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Q2 review HR


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Q2 review HR

  1. 1. Human Rights Department Quarter 2 Review : November 2013 - Jan 2014
  2. 2. Main focus areas for the year Growth Quality Finance NB: these focuses are in line with the IGCDP national vision
  3. 3. Key Projects in Q2 November: Project planning Matching Recruitment of Induction team December: Project tracking Realisation period starts Induction preparation Membership reviews January: Peak realisation Delivery of induction ceremony Planning for next peak
  4. 4. Results and Achievements 108 realisations Successful induction Sales culture implemented Clean up of department Creation of crisis manager
  5. 5. Bottlenecks Failure of Summer Cram. Taken up by MC as Start Up Mauritius but no interns satisfaction Negative NPS score Failure to engage OCPs in updates and mail culture/ GDocs IS manager dismissed and hence, no calendar of activities for interns on LC level Losses on houses
  6. 6. Key learnings from Q2 More than plan B is needed for crisis Interns money will always be mishandled Keep expectations low from members sometimes Members need to be tracked to work More caution is needed for interns accomodation
  7. 7. Q3 Focus RnR Selection of team leaders Planning for next peak Integration of new members New education cycle Conference planning
  8. 8. Q3 draft plan February: Project realisation Closing ceremony Conference reports Launch applications for IGCDP opportunities Raising of NPS score March: Recruitment of new members Selection of IGCDP TLs Planning of education cycle and projects Matching Raising of NPS score April: MagicX meeting Delivery of education cycle Conference planning Conference delivery Matching NGOs and partners
  9. 9. ly yours, Shree
  10. 10. ly yours, Shree