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Audience view


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Audience view

  1. 1. Medium shot Medium used less close-up is in2tone band used in photos, howev some 2tone er I was band photos aiming to challenge theAlthough less seen by the conventionbands of 2tone, the star is Although it is aimed at ansmiling connoting the Close-up older audience I have used ahappy go-lucky attitude of A high angle younger used for the editors shot modelits audience. shot used in less in 2tone picture as it connotes that it is many 2tone Long band to many, and still appealing band photos. photos, but music enjoyed by the youth of shots, some It is one of times used very used today. the more The clothes worn are in 2toneoften in recognizable very stereotypical of band editors background of the The the music, a shots of the photos. photos. connote a rough railings trilby, wayfer 2tone era. and tough area, like sunglasses, a suit and most of the audiences tie backgrounds
  2. 2. The use of checkThe title ‘2tone check’ that makes it seem thatthe audience is straight the magazine will betalking, and do not want to quick andbe reading about any informative. Check isextras that are not worth also a slight pun withknowing. the recognizable check associated with the genre of 2tone.
  3. 3. The bright yellow challenges the assumption of 2tone, this the band used is new and modern butThe use of black & play old 2toneWhite is very musicaffiliated with 2toneMusic, and islinked with thecoloursOf clothes that thegroup where.
  4. 4. The signature is used to This text reinforces the idea show a small bit of style of 2tone being represented by This textthat, and challenges the is soft and used as 2 different colours of black & idea of straight- a welcoming message from white forward, no sense of care the editor. attitude from theThis text This text is audiencereinforces the bold like theidea of the audiencesaudience personality.being straighttalking
  5. 5. The layout has the iconic Walt jabsco character which The layout is makes it recognizable straight-forward to a 2tone audience. and easy to use The main story covers for the reader, like the most of the page a male middle and living up to the age,C2,D worker straight to the point would want. attitude of the readerThe double page spread, has columns to make it easy to read. The simplistic layoutand bright text makes it easy to read, which is helpful for the middle-aged audience Iam aiming the magazine at.
  6. 6. That the audienceis slow keepingup with modernmusic and tech