Interchange 1. Unit 9: What Does She Look Like?


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-Peoples’ physical appearances
-Modifiers with participles and prepositions

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Interchange 1. Unit 9: What Does She Look Like?

  1. 1. • Peoples’ physical appearances• Modifiers with participles and prepositions
  2. 2. Draw a picture of your favorite celebrity.Dibuja tu famos@ favorit@.
  3. 3. Draw a picture of your favorite celebrity.Dibuja tu famos@ favorit@.Page 58, no. 1Describe his/her physical appearance.Describe su apariencia física.Hair, Age, Looks, Height, Weight, Etc.Ejemplos:Nicole Kidman is very beautiful.She is young.She has blue eyes.She has long, blond hair.Her hair is wavy.She is tall and thin.
  4. 4. Hair LengthHow long is his/her hair?Bald • Short• Medium• Long
  5. 5. Hair ColorWhat color is his/her hair?BlondBrownRedBlackWhite GreyDyed
  6. 6. HairWhat is his/her hair like?StraightCurlyWavy
  7. 7. Hair StylesWhat hairstyle does he/she have?PonytailPigtailsBunBraid
  8. 8. Facial HairDoes he have facial hair?BeardMustache
  9. 9. EyesWhat color are his/her eyes?Black BrownGreenBlueHazel
  10. 10. AgeHow old is he/she?Young(baby)Young(adolescent)MiddleAgedOldElderly
  11. 11. HeightHow tall is he/she?VeryShortRatherShortFairlyShortMediumHeightFairlyTallPrettyTallVeryTall
  12. 12. WeightHow much does he/she weigh?SkinnyThin/SlimAverageHeavy/FatObese
  13. 13. LooksWhat does he/she look like?HideousUglyPlainGood-lookingHandsomeGorgeous
  14. 14. She’s Very Tallbooks closed Who are Randy andEmily talking about? Randy’s girlfriend How does Randydescribe her? She’s gorgeous andtall. She hasbeautiful red hair. How old is she? Randy doesn’t know.
  15. 15. She’s Very Tallpage 59, no. 2Listen and read.Listen to the rest of theconversation. What elsedo you learn aboutAshley?She is older than Randy.She’s in her thirties.Randy doesn’t care abouther age.
  16. 16. General Appearancepage 59, no. 3 What does she look like? She’s tall, with red hair. She’s gorgeous. Does he wear glasses? Yes, and he has a beard.
  17. 17. Agepage 59, no. 3 How old is she? She’s about 32. She’s in her thirties. How old is he? He’s in his twenties.
  18. 18. Heightpage 59, no. 3 How tall is she? She’s 1 meter 88. She’s 6 feet 2. How tall is he? He’s quite short.
  19. 19. Hairpage 59, no. 3 How long is her hair? It’s medium length. What color is his hair? It’s dark/ light brown. He has brown hair.
  20. 20. 1. ______? My brother is 26.2. ______? I’m 173 cm (5 feet 8).3. ______? Sharon has brown hair.4. ______? No, she wears contact lenses.5. ______? He’s tall and good-looking.6. ______? My sister’s hair is medium-length.7. ______? I have dark brown eyes.Describing Peoplepage 59, no. 3, activity A
  21. 21. 1. How old is your brother?2. How tall are you?3. What color is Sharon’s hair?4. Does she wear glasses?5. What does he look like?6. How long is your sister’s hair?7. What color are your eyes?Describing Peoplepage 59, no. 3, activity A
  22. 22.  Escoge un/a compañero/a Sin decirle a tu compañero/a, escoge uno de los famosos. Tu compañero/a hará preguntas hasta que adivine quien es. Cada uno debe escoger una persona y hacer preguntas para adivinar.Describing Peoplepage 59, no. 3, activity BLady Gaga Stephen Hawking Britney Spears Sebastián PiñeraBarack Obama Queen Elizabeth Tomás González Emma Watson
  23. 23. Who is it?Page 60, no. 4Escucha y ordena los dibujos.
  24. 24. Who is it?Page 60, no. 42. Tina’s 18. She’s got red hair—shoulder length and verycurly—and she always wears interesting glasses, just forfun.4. Tim’s about 23. He’s fairly short and a bit heavy. Hishair isn’t very long.1. I think Brian’s good-looking. He’s pretty tall, withdark brown hair and a mustache. He’s about 30.5. Alice is very tall, and she’s got long black hair. She’saround 25. Oh, and she’s very slim. She looks like afashion model.3. Rosie is pretty tall for her age. She has long, blondhair and wears contact lenses. She just turned 10.
  25. 25. Nicole Kidman is…• Gorgeous• Thin• YoungNicole Kidman has…• Blue eyes• Long, red hair
  26. 26. Elvis is…• Handsome• YoungElvis has…• Straight, black hair• Brown eyes
  27. 27. Jack Sparrow is…• Good-looking• Middle-agedJack Sparrow has…• A mustache• A beard• Long, curly hair
  28. 28. Einstein is…• Elderly• Fairly shortEinstein has…• White hair• A mustache• Strange hair!
  29. 29. WORKBOOK Page 49, no.2 Part A: Match the words Part B: Answer the questions What does he look like? How long is his hair? What color is his hair? How old is he? How tall is he?He’s good looking.His hair is fairly long.He has dark brown hair.He is middle-aged.He is medium height.
  30. 30. In the Public Eyepage 61, no. 7Classic:Always fashionableCool & Casual:Fashionable right now& not formalFunkyModern & UnusualWhat kind of clothing is fashionable now?
  31. 31. Which one is she?Books closedLook at the picture: Where are they? What are they doing? What are they wearing? What do they look like?
  32. 32. Which one is she?Page 61, no. 8Listen. Where’s Maggie? At a concert. Where’s Julia? Near the window. Does Julia knowanyone at the party? No, she doesn’t.
  33. 33. Which one is she?Page 61, no. 8Listen to the rest. Who is…? Joe Michiko Rosa JohnJoeMichikoRosaJohn
  34. 34. Who is it? He’s the man dancing in the living room. John She’s the one wearing a dress. Rosa She’s the Japanese woman with dark hair. Michiko He’s the one in white pants. Joe She’s the tall person next to the window. JuliaModifiers with participles & prepositionspage 62, no. 9
  35. 35. Modifiers with participles & prepositionspage 62, no. 9Present Participle = verb + “-ing”Who’s Raoul?He’s the man wearing a green shirtWhich one is Raoul?He’s the one talking to Liz.
  36. 36. Modifiers with participles & prepositionspage 62, no. 9Preposition = una clase de palabra que sirve para enlazar dos términosWho’s Liz?She’s the woman with short black hair.Which one is Julia?She’s the tall one in jeans.Who are the Smiths?They’re the people next to the window.Which ones are the Smiths?They’re the ones on the couch.
  37. 37. Modifiers with participles & prepositionspage 62, no. 9Preposition = una clase de palabra que sirve para enlazar dos términosThere are 150 prepositions in English!aboveacrossaroundatbehindbelowbeneathbesidebesidesbetweenbyinsidenearnext tooffoninunderuntilupuponwith
  38. 38. Rewrite the sentences using modifiers with participles or prepositions1. Clark is the tall guy wearing a button-down shirt and cargo pants.2. Adam and Louise are the good-looking couple talking to Tom.3. Lynne is the young girl in a striped T-shirt and blue jeans.4. Jessica is the attractive woman sitting to the left of Antonio.5. A.J. is the serious-looking boy listening to his new salsa C.D.Modifiers with participles & prepositionspage 62, no. 9
  39. 39. WORKBOOK page 53, no. 8 Which one is Marie? She’s the one in the gray dress. Which one is Carlos? He’s the man (standing) behind the couch. Which ones are Dan and Cindy? They’re the ones dancing (next to) Marie. Which one is Angela? She’s the woman (sitting) on the couch. Who’s Ken? He’s the one with short black hair.
  40. 40. Hip-Hop Stylepage 63, no. 11 What is “hip-hop” style? What hip-hop fashions doyou know? SCAN (ojear) Find 3 fashions Loose-fitting clothes Baggy pants Sweatshirts Hiking boots Baseball caps Jackets with sports logos Expensive athletic shoes
  41. 41. Hip-Hop Stylepage 63, no. 11 READ. Match each word with its meaning1. Look2. Urban3. Beat4. Loose-fitting5. Sensation6. Pride and joyA. appearanceC. from big citiesD. musical rhythmF. very large; baggyB. popular trend; hitE. something to be proud of
  42. 42. Hip-Hop Stylepage 63, no. 11 READ. Answer the questions.1. What is hip-hop music?2. What are hip-hop fashions?3. Where did hip-hop fashions begin?4. When did hip-hop fashions become popular?5. Why did hip-hop become a fashion sensation?6. Why are hiking boots popular?
  43. 43. DISCUSSION:An Email Describing Peoplepage 60, no. 6This is your discussion for Unit 9. It is due Monday,September 3.It must be at least 8 sentences.You and your friend are meeting another friend latertoday. Write an email describing yourselves.You must include:Physical AppearanceModifiers
  44. 44. Dear Susie,We will meet today at 8:00 p.m. My friend, Julie, willcome with me. We’re both in our twenties. We’re theones wearing flowers in our hair. I have wavy blondhair and Julie has wavy brown hair. I am fairly short,but my friend is medium-height. I am the one wearingthe blue tank top. Julie is the one with a white shirtand red boots. Which one are you? See you soon,Sincerely,Brittany
  45. 45. 211-023 Survey Questions ¿Cuánto tiempo que es profesora y hace cuanto está enChile? Que hace en su tiempo libre, hace cuanto que salió dela universidad. Que música le gusta. Como ha sido su experiencia en Chile ¿Por qué decidió venir a hacer clases en Chile? Donde estudió y por que le gusta enseñar inglés.
  46. 46. 211-036 Survey Questions I would like to know about her city and her country ingeneral. And I would like to know if she likes to teachEnglish. Saber acerca de sus gustos. ¿De dónde es? ¿Qué estudió? ¿Por qué se vino a Chile?¿Está sola? Como llegó a ser profesora de inglés. ¿Tiene un buen humor? ¿Cuál es su comida favorita?¿Qué le gusta de Chile?
  47. 47. 211-047 Survey Questions How long will you spend in Chile? When will you get married? Date? Your life. Si le gusta Chile. Cuales son las razones que la incentivaron a serprofesora de inglés? ¿Cómo lo pasó en las vacaciones? Que le gusta hacer en sus tiempos libres.