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  1. 1. Challenge Convention Transform Tomorrow Vista 2012: September 28-30MarkGuru International Business FestivalFirst Prize : Rs. 45,000/- www.iimb-vista.comSecond Prize : Rs. 30,000/-
  2. 2. VISTA 2012 MarkGuru IIM Bangalore• Flagship event at Vista that tests the participants knowledge onmultiple facets of marketing• Case submission based event• Case can be downloaded from here.MarkGuru tests the participants knowledge on multiple facets of marketing.The true-blue Marketing Aficionados would vie for this coveted title. Eachround promises to be more challenging than the previous one. MarkGuru willensure that the rounds are going to test the teams on their ability to think ontheir feet, apply their knowledge in a practical situation and most importantly,think out-of-the-box.
  3. 3. VISTA 2012 MarkGuru IIM BangaloreRules• There can be a maximum of two members per team.• All the participants must belong to the same institute.• Multiple teams from an institute can participate.• An individual can be a part of one team only.Format Pre-Vista Prelims: • A snippet of the case will be uploaded on the website by 31st August, 2012. • All the entries should address the case, which will be put up ROUND 1 on website. • Send us your entries in the format specified below. • This will be an elimination round and shortlisted teams qualify to finals.
  4. 4. VISTA 2012 MarkGuru IIM BangaloreFormat contd.. Finals (Day 1): • Shortlisted teams will be given main stream case 10 days prior to Vista. • Teams should envisage a detailed analysis and come up with ROUND 2 presentation to be made before judges. • This is not an elimination round. Finals (Day 2): • This round would be an extension of the case or a new case, which would be handed over on Day-1 evening. ROUND 3 • Teams should come up with a presentation to be made before the judges. Click here for registration: Note: The case is available on the website
  5. 5. VISTA 2012 MarkGuru IIM BangaloreSubmission detailsSubmission to be sent to markguru@iimb-vista.comSubmissions to be sent before 15th September, before 11:59:59 PMSubject line MarkGuru_team-lead-emailSubmission format 5 slides in .ppt formatFile name MarkGuru_team-lead-email Name, contact number, email Id,Details to be included in the document institute of each participant Deadline (Time - 11:59:59 PM) 15th September, 2012
  6. 6. VISTA 2012 Reimbursement policy IIM Bangalore• The 6 finalist teams shall be reimbursed for the travelling.• The reimbursement will be for the shortest route between the traveling members institute and Bangalore. Team members are required to present a copy of their tickets for reimbursements.• To clarify, the reimbursement policy is as follows: reimbursements will be capped at Rs. 2500 (to and fro) for distance less than 700 km (one way distance) and Rs. 5000 (to and fro) for distance greater than that. In case the actual fare is less than the above mentioned amount, only the actual fare as mentioned in the tickets will be reimbursed. Contact: Kartik Goel – 9538033116 Gaurav Anand – 9538055116 Aditi Garg – 9620566765
  7. 7. Welcome to Vista 2012 IIM Bangalore Thank You