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Goodbye deck for bhupesh


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My farewell deck from my team at Groupon. Feeling blessed to work with such amazing people.

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Goodbye deck for bhupesh

  1. 1. “We Are Golden” Deck for Bhupesh Bansal By Dynamic Pricing Feb. 2015
  2. 2. Instructions 1) Everyone take one slide (or, sharing is OK too) 2) On your slide, write / show / diagram / graph something that you want to say to Bhupesh: a) What you learned from him, or b) What you’ll remember about him, or c) Your biggest successes with him, quotes, etc... 3) Leave your name (or let him guess)
  3. 3. That should take about two weeks. Bhupesh’s greatest skill is his ability to provide - with a straight face and full conviction - an estimate of two weeks for any project or deliverable, no matter how small or big it may be. It’s genius. Two weeks always makes everyone happy.
  4. 4. The Bhupesh Throw-Down The one thing that I’ve learned from Bhupesh is how to throw down and walk out, no beating around the bush: Next time I have to write an email to an SVP, this is how I’ll do it. - Lauren
  5. 5. The Bhupesh “No worries man” The one thing I learned from Bhupesh and dp_eng is the “Get Things Done” attitude prefixed with a simple “No worries man” which really translates to “This is not my job but I’ll take one for the team”.
  6. 6. Time to Market Q: How long will it take to build that? A: Two weeks
  7. 7. The Life Venn Diagram What I learnt from Bhupesh was that you have all 3 aspects - Health, Wealth and Time only for a small period of time. A student doesn’t have wealth; a family person doesn’t have time; a old person doesn’t have health. And that now is the time to work hard & have fun since I have all 3! Health Wealth Time
  8. 8. Growth as an Engineer Bhupesh taught me number 3. 1. Think about the code - is it good? 2. Think about the business - does it meet the business needs? 3. Think about the money - is it going to make money?
  9. 9. Professional & Personal Advice When it comes to professional life it's the big things that matter - go to a top school, work at a top company, work on a high-visibility project. When it comes to family, it's the little things that matter - the time you spend with your kids and family, the little things that you do.
  10. 10. is what i am doing good for the company
  11. 11. Go big or go home Be bold. Push the limits and experiment. That’ s what I’ve learned from Bhupesh.
  12. 12. Think big! Ship fast! Make a dent! Move fast and get things done all while having loads of fun!