Interchange 2. Unit 2: Caught in the Rush


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-Transportation & Public Services
-Adverbs of quantity and compound nouns
-Indirect questions

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Interchange 2. Unit 2: Caught in the Rush

  1. 1. • Transportation & Public Services• Adverbs of quantity and compound nouns• Indirect questions
  2. 2. Word Power—Compound Nouns page 8, activity 1Match the words in column A + B to make compound nouns. More than one answer is possible. Example: Traffic + Light = Traffic Light A B • Bicycle • Garage • Bus • Jam • News • Lane • Parking • Light • Street • Space • Subway • Stand • Taxi • Station • Traffic • Stop • Train • System
  3. 3. Perspectives—Transportation Services1. Which speaker says the biggest problem is parking? The third (3rd)1. Which speaker says it’s dangerous for bicycles? The first (1st)2. Which speaker says the buses are old and slow? The second (2nd)
  4. 4. Perspectives—Transportation Servicespage 8, activity 2• What thing(s) do the speakers think there are too many or too much of? • There are too many cars, taxis and buses. • There is too much traffic and pollution.• What thing(s) do the speakers think there is not enough of? • There isn’t enough parking.
  5. 5. Review—Count and Non-Count Nouns Count Non-Count Tienen forma plural No tienen forma plural Ejemplo: book - books No se puede decir pollutions Se pueden numerar. No se pueden numerar Ejemplo: five books No se puede decir: two pollutionsSe puede usar el artículo No se puede usar el artículo indefinido a/an indefinido a/an Ejemplo: a book No se puede decir: a pollution
  6. 6. Adverbs of QuantityWith Count Nouns With Noncount NounsThere are too many cars. There is too much traffic.There should be fewer cars. There should be less pollutionWe need more subway lines. We need more transportation.There aren’t enough buses. There isn’t enough parking.
  7. 7. Adverbs of QuantityWith Count Nouns With Noncount Nouns• Some • Some• Any • Any• More • More• No • No• Enough • Enough• (Too) many • (Too) much• Few/ fewer • Little• A lot of/ lots of • A lot of/ lots of • A little bit of • Less
  8. 8. Adverbs of Quantitypage 9, activity 3Complete the sentences. More than one answer may be possible.1. There are n’t enough/ too few police officers. ________________ fewer2. There should be _____ cars in the city. n’t enough/ too little3. There is _________________ public transportation. more4. The government needs to build _____ highways.5. There should be ____ noise. less more6. We should have _____ public parking garages. too much7. There is __________ air pollution in the city. too many8. There are ________ cars parked on the streets.
  9. 9. Listening—Singapore Solves Itpage 9, activity 4• What do you know about Singapore?• We will listen to an engineer talk about what Singapore has done to solve its traffic problems. In activity 4A, mark the statements as true or false.
  10. 10. • REVIEW—Fill in the blanks with the correct adverb of quantity.• I have _________ courage than you.• _____ of the new immigrants to El Paso come from Mexico.• I only know _____ people in this city.• He left _____ of his clothing at his girlfriends house.• Wow, theres so _____ grass in your yard!• _____ of the students come from abroad.• There are _____ things that I want to say to you.• Kids today spend so _____ time on the internet!• I have to buy _____ furniture for my new apartment.• Mary always tells me that she wants to have _____ children.
  11. 11. Grammar Focus—Indirect Questions with Wh- page 11Wh- Questions with “be”Where is the bank?Where are the rest rooms?Indirect questions with “be”Could you tell me where the bank is?Do you know where the rest rooms are?
  12. 12. Grammar Focus—Indirect Questions with Wh-page 11Wh-Questions with “do”How often do the buses leave?What time does the bank open?When did Flight 566 arrive?Indirect questionsCan you tell me how often the buses leave?Do you know what time the bank opens?Do you know when Flight 566 arrived?
  13. 13. Conversation—Could you tell me…?Page 11, activity 8Listen to the conversation and write which question was asked 1 st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Then answer the questions. 4.) Where are the rest rooms? • Right behind her. 1.) Where is the bank? • Upstairs, across from the duty-free shop. 2.) What time does the bank open? • At 8:00 am. 3.) How often do the buses leave for the city? • Check at the transportation counter down the hall.
  14. 14. Grammar—Word order activityThree volunteers!• Demonstrate• Listen to ex.
  15. 15. Grammar Focus—Indirect Questions with Wh-page 11, activity 9Could you/ Can you tell me… or Do you know…1. …How much a newspaper costs?2. …Where the nearest cash machine is?3. …What time the banks open?4. …How often the buses come?5. …Where you can get a good meal?6. …How late the nightclubs stay open?7. …How early the trains run?8. …What the best hotel in the area is?
  16. 16. Grammar Focus—Indirect Questions with Wh-page 11, activity 9Change these sentences to use indirect questions1. How much does a newspaper cost?2. Where is the nearest cash machine?3. What time do the banks open?4. How often do the buses come?5. Where can you get a good meal?6. How late do the nightclubs stay open?7. How early do the trains run?8. What is the best hotel in the area?
  17. 17. New Ways of Getting Aroundpage 13, activity 13• What are some ways to travel by land? By sea?
  18. 18. New Ways of Getting Aroundpage 13, activity 13Pre-Reading:• Skim (read partially and quickly) the article.• Write the name of the invention under its picture.
  19. 19. New Ways of Getting Aroundpage 13, activity 13 Vocabulary: Vocabulario: Steer: Control the directionTurn back and forth: Move left and right Attached to: Connected to Smoothly: Evenly Former surfer: Someone who used to surf Pro: Professional Combine: Put together
  20. 20. 1. Which inventions have motors? • The Wheelman, the Outrider, and the PowerSki Jetboard.2. Where do you put your feet in the Wheelman? • In the wheels.3. How do you steer the Wheelman? • You use your body weight.4. What makes the Trikke Scooter stable? • It has three wheels.5. How does the Trikke Scooter move? • By turning back and forth.6. What makes the OutRider move smoothly on the water? • It’s attached to a ski.7. What two sports does the PowerSki JetBoard combine? • Surfing and waterskiing.8. Who designed the engine for the PowerSki JetBoard? • A former pro surfer.
  21. 21. Writing—Letter to the Editor page 10, #6 Useful expressions:• What is a letter to the editor? It’s bad/ terrible/ horrible It’s good/ excellent/ amazing I think it’s better/ worse than it used to be In my opinion, it’s getting better/ worse• Write a letter to the editor On the positive side… about problems in Santiago. On the other hand… • Brainstorm first The problem is that…
  22. 22. Adverbs of QuantityWith Count Nouns With Noncount Nouns• Some • Some• Any • Any• More • More• No • No• Enough • Enough• (Too) many • (Too) much• Few/ fewer • Little• A lot of/ lots of • A lot of/ lots of • A little bit of • Less