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Online courseware and video content powered by our Eleaning gamut here at Adobe . A series I did as part of the Adobe Learning Series - Global Webinars

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  • Online Video Content .

    1. 1. Online courseware and video lectures, powered with Captivate 7 & Adobe Presenter 9 . Bhim Kaul - Product Consultant/Evangelist – Tech Comm and Elearning . .Linkedin & Facebook
    2. 2. Adobe eLearning solutions Adobe® Captivate® 7 software helps you rapidly author a wide range of interactive and HTML5-based eLearning. Easily create application simulations, product demos, drag-and-drop modules, and soft skills and compliance training materials that meet accessibility standards.Ω Add quizzes, and deliver content to virtually any device. Adobe® Presenter 9 is a simple tool that installs as a Microsoft PowerPoint® plugin and helps you create interactive eLearning content with ease. It also lets you create professional quality videos by capturing both yourself and your screen with just a few clicks. Best Video Tool CODiE – 2013 Best Presentation Tool Award of Excellence BSOCO Awards 2013 Rapid Learning - Gold Brandon Hall 2012 Best Advance in Content Authoring Gold Asian Learning Leadership Awards 2012 - Winner - Best eLearning Development Tool
    3. 3. What’s New in Cp7 and Pn9? Product New Features Top Features Adobe Captivate 7 • Drag-and-drop components • HTML5 support for PowerPoint • Enhanced accessibility support • Tin Can support • Enhanced Interactions library • System audio • HTML5 publishing • Roundtripping with PowerPoint • High-definition screencast • Drag-and-drop components • Enhanced Interactions library • Actors Adobe Presenter 9 • Drag-and-drop elements • Learner Intervention • Accessibility support • Automatic closed captioning • Tin Can support • Office 2013 & Win 8 support • Stunning videos made from your desktop • Simplified video editing • Smart video production • Content authoring in Microsoft® PowerPoint
    4. 4. Adobe desktop video solutions Adobe Presenter 9 (for WINDOWS) lets you create “show and tell” videos that merge your content with your presence. Your audience gets to see you, alongside your screen content, creating an experience of a live presentation. Minimize the time, effort, and cost of producing such videos by doing it yourself, right at your desktop. Best Video Tool CODiE – 2013 Best Presentation Tool Award of Excellence Download Free App from Mac App Store Also available for Mac users
    5. 5. Video creation made simple • Best Video Tool – CODIE Awards ‘13 • Merge your presence with your content • Simple 4 button video editing Interface • Various publishing options including YouTube, Vimeo and desktop
    6. 6. The Laws of Video Keep it Short Callouts/Zooms Interactivity Don’t waste your learners time More visuals less text
    7. 7. What is Flipped Classroom? Faculty creates course videos. Students access videos at their convenience. Students interact and participate in the classroom.
    8. 8. Students are spending more time consuming media than in their classrooms Why Flip?
    9. 9. Enable Anytime, anywhere Learning. * Handle Absenteeism Why Flip?
    10. 10. Early Intervention – Spend more time with students needing special attention. Why Flip?
    11. 11. Creating/Discussion Experiments/Problem Solving Mastery Learning Inquiry Movement ! What do you do in live sessions?
    12. 12. Questions