Need assessment centers


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It tells how need assessment center helpful for organization to identify the need of his employee

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Need assessment centers

  1. 1. Need of assessment centers
  2. 2. Introduction • “Assessment center method” is the name given to the formal assessment approach pioneered by AT&T in the United States. • three or more line managers observe a group of six assesses participating in a series of exercises that simulate tasks related to the job or job level for which they are being assessed. • After participants have completed the exercises, assessors meet to consider each participant against a predetermined list of job- related dimensions to reach an overall evaluation. • Two type of assessment:- 1. Formal 2. Informal
  3. 3. What is an Assessment Centre • Usually a 1 or 2 day selection process • Attended by a group in the company premises • Includes: Group exercises, In tray exercises, Role plays, presentations, aptitude test & interview • Simulates real work environment • Varied activities to assess different attributes
  4. 4. Why are assessment center valuable to anorganization • Need assessment protect the asset of the organization. • Training is the appropriate solution for the problem. • Stop wastage the time and resources. • Bring specific competencies. • Build pool of talented future managers. • Help in identification of real potential of employee. • Employee know his strength and weakness.
  5. 5. Typical Assessment Criteria • Teamwork • Leadership • Interpersonal skills – Communication, Networking • Problem-solving/logical reasoning • Ability to work under pressure • Ability to think quickly on your feet • Ability to cope with uncertainty • Ability to see the big picture
  6. 6. Diary of an Assessment Centre • Schedule should be right for everyone. • Venue should be good. • Ambiance
  7. 7. How assessment center works The assessment center method involves multiple evaluation techniques, including various types of job-related simulations, and sometimes interviews and psychological tests. Common job simulations used in assessment centers are: Formal In-basket exercises group discussions simulations of interviews with “subordinates” or “clients” fact-finding exercises analysis/decision-making problems oral presentation exercises written communication exercises
  8. 8. How assessment center works(Formal) • Group – Group Discussion/Chaired Discussion Group – Case Studies/Business Games/Outdoor exercises – Informal Discussion with Employees • Individual – Personality and Aptitude Tests – In-tray Exercises/Written Exercises – Presentation skills – In-depth Interviews
  9. 9. Informal Discussion with Employees • Network with other candidates and employers • Ask intelligent questions
  10. 10. Assessment centers must meet following criteria:-• Job analysis.• Predefined competencies.• Behavioral competencies.• Assessment competencies.• Simulations.• Observation.• Observers.• Recording behavior.• Reports.• Data integration.
  11. 11. Use of data provided by the AC:-• Selection• Career development• Potential appraisal• Identification of High potential managers• Succession planning• Allocation of challenging assignments• Management development• Identification of training needs• Identification of a global pool of talented managers
  12. 12. Stage of AC
  13. 13. Tools of AC
  14. 14. Advantage of AC• Assessment centers not only help the organization in placing the right candidate for the right job/assignment but also helps in developing the participants.• Assessment Centers can be customized for different kinds of jobs, competencies and organizational requirements.• Assessment centre is used for selection, training and promotion of candidates.• ACs map the next level challenges and simulate them in exercises.• The candidates can improve their performance. They can increase their strengths and remove their weaknesses. Assessment Center is more valid because the candidate is evaluated (judged) by many different experts.
  15. 15. Disadvantage of AC ACs have some disadvantages though on the long run they prove very useful to organization by saving it the cost of wrong decisions. • ACs are very costly and time consuming. • ACs requires highly skilled observers as the observers may bring in their own perceptions and biases while evaluating. • Those who receive poor assessment might become de- motivated and might lose confidence in their abilities.
  16. 16. Presented By. Bhupendra Sharma Sachin premee. Khushbu shah.