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Braving the fire


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Braving the fire

  1. 1. Braving the FireBY: Max, Mason, and Colby
  2. 2. SloshedThe Soldiers have to walk through lot’s of sloshed mud.
  3. 3. FrazzledThe soldiers get spooked and disturbed by war.
  4. 4. UnsanitaryJem and Hank’s camps are very unsanitary..
  5. 5. gloomyThey are vey gloomy and sad during war.
  6. 6. TuckeredThey are kind of mad at each other.
  7. 7. Whippersnapper They use that word to describe people .IT is a turtle.
  8. 8. OrnerySome of the people are kind of stubborn.
  9. 9. GenialBut some people are nice.
  10. 10. addleWhen bombs go of it makes you kind addle. Which means confused.
  11. 11. BroodingSome people show there sad thoughts.