Basic English Review Sheet


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Review for first semester of basic English as a foreign language

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Basic English Review Sheet

  1. 1. INU111 Final Review Sheet: STUDY STUDY STUDY!Unit 1Verb to be (present tense): Examples:I am We are Where are you from? I am from Chile. // I’m from Santiago.You are They are What is your name? My name is Maria. // I’m Maria.He/she/it is How old are you? I am 22 years old. // I’m 22 years old.Contractions:I am  I’m Examples:You are  You’re Where is he from? He’s from Peru.He is  He’s How are you? I’m great!She is  She’s Where is she from? She’s from Colorado.It is  It’s Who is she? She’s Sarah.We are  We’reThey are  They’rePossessive adjectivesMy Examples:Your This is my book.His That is her backpack.Her Where is our class?Its My sister is a preschool teacher.OurTheirWh (question words) Wh (question words) contractions with beWho Who is  Who’sWhat What is  What’sWhere Where is  Where’sWhen When is  When’sWhy Why is  Why’sHow How is  How’sWh questions with beWhat’s your name? My name’s Beth.Where’s your friend? He’s in class.Who’s your friend? She’s my classmate.What are your classmates like? They’re really fun.Where are you and Luisa from? We’re from Brazil.How are your classes? They’re really interesting.Yes/No questions and short answers with beAre you free? Yes, I ____. No I’m not.Is David from Mexico? Yes, he is. No he ______.Is Beth’s class in the morning? Yes, it is. No it isn’t.Are you and Beth in the same class? Yes, we are. No we’re not. / No we aren’t.Are your classes interesting? Yes, they ______. No they’re not. / No they aren’t
  2. 2. Unit 5Family members:MotherFatherGrandmotherGrandfatherSisterBrotherCousinNieceNephewAuntUncleSister-in-lawBrother-in-lawGrandsonGranddaughterSonDaughterHusband Who is Kate? Kate is Edward’s daughter. Who is Maud? Maud is Diana’s _______.Wife Who is Diana? Diana is Edward’s ______. Who is Walter? He is Kate’s grandfather.Present continuousAre you living at home now? Yes I am.Is your sister working for the government? No she isn’t. She is working in a restaurant.Are Ed and Jill going to college this year? Yes they are.Where are you working now? They _____ working in a movie theater.What is your brother doing these days? He ______ traveling in Argentina.Who are your parents visiting this week? They are visiting my cousins in Florida.Be + subject + gerund “ing”? (Yes/ No question)Wh + be + subject + gerund “ing”? (specific answer)Unit 2JobsCashier A salesperson sells clothes in a department store.Chef A chef cooks food in a restaurant.Company directorDancer (infinitive)Flight attendant Wh + do/does + subject + verb + the rest?Musician Where do you work? I work at Duoc.Pilot What do you do? I’m a teacher. Don’t Forget!!Receptionist What does he do? He ______ a pilot. Present tense
  3. 3. Server Where does he work? He ______ for an airline.SingerTour guideTime expressionsAt + times of day (and night) at 7:00, at 10:30, at nightIn + parts of day (EXCEPT night) in the morning, in the afternoon, in the eveningOn + day of the week on Monday, on the weekend, on FridaysEarly untilLate before afterUnit 4TV programs Music MoviesSoap operas Rap Horror filmsTalk shows Country ComedyThrillersYes/No and Wh questions with doDo you like rap? Yes I do. I like it a lot. // No, I don’t like it very much.Does he play piano? Yes, he does. // No he doesn’t.Do they like the Beatles? Yes they do. They love them. // No, they don’t like them very much.Do/does + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest? (YES/NO)What kind of __________ do you like? I like _____________.What kind of movies do you like? I love horror films.What does he play? He plays the piano.Who do they like? They like U2.Wh + do/does + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest?What do you think of country music? I think country music is great.What do you think of ______? I think _______ is ________. (great, terrible, funny, bad, wonderful etc)Object pronounsMe Examples: I love rap. I really love it.You I can’t stand Eminem. Do you like him?Him I really like the Beatles. Do you like them?Her Do you like Beyonce? No I don’t like her.It Do you like thrillers? I love _________!UsThemI/you/we/they he/she/itWorkTakeStudyTeachDoGoHaveplayworks______studiesteachesdoes_____hasplays
  4. 4. What’s your favorite kind of ____________? My favorite kind of __________ is ___________.What’s your favorite kind of music? My favorite kind of music is country.Who’s your favorite actress? My favorite actress is Natalie Portman.Invitations with wouldWould you like to go out on Friday? Follow up questions:Accept: Yes I would. Where?Yes I’d like to. When?Yes I’d really like to. What time does it start?What time does it end?Would you like to go to a soccer match? Where should we meet?Excuse: I’d like to, but I have to work late. ____________________?I’d like to, but I need to study. ____________________?I’d like to, but I__________________.Would you like to + verb (infinitive) + the rest?Would you like to go to a concert this Friday? Accept: ___________________________________.____________________________________? Excuse: I’d like to but, _______________________.Unit 6Examples:Do + fitness activities individual exercises Do yoga, do weight training, do__________Play + games or sports (usually with a ball) Play soccer, play basketball, play__________Go + “ing” (EXCEPT weight training) Go running, go swimming, go____________Adverbs of frequency frequency:100% twice a week, once a day, every day, three times a monthalwaysalmost always Mark plays poker __________________.Usually Susan ______________ goes jogging.Often I swim about __________________.Sometimes Do you ______________ do aerobics?hardly ever Do you play sports _________________?almost never I ____________ go to the gym.Never We _______________ do yoga.0%How often do/does + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest?How often do you go to the gym?I always go to the gym.I go to the gym three times a week.How often_________________________________? How often___________________________________?I __________________________________________. I ___________________________________________.How well do/does + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest?How well do you play tennis?Pretty well.How well___________________________________? How well____________________________________?
  5. 5. __________________________________________. ____________________________________________.How long do/does + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest?How long do you spend at the library?Thirty minutes a day.How long__________________________________? How long___________________________________?__________________________________________. ___________________________________________.How good + is/are + subject + at + activity?How good are you at basketball?Pretty good.How good__________________________________? How good_________________________________?__________________________________________. __________________________________________.Unit 8What’s a________________? It’s a place where you________________________________.Laundromat It’s a place where you wash clothes.Barber shop It’s a place where you_________________________________.Drug store It’s a place where you_________________________________.Coffee shop It’s a place where you can drink coffee.__________ It’s a place where you borrow books.Grocery store It’s a place where you_________________________________.___________ It’s a place where you send letters.Prepositions:Next toIn front ofIn back of / behindClose to / nearAcross from / oppositeOn the corner ofOnBetweenIs there a bank near here? Yes there is. There’s one on the corner of West Street and South Street.Are there any restaurants on South Street? No there aren’t any.Is there ___________________________?Are there any______________________?Hay espacios en el mapa, siga las indicaciones abajo para llenarlos:There is a bus station between the police station and the school.There is a hotel behind the bank.There is a post office next to the library.
  6. 6. Usa el mapa para completar la conversación:A: Excuse me, ______________ a zoo on West Street?B: ______________________, but there is one ______________ of East Street and South Street.A: Ok, thanks. Are there any _______________ around here?B: Yes, there is one across from city hall next to the hospital.A: Thank you very much. Have a great day!Count and non count nouns:___ air pollution: How ________air pollution _________ there? // ________________________air pollution?There _________________________________. // __________________________________C bank: How _______ banks __________ there? // ________________________ banks?There________________________________. // _______________________________________ student: How _______ students __________ there? // ____________________________students?There_______________________________. // _____________________________________NC transportation: How ________ transportation __________there? // ______________________transportation?There_______________________________.// ________________________________________ stars: How ________ stars _______ there? // ___________________________ stars?Unit 3Review Colors: green, blue, red, orange, yellow, pink, purple, gray, black, white(SINGLUAR) How much is….?(PLURAL) How much are…?This that which one? It is $This one that one the (color) one This is $ That is $these those which ones? They are $these those the (color) ones These are $ Those are $How much is this pencil? That is $1.55.How much are those jeans? They are $45.That’s cheap. (₵) Choose this that these or those:That’s reasonable. ($$) __________ sunglasses (over there)That’s OK. ($$) __________ hat (here)That’s not bad. ($$) __________t-shirt (over there)That’s expensive. ($$$$$$) __________sneakers (here)Complete the conversations:A: Excuse me, how much ____ this A: Can I help you?B: Which_______? B: Yes, how much ____ _______ jeans over there?A: Oh, the blue________ A: Which ________?B: ______ is $4.16. B: The black_________.A: That’s ________. A: They ______ $67.99.B: Would you like to buy it? B: That’s _______________A. No thank you. A: Would you like to buy it?B: No thank you.Unit 7Simple past tenseRegular verbs – “ed” if it ends it “e” add “d”
  7. 7. Work  worked invite  ___________ study  ___________Cook  cooked play  ____________ call _____________Dance  danced stay_____________ stop____________Irregulars: NO OLVIDEN QUE HAY UN APENDICE CON IRREGULARES AL FINAL DEL LIBROPresent Past REMEMBER: In the past tense 90% of the time you use the same form for everyone.I/you/we/they/he/she/it forget ____________Worked read _____________Played buy ______________Get go _______________Swam do_______________Read make_____________Ran take ______________Did + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest? (YES/NO)Did you work on Saturday? Yes I did. I _____ at the movie theater. //No I ______(not, do). I went to a dance club.______ he _______(stay) in Friday night? Yes he did. He ______home. // No he _____ (not, do). He ____________.______ they_______(go) anywhere special last weekend? Yes they _____. They _____ to Mendoza.Wh + did + subject + verb (infinitive) + the rest?What did you do last summer? I went to the beach and surfed every day.Where_______________________________________? _____________________________________________.How________________________________________? _____________________________________________.Fill in the blanks with the past tense:Last summer I ___________ (work) at a movie theater. Then my family and I ________ (take) a vacation! We ______(go) to Florida. It was a lot of fun! We ____________ (visit) Disney World and ____________(ride) almost all of the rides.We even ____________ ice cream shaped like Mickey Mouse.Past tense of be: Contractions:I was we were was not  wasn’tYou were they were were not  weren’tHe/she/it wasWere you in Hawaii? Yes I was. // No I wasn’t.Was it hot? Yes it was. // No it wasn’t.Were you parents with you? Yes they were. // No they weren’t.How was your vacation? It was great! // It was terrible! // It was fantastic!Have/has HadSpend/s spentGet/s gotSing/s sangDrink/s drankSwim/s swamSit/s sat
  8. 8. Complete the conversations with the past of to be:A: Hey, how ________ your summer?B: It ______ great! My family and I went to Mendoza.A: Wow! How long ______ you there?B: We _______ there for three weeks.A: Three weeks? Sounds like fun!B: It _________ wonderful.Write a 5 sentence paragraph about what you did last summer.Last summer I __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________