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Data retrieval and aggregation from social media large font


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Data retrieval and aggregation from social media large font

  1. 1. Automation. Collaboration. Integration. Data Retrieval and Aggregation from Social Media
  2. 2. Social Media
  3. 3. Types of Social Media Profile-based Content-based Mobile-based Open SNS Micro-blogging
  4. 4. The World of Data
  5. 5. How the data can be used? Financial companies can use the data to make lending decisions Law enforcement can use it to solve crimes Understanding communication patterns Monitoring of online focus groups Research of new product ideas Studying users’ behavior Social engineering
  6. 6. Real Time Example
  7. 7. Data Processing Model (DPM)
  8. 8. Challenges Establishing connection to different types of social media Collection of huge volumes of unstructured data Extraction of relevant data Converting data to a unified structured format Secured storage and maintenance Quick accessibility Scalable architecture