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Cto clinic at bentley


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A discussion of 1:1 and mobile learning at the School Technology Leader - CTO Clinic at Bentley College

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Cto clinic at bentley

  1. 1. What is the mission of public schools? CTO Clinic for School District Leaders May 5, 2011
  2. 2. Massachusetts Board ofElementary and Secondary Education Mission StatementThe mission of the Massachusetts Boardof Elementary and SecondaryEducation is to strengthen theCommonwealths public educationsystem so that every student isprepared to succeed in postsecondaryeducation, compete in the globaleconomy, and understand the rightsand responsibilities of Americancitizens, and in so doing, to close allproficiency gaps.
  3. 3. If we continue to block sites like Facebook,YouTube, and Twitter what parts of our MissionStatements need to be modified?
  4. 4. Burlington High School Mission Statement
  5. 5. If we truly believed these mission statements we would... • show students how to edit their privacy settings and use groups in Facebook instead of banning online social networks because they’re ‘dangerous’ and/or ‘frivolous’ • teach students to understand and contribute to the online information commons rather than ‘just saying no’ to Wikipedia • put a robust digital learning device into every student’s hands (or let them bring and use their own) instead of pretending that we live in a pencil notebook paper and ring binder worldClick here for the complete list from Scott McLeod’s Big Think Blog
  6. 6. " Please stop waiting for a map, wereward those who draw maps, notthose who follow them."- Seth Godin (Poke the Box)
  7. 7. Questions????
  8. 8. We all need to be on the path to 1:1. How close are you?
  9. 9. Contact Me:Patrick Larkin - Principal, Burlington High Schoole-mail - larkin@burlington.mec.edublog - Burlinton High School Principal’s Blogtwitter - @bhsprincipal