Rent-To-Own FULL Application(Complete One Application Per Adult 18+yrs who is to reside in the home)Address applying for:_...
Employer’s Name: _______________________ Phone Number: (_____)_________________Employer’s Address: _______________________...
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Rent-To-Own Application


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Blank Rent-To-Own Application

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Rent-To-Own Application

  1. 1. Rent-To-Own FULL Application(Complete One Application Per Adult 18+yrs who is to reside in the home)Address applying for:_____________________________Desired Move-In Date: ____________________________Full Name: ________________________ Email: ______________________________________Date of Birth: __________ Drivers License #: ____________________ State Issued: ______Day Phone: (_____)___________________ Evening Phone: (______)____________________How Much of a Down Payment Can You Raise Prior to Move-In? $___________________What is the Highest Monthly Payment You Are Comfortable Paying? $__________________Is Your Credit…..? (Check One) ( ) Good ( ) Fair ( ) UglyComments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________List the Full Names & Ages of Children Under 18 Who Will Be Residing in the Property:1) ___________________________________ 2) ______________________________________3) ___________________________________ 4) ______________________________________5) ___________________________________ 6) ______________________________________Description of Any Pets (Type, Age, Weight): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do You Have Someone to Co-sign on the Lease? ( ) Yes ( ) NoCurrent Address: ______________________________________________________________How Long at This Address?_________ Current Rent Payment $____________________Landlord/Manager’s Name________________________________.Landlord/Manager’s Phone: (_____)_________________ Lease Expires On: _____________Why Are You Moving From Your Current Home? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Any details regarding your current living situation that you’d like to share: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Prior Rental Address:________________________________________________________How Long at Prior Address?_____________ Prior Rent $________/monthPrior Landlord’s Name:______________________ Phone Number: (_____)_______________
  2. 2. Employer’s Name: _______________________ Phone Number: (_____)_________________Employer’s Address: ___________________________________________________________Current Position/Job Title: __________________ Gross Monthly Salary $_____________How Long at Present Job/Line of Work? _________Other Monthly Income (US Dollars) $___________ Source: ____________________________Have You Ever….? (Check All That Apply)( ) Yes ( ) No - Had Your Wages Garnished?( ) Yes ( ) No - Declared Bankruptcy?( ) Yes ( ) No - Been Summoned to Court for Failure to Pay Rent?( ) Yes ( ) No - Been Evicted?( ) Yes ( ) No - Been in Foreclosure?( ) Yes ( ) No - Been Convicted of a Sex Crime?If Yes to any please describe:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Total Credit Cards Balance: $______________ Total Monthly Payments: $_____________Car Loan Balance: $____________ Car Loan Monthly Payment: $___________Total Other Debt (personal loans, mortgages, etc): $_______________ Payment $ ________Personal Reference #1: _______________________________ Relationship_______________Phone: (_____)_________________Personal Reference #2: _______________________________ Relationship_______________Phone: (_____)_________________Additional References or Comments? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________How Did You Hear About Us?By signing below you are attesting to the fact that you are the person named in the application data contained inthe fields above and that the information you have submitted is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. Youalso hereby authorize and/or its partners to conduct employment verification, rentalverification, back ground check, and to verify personal references. All information on this application is held strictlyconfidential and will not be shared outside of and those listed on this document asreferences or verification contacts. This does not apply to any information submitted that is found to be false,purposefully incorrect, fraudulent, dishonest or misleading. Should my application require a credit check, Iunderstand there is a $25.00 (single report) OR $40.00 (2 individuals) credit report fee. I hereby grant authorizationfor said credit report(s) to be pulled only upon submission & clearing of funds to pay for the credit report(s).Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ________________________Co-Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________ Date: ________________________