Interchange 2. Unit 7: What's This For?


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-infinitives and gerunds to describe
-imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions

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Interchange 2. Unit 7: What's This For?

  1. 1. Unit 7:What’s this for?• infinitives and gerunds to describe• imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions
  2. 2. WORKBOOK page 38, no. 3 1. Perform2. Storing3. Identify4. Access5. Transmitting6. Pay
  3. 3. Can I borrow your phone?books closed Who owns the cell phone? The man Who are they calling? The woman’s boss What’s the first thing to do? Turn the phone on What should the woman press? The “call” button
  4. 4. Can I borrow your phone?page 47, no. 7____ Hit the “end” button____ Turn the cell phone on____ Leave a message____ Press the “call” button____ Dial the area code12345
  5. 5. Can I borrow your phone?page 47, no. 7Who does Jenny wantto call next?She wants to call herown voicemail!
  6. 6. Imperatives & Infinitives for Giving Suggestionspage 47, no.8How did Richard give Jenny Instructions?Be sure to turn it on.Don’t forget to dial the area code.Make sure to hit the “end” button.Remember to pay the bill every month.Try not to talk for too long.
  7. 7. 1. Try to keep it closed to protect the screen2. Don’t forget to write down your secret code.3. Remember to turn it off as soon as you come in the door.4. Try not to get it wet or the keys may get stuck.5. Make sure to set it each time you leave home.6. Remember to recharge the batteries before they die.7. Be sure to turn it off before bed or a call may wake you up.Imperatives & Infinitives for Giving Suggestionspage 47, no.8LCCP / LCASASASCPCP / LC
  8. 8. Write one piece of advice for each item.Imperatives & Infinitives for Giving Suggestionspage 47, no.8
  9. 9. Practice!  Helmets are used for __________ your head. Cell phones are used to ______ text messages. I use my computer for ______ bills. DNA fingerprinting is used for __________ criminals. Cameras are used to _____ photos. I use my dictionary for ______ new words.protectingsendpayingidentifyingtakefinding
  10. 10. Free Advicepage 48, no. 9Item AdviceCamcorderIn-LineSkatesATM CardIt’s best to use a stand.Be careful when you put in the battery.Remember to wear protective gear.Make sure to skate on a flat surface.Be sure to put it in correctly.Then, punch in your secret code.Remember to press “enter.”Don’t forget to count your money!
  11. 11. PRACTICE—Unit 4TOEIC PAGE 14
  12. 12. A Day in Your Life—In the Year 2020page 49, no. 12  What will life be like in 2020?
  13. 13.  CommunicatingParagraph 5 ShoppingParagraph 2 RelaxingParagraph 6 EatingParagraph 3 Getting aroundParagraph 1 WorkingParagraph 4A Day in Your Life—In the Year 2020page 49, no. 12DO NOT READ! Just scan!Choose the correct paragraph for the following subjects:
  14. 14. VocabularyDaydream:Behind the wheel:Automatic Pilot:Head for:Groceries:Diagnostic Machine:Set:A Day in Your Life—In the Year 2020page 49, no. 12To think about nice thingsTo driveAllows a machine to work by itselfTo go toFood that you buy in a storeA machine that determines causesTo program a machine
  15. 15. 1. False. Your car has automatic pilot.2. False. Money is automatically deducted from your bankaccount.3. True.4. False. Your diagnostic machine finds out which foodsyour body needs. Your food preparation machine makesyou a salad.5. False. You have a home office/ You never have to travelto work any more.6. False. Your computer translates messages.7. True.8. False. You have a list of new movies on your TV.A Day in Your Life—In the Year 2020page 49, no. 12
  16. 16. A note giving instructionspage 48, no. 11You are leaving for a few days. Your friend will take care of yourhouse. Leave instructions for him/ her.It must include:• Two-part verbs (p. 37)• Infinitives and gerunds for uses and purposes (p. 45)• Imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions (p. 47)This is your discussion for chapter 7.This work must be at least 10 sentencesIt is due May 22.
  17. 17. Dear Sarah,Thanks again for agreeing to house-sit forme. Please don’t forget these importantthings: first, make sure to let out George, mypet elephant, at least twice per day. Also, trynot to scare him, or else he might step onyou! Please remember to pick up George’stoys every day. His favorite is a dollthat is used for teaching English! Be sureto call me if anything goes wrong! See youlater,- Brittany