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Master the market


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Master the market

  1. 1. MasterThe MarketHNI Investment Vista 2012: September 28-30 International Business FestivalFirst Prize: Rs. 20,000/-Second Prize: Rs. 10,000/-
  2. 2. VISTA 2012 Master The Market IIM BangaloreMaster the Market is a two stage event aimed at testing the participants’knowledge of financial markets. The challenge in the first round is to create asales pitch-book persuading a wealthy individual to hire a team for managinghis portfolio. The successful teams in the second round would be given thecapital of that individual and would be required to invest it according to theirrespective strategy (on a hypothetical platform given) and the one maximizingthe gain over a 4 quarter period will win.Highlights• HNI investment portfolio management skills would be tested in this event• Case Submission based event• Case has been uploaded download caseDeadline(Time - 11:59:59 PM) 14th September, 2012
  3. 3. VISTA 2012 Master The Market IIM BangaloreRules• 2 or 3 participants per team• All the participants need not belong to the same institute.• Any number of teams can participate from one institute.• The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.Format Pre-Vista Prelims: • The case will contain the financial information for a HNI. • The teams need to prepare an Investment Policy Statement.ROUND 1 • Teams need to send us their entries in a pitch-book format. • The pitch book should include answers to the questions asked on the case. Portfolio Management (on campus): • Teams will have to adjust their portfolios based on news provided forROUND 2 each quarter. • Team with the highest portfolio value at the end of 4 rounds will be the winner
  4. 4. VISTA 2012 Master The Market IIM BangaloreSubmission detailsSubmission to be, copy to toSubmissions to be 14th September, 2012 (Time - 11:59:59 PM)sent beforeSubject line MasterDMarket_ TeamRegistrationId*Submission format Ppt or pptx Name, contact number, emailed, RegistrationId, Institute name of each teamBody of mail memberFile Name MasterDMarket_ TeamRegistrationId* • The names of the team members or the name/logo of their institute shouldDetails to be not appear anywhere in the body of the analysis.included in the • Teams are required to submit a pitch-book (power point presentation -.pptdocument or .pptx format, not more than 8 slides) clearly answering all the questions asked in the case.
  5. 5. VISTA 2012 Master The Market IIM BangaloreClick here for registration: Note: the case is up on the website Deadline (Time - 11:59:59 PM) 14th September, 2012 Contact Person Sudeep Mohapatra +91 99167 92302 Pratik Jaipuriar +91 99028 00331
  6. 6. Welcome to Vista 2012 IIM Bangalore Thank You