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Research paper


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Research paper

  1. 1. Research paper What do you mean by Research? In simple words we say, that a research is a study in depth about something. If you have a situation in front of you, be it of any nature, and you start asking yourself some very simple questions – WHY, WHY NOT, WHAT, HOW and IF – then this would signify that you are actually undergoing a research.
  2. 2. • Let us take one small example of a research:- During the Raghunath Temple attack in Jammu, on 30th March 2002, why did the terrorist run a mile, risk his life and found shelter in the temple only, if he could get into any of the shops, close down the shutter and save his life? Just think…..
  3. 3. • Reason being that the security guards can`t blow off a temple as it would provoke riots; during riots many a life and property gets destroyed. The common man does not think about it. He cannot make a direct relation between terrorism and economy of the country. Just because of one single, stupid, aggressive, illiterate terrorist; our country could have suffered another communal riot. This is just a simple example of what a research could be, its called finding something extra ordinary from the ordinary.
  4. 4. This attitude of asking questions – why, why not, if, how, what etc compels you to do more and more research. Research is nothing different from your imagination, your power of understanding, your vision (for predicting the future). Research is a Revolution in itself, it has the tendency, the power to change your attitude towards life. The researchers try to find out the core reason behind the issue.
  5. 5. • Research has a direct relationship with the people, with the society, be it of any kind, any nature. Research in any subject – Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Science, Mathematics, Economics, Business, Astrology etc. has a direct link with the people around us. As Abraham Lincoln said, “ the Government is made Of the people, For the people, By the people.” We can say the same thing for a research paper…
  6. 6. • This is the thing which makes the common man different from these researchers, we people get provoked very easily. The researchers, rather then getting provoked, try to find the core reason behind the issue. A research paper has the tendency to change your mindset at any stage of your life. So it is likely said, “ the more you research, the more you learn.” I can say the same for a research paper.
  7. 7. A research can possibly go WRONG… • A research mostly comes from imagination and/or vision. And imagination comes from your attitude. If your attitude is wrong, or more aggressive or more diplomatic than democratic, then you are likely to end up doing a wrong research. Wrong research can be very dangerous at times. Terrorist groups can be a best example for the consequence of a wrong research.