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Braving the fire


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Published in: Career
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Braving the fire

  1. 1. Braving the FireBy: Max, Mason, Colby
  2. 2. GloomyJem feels sad about the war throughout the book.
  3. 3. DepressedJem feels depressed about what he did to Hank.
  4. 4. unsanitaryJem and Hanks camp are very unsanitary.
  5. 5. MadJem is mad at himself for all the things he has done wrong.
  6. 6. DevastatedJem is devastated because he lost Hank and his Grandpa.
  7. 7. Hateful Jem is starting to get mad atpeople who tell him he is lucky.
  8. 8. Lucky Jem is lucky because thebullet did not hit his bone so his leg does not have to be amputated.
  9. 9. violentThis book has some disturbing parts.
  10. 10. LingerSometimes Jem and Hank Get bored on the camp.
  11. 11. JoyfulJem gets kind of happy when he meets Sarah.