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World War II propaganda


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Published in: Education
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World War II propaganda

  1. 1. World War II: Propagandain the Media
  2. 2. What do you already know? O What is propaganda? O Who uses it? O Why is it used? O How is it used in media?
  3. 3. “Der Fuhrer’s Face”
  4. 4. “Der Fuhrer’s Face”O How does the video make you feel? O What elements make you feel that way?O What audience is the video targeting? O What clues tell you that?O What message is the cartoon trying to send? O Why or why not is this an effective propaganda tool?
  5. 5. ReflectionO What are some media forms used to distribute propaganda?O What elements make propaganda effective?O Can you think of any other moments in history that propaganda has been utilized?O How do you envision propaganda in the future?