Ogx quarter review 3


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Ogx quarter review 3

  1. 1. OGX Quarter Review Quarter 3
  2. 2. Focus for the Quarter • Set the base for marketing and education team • Members Development • Team Leaders Development • Regular strategic meetings with TLs • Follow up of EPs raised • Review EP servicing strategies • Increase participation of members in other activities in the committee. participation from other department
  3. 3. Key Projects in Q3 February Prepare promotion plan Training for members Refund EPs March Promotion Promotion training Lecture shout training Raising EPs Networking April Interview and raising of June /July EPs Complete EP booklet Prepare session plan for OPS Increase network
  4. 4. Result and Achievement • 2 GIP and 6 GCDP raised • Team Leaders independent and proactive after regular strategic meetings • 1 GCDP Exchange participant matched • OGX viewed as 'bonded' even externally, members happy:) • High percentage of response from OGXers in activities (considering the low number of members in OGX) -> OGX members most present for recruitment of members, percentage of attendance in LCM, LC conference and other AIESEC activities.
  5. 5. Bottlenecks • OGX still not considered as a priority/or important hence lack of support • Lack of support/consideration from some EB members • No approval from registrar to put stand, promotion affected hence low number of applications received. • New batch not recruited according to OGX criterias-many new members lack communication skills/ are afraid to approach students to talk- promotion affected again here. • A small pool of members working more than the others. • OGX oldies not present to guide and help the other members.
  6. 6. Bottlenecks • Some members allocated to OGX indicated they had been encouraged to join other departments by their friends and no longer wish to work in OGX while OGX members had been requested by VP to promote all skills (and not only Marketing skills) for members recruitment hence low number of people who want to work in OGX • A high percentage of newies unresponsive, cannot be physically present for promotion due to assignments , texts and upcoming exams. • Could not conduct EP orientation in holidays-EPs do not respond • No proper synergy with COMMs • Some members from other departments find promotion difficult or have not been made aware that they can participate in OGX promo-hence unwillingness to participate.
  7. 7. Key learning from Q3 • More common OGX meetings to motivate members and help them bond • Conflict Management • Impact of networking both within and outside the AIESEC network • Personal conversation with members motivate them more • Should create an OGX guide (document) for members • Should provide EPs with a booklet • Learn about members individually
  8. 8. Q4 Focus • Online Training • Promotion for GIP • Bonding Days • OGX activities documentation • Individual performance assessement of TLs and members • GCDP raising and matching (for June-July) • GIP raising and matching
  9. 9. Q4 Plan Draft May Matching Raising of gifts/goodies for EPs Outgoing Preparation Seminar GCDP & GIP promotion June Collect and assemble OGX activities report and feedback Training GIP Promotion Performance review Transition July Training Member/VP meeting/coachi ng Transition GIP promotion
  10. 10. End of Quarter Review Thank you for your attention