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Neasc presentation on_digital_publishing


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Presentation to the Commission on Public Secondary Schools on BHS Digital Publishing

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Neasc presentation on_digital_publishing

  1. 1. Presentation for NEASC Commission Members September 26, 2011 Digital Content Creation  at Burlington High (MA)  
  2. 2. We Also Believe Next Textbooks Will... "Next textbooks will be co-created, cultivated, and grown by learners and master-learners." David Warlick - June 26, 2011 - Next Textbooks Are...
  3. 3. Bring Talented Teachers Together  and Provide Support Link to Wiki for MA Digital Publication Collaborative
  4. 4. Our Plan Edutopia -  How My School Is Transitioning to Digital Textbooks (Organizing: Step 1 of 5) Edutopia -  How My School Is Transitioning to Digital Textbooks (Organizing: Step 2 of 5) Edutopia -  How My School Is Transforming to Digital Textbooks (Process: Step 3 of 5) Link to Collaborative Wiki
  5. 5. More Links From BHS Our 1:1 School Series BHS iPad Initiative 
  6. 6. A Final  Question...   "The question we now face, all of us who have access to new models of sharing, is what we’ll do with those opportunities." Shirky, Clay (2010-05-26). Cognitive Surplus: How Technology Makes Consumers into Collaborators (p. 192). The Penguin Press. Kindle Edition.   
  7. 7. Contact Us Eric Conti - Superintendent of Schools e-mail - Twitter - @ericconti Blog - Burlington Superintendent's Blog Patrick Larkin - BHS Principal e-mail - [email_address] Twitter - @bhsprincipal Blog - BHS Principal's Blog Cell - 339 234-1673