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Facebook presentation


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Facebook Privacy Settings Presentations to Parents on October 19, 2010

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Facebook presentation

  1. 1. Burlington Public Schools Community Technology Workshop
  2. 2. How Do I Do That? BPS Educational Technology Workshop Series School Based Lessons, Activities, and Projects Elementary School Staff Sessions Middle and High School Staff Sessions Parent and Community Sessions Monthly Technology Topics
  3. 3. Safety on the Internet Facebook Friends and Settings Think carefully about who you allow to become your friend Once you have accepted someone as your friend they will be able to access any information about you (including photographs) that you have marked as viewable by your friends. You can remove friends at any time should you change your mind about someone. Show "limited friends" a cut-down version of your profile You can choose to make people 'limited friends' who only have access to a cut-down version of your profile if you wish. This can be useful if you have associates who you do not wish to give full friend status to, or feel uncomfortable sharing personal information with. Disable options, then open them one by one Think about how you want to use Facebook. If it's only to keep in touch with people and be able to contact them then maybe it's better to turn off the bells and whistles. It makes a lot of sense to disable an option until you have decided you do want and need it, rather than start with everything accessible.
  4. 4. Safety on the Internet Organize Friends in Lists Friend Lists can have different Security and Privacy Filters
  5. 5. Safety on the Internet Set Privacy of Photos, Albums, and Personal Info Settings can be different for types of users
  6. 6. Safety on the Internet Contact Information Settings Use security settings to protect your personal information
  7. 7. Safety on the Internet You can limit who can find you on Facebook Search Visibility Settings
  8. 8. Safety on the Internet Public Internet Search Listings / Google Helps ensure that page will not show up in Google searches
  9. 9. CNET Video: Navigating Facebook Security Safety on the Internet Click on the link below:
  10. 10. Data Collection and Analysis “ Data Mining” Facebook uses Likes and algorithms to collect data Advertising Data collection is anywhere where there is something digital
  11. 11. Facebook Security Quiz