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  1. 1. presents Vista 2012: September 28-30Drishtikone International Business Festival Debating www.iimb-vista.comFirst Prize : Rs. 18,000/-Second Prize : Rs. 12,000/-
  2. 2. VISTA 2012 Drishtikone IIM BangaloreJoseph Joubert said it is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle aquestion without debating it. So let’s settle it this time. Drishtikone is back. Work yourway up the ladder with sales pitches & negotiations. And finally pitch yourself for thehighest office in a full blown Presidential Debate. Come see the teams around youfalter as you work your way up the ladder through the strengths of articulation,persuasion & cunning manouverisms.Highlights • Participants can choose from either of the two topics given below and send their write ups to the specified e-mail ids. • Evaluation will be on the basis of content, language, freshness of thoughts, coherence and style of delivery. • Download the proposition here- Drishtikone Proposition Deadline (Time - 11:59:59 PM) 14th September, 2012
  3. 3. VISTA 2012 DrishtikoneRules IIM Bangalore• Team size of 3, the members of a team need NOT be from the same institute.• Any number of teams can participate from one institute.• Only one written submission per team.• The decisions of the organizers of the contest will be final and binding on all the participants.Format Pre-Vista Prelims: ROUND 1 •Teams need to submit their entries both for and against the proposition within a specified word limit. Negotiations: ROUND 2 •Objective is to grab the best deal from the other two parties on the table. Sales pitch:ROUND 3 •Each team provided with a concept to sell as creatively as possible. Parliamentary debate:ROUND 4 •Standard Presidential debate (based on US presidential debate structure).
  4. 4. VISTA 2012 Drishtikone IIM BangaloreSubmission detailsSubmission to be drishtikone@iimb-vista.comsent toSubmissions to be 14th September, 2012 (Time - 11:59:59 PM)sent beforeSubject line Drishtikone_team-lead-mail MS 2003/2007 docSubmission Font - Times New Roman, size 12format Line spacing – 1.5File name Drishtikone_team-lead-mail •The cover page should include the team name, name, email id, contact number and institute/organization of each participant. The subsequent pages should not have any indications about the details of the authors •The TOTAL word count for both “for” and “against” the motion should NOTDetails to be exceed 1000 words. The split between the two is left to the teams.included in the •The write up on both the motions should be sent in the same file. Thedocument write-up should start with “for” the motion followed by that “against” the motion.
  5. 5. VISTA 2012 Drishtikone IIM BangaloreClick here for registration: Note: the proposition is up on the website Deadline (Time - 11:59:59 PM) 14th September, 2012 Contact Person Debdutta Choudhuri : +91 95380 42886 Joseph John : +91 96865 78210
  6. 6. Welcome to Vista 2012 IIM Bangalore Thank You