, thelads called her THIN LIZZIE Dick greeted her as he always did with a big SQUEEZE. At thatmoment the pub DOORS swung open and a couple of DRIFTERS walked in. By the looks of themthey had been on the road a long time. They were hungry and asked Elizabeth if she could spare someBREAD and JAM. She obliged but only one slice which they had to CHER. They said thank you andleft.Dicks love was a fair haired girl named BLONDIE, he was MADONNA and would do anything forher. She wore BANGLES on her wrist, and her jeans were a TIGHT FIT. Her favourite colours weredark red or DEEP PURPLE. She was a SWEET little thing, and by her accent came from AMERICA,which is a very BIG COUNTRY indeed. Her home town was the windy city of CHICAGOListening to the weather forecast, the HEATWAVE would soon be over and the weather would becolder and wetter. Next day we drove away from the coast and started the long journey back up northto home. After a couple of hours we turned a corner and were stopped by the POLICE A youngconstable said we would have to find another way round as there was some MEN AT WORK on theroad ahead and there was no way through.It was Dicks turn for driving, and as he tried to turn round he went off the road, we got stuck and theold VW was soon up to its axles in MUD We eventually got going with the help of some VILLAGEPEOPLE. who included a traffic cop and amazingly a Red Indian Chief! They gave us a friendlywave as we departed and someone shouted to us “stay in THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD next time!”We got on our way north again, and soon left the BEAUTIFUL SOUTH behind us. We decided tospend one more night out on the road, And after a cup of HOT CHOCOLATE we went to sleep. Justbefore DAWN I woke up and I could see some SHADOWS moving around, I quickly grabbed atorch and looked through the window. I yelled in terror when I saw a crowd of SMALL FACESstaring back at me. The others jumped up and we all dashed outside to see 20 or so STRAY CATSwandering around our van.After being woken so early we set of in the direction of home. This holiday had gone past so quick, itall seemed a BLUR but all being well, we would have MIKE AND THE MECHANICS check thebattered VW ready for next year.We were all wondering what TEMPTATIONS we would have if we manage to get away next year. Inthe meantime I would go back to the building sites and keep digging FOUNDATIONS for buildings.As we left each other we arranged to meet in our local pub and have a few pints and a game ofDARTS on Monday evening.