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Interchange 2. Unit 6 (Two-Part Verbs)


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Two-Part Verbs

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Interchange 2. Unit 6 (Two-Part Verbs)

  1. 1. Unit 6—OK. No Problem!Two-part verbs! 
  2. 2. Families with Teenagerspage 36, no. 1
  3. 3. Turn down the TV!Books closed! What is the son doing? Jason is watching TV. What is the daughter doing? Lisa is talking on the phone. What are the parents goingto nag them about? The dad asks Jason to turndown the TV. The momasks Lisa to pick up herthings.
  4. 4. Turn down the TV!Books closed! Does Jason turn the TV down? Yes, he does. Does Lisa pick up her thingsright away? No, she continues to talk onthe phone. Were the parents like thiswhen they were kids? Yes, they were!
  5. 5. Turn down the TV!Page 36, no. 2 What complaints do Jason andLisa have about their parents? About Dad: Jason complains about howforgetful his dad is getting—he’s always forgetting wherehis car keys are. Lisa complains that he cannever find his glasses. About Mom: Lisa complains that her momwatches awful talk shows onTV.
  6. 6. With NounsTurn down the TV.Turn the TV down.Pick up your things.Pick your things up.Grammar Focuspage 38, no. 5With PronounsTurn it down.Pick them up.Requests & ResponsesPlease turn down the music.Ok, I’ll turn it down.Pick up your clothes, please.All right, I’ll pick them up.
  7. 7. With NounsTurn down the TV.Noun + particle + object nounTurn the TV down.Noun + object noun + particleGrammar Focuspage 38, no. 5With PronounsTurn it down.Noun + pronoun+ particlePick them up.Noun + pronoun+ particle
  8. 8. Two-Part Verbs—Grammar Focuspage 37, no. 3Two-Part Verbs—Grammar Focuspage 37, no. 3
  9. 9. 1.Pick up ________, please.2.Turn ___________________ off, please.3.Clean ______up, please.4.Please put ______________________ away.5.Please turn down ____________.6.Please take off _________________.7.Hang _________ up, please.8.Please take out _______.9.Please let ______ out.10.Turn on ___________________, please.Two-Part Verbs—Grammar Focuspage 37, no. 3the toysthe radio / the tv/ the lightsthe yardthe toys, the books, your jacketthe radio/ the tvyour boots/ your jacketyour jacketthe trashthe dogthe radio / the tv/ the lights
  10. 10. GAME! Pick up Put down Put away Take out Throw out Clean up Stand up Sit down Take off Put on
  11. 11. Household Chorespage 38, no. 5
  12. 12. Requests with ModalsModal + Simple Verb (infinitive) Can you turn the stereo off? Modal + subject + verb + object noun + particle + ? Could you close the door, please? Modal + subject + verb + object noun + ? Would you please take your garbage out? Modal + subject + verb + object noun + particle + ?
  13. 13. Requests with Would you Mind…?Would you mind + Gerund Would you mind turning the stereo down? Would you mind + gerund + object noun + particle + ? Would you mind closing the door, please? Would you mind + gerund + object noun + ? Would you mind not putting your garbage here? Would you mind + not + gerund + object noun + ?
  14. 14. Requests with modals andWould you mind…?Page 39, no. 81. Could you lend me twenty dollars?2. Can you get me a sandwich?3. Can you help me move to my new house?4. Would you mind not sitting here?5. Could you move your car from my space?6. Would you mind not talking so loudly?
  15. 15. PracticeWORKBOOK page 34, no. 6Rewrite these sentences using modals or “would you…”1. Take your feet off my chair. Can you take your feet off my chair, please?2. Take this form to the office. Would you mind taking this form to the office?3. Please turn the CD player down. Could you please turn the CD player down?4. Don’t leave the door open. Would you mind not leaving the door open?5. Let me share your book. Would you let me share your book?6. Pass me that book, please. Can you please pass me that book?