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Things I've Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin

So you want to start selling premium plugins? So did I, so I jumped in with both feet. Hear how I got started, what I’ve learned (and am still learning) about selling my first premium plugin for WordPress and how you can get started too.

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Things I've Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin

  1. 1. Things I’ve Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin Brian Hogg @brianhogg
  2. 2. Things I’ve Learned About Creating a Premium Plugin Why You Should Create a Premium Plugin Brian Hogg @brianhogg
  3. 3. Working with JavaScript and WordPress WordCamp Hamilton Event Calendar Newsletter
  4. 4. Now What?
  5. 5. Support
  6. 6. Market…ing?
  7. 7. • Product • Price • Promotion
  8. 8. 700,000+
  9. 9. GPL Fears
  10. 10. • Product • Price • Promotion • Distribution
  11. 11. Services
  12. 12. Market vs. Code (vs. client work)
  13. 13. Terms and Conditions
  14. 14. Some Dos and Don’ts (From my experience)
  15. 15. Do take support time into account
  16. 16. Don’t worry so much about support to sales ratio in the early days — it's a learning experience
  17. 17. Do know where to draw the line (features, support, etc)
  18. 18. Don’t panic when something goes wrong and money is involved
  19. 19. Do have terms and conditions
  20. 20. Do get excited when you get money while you sleep
  21. 21. Don’t think it will be “passive income”
  22. 22. Do set up a cha-ching sound on your phone when you get a sale
  23. 23. Don’t change pricing every day or panic when there’s no sales for a couple days
  24. 24. Do sell in USD
  25. 25. Don’t take features out of the free version
  26. 26. Do reach out personally to every single customer as long as you can
  27. 27. Do list ALL THE THINGS your plugin can do
  28. 28. Don’t expect to do only products immediately
  29. 29. Do ask for help when you need it
  30. 30. Don’t wait
  31. 31. Resources and-selling-premium-wordpress-plugins/ using-easy-digital-downloads/ wordpress-plugins/ pourquoi-vous-devriez-vendre-un-plugintheme-premium/ Brian Hogg @brianhogg