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Organizing Contacts in Outlook


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Organizing your contacts in Outlook using categories - for BHGRE Gary Greene Real Estate agents

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Organizing Contacts in Outlook

  1. 1. ORGANIZING CONTACTS BY CATEGORIES Not for use with WebmailBy Marsha Mitchell | Technology Coach | Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Gary Greene
  2. 2. WHY USE CATEGORIES?Categories is all about TARGET MARKETING!If you send marketing pieces about everything toeveryone, chances are you will reach hardlyanyone
  3. 3. The challenge is in sending the right pieceto the right people…………and focus your energies on those you aremost likely to not only open or read it, butalso look forward to getting another one!
  4. 4. For example, you would like to share thisarticle and with just your 1st Time HomeBuyers.
  5. 5. Are your contacts organized so that you can do so?And it gets even better!The new BHGGreenhouse isloaded withawesome pieces –both digital andprint for you tosend FREE!
  7. 7. LET’S GET ORGANIZED $$$$#1. Make sure your contacts have an email address#2. Create your categories by clicking on Category icon onthe Menu Bar. Select ALL CATEGORIES
  8. 8. If this is your first time in Categories, your list may all be colorssuch as Blue, Green, Red etc.You can see some of these have already been RENAMED. a. Check the box next to the color you want to rename b. Click Rename on the Right c. Type in the box the desired text for Category
  9. 9. While you are here, you can go ahead and Rename thecolor categories and create NEW ONES.A CONTACT CAN BE IN MORE THAN ONE CATEGORY.
  10. 10. CREATING A NEW CATEGORYClick the button called NEW.A pop-up will appear – and you type in the desired name.You can choose a color – or you can select NONE.Categories do NOT have to have a color –it just makes themeasier to see.
  11. 11. SAVING CATEGORIESThis is the only “heads-up” part in creating Categories.When you click the drop down and start working with the masterlist – you are actually on a contact record.So if it is your first time, and you create/rename 10 differentcategories – then all 10 are assigned to that contact unless youuncheck the ones that do not apply before saving it. Note others are unchecked before clicking OK. Categories are saved.
  12. 12. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT CATEGORIES TO CREATE?Everyone’s list will be different according to the piecesto be sent out – and according to the different wayspeople think. Some basics might include: Family Sphere Buyers Sellers Past Clients Homeowners Association Church Tennis/Golf Vendors Gary Greene Agents Co-op Agents
  13. 13. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT CATEGORIES TO CREATE?If you are looking at some of the marketing pieces – thatwould also help identify some categories. Others might include: Investors Expireds FSBO Renters Seniors Single Female Will depend on what you want to send out…. This is just one screen shot of many pieces offered.
  14. 14. #3. ASSIGNING CATEGORIES TO YOUR CONTACTSNow the fun part!1. Open the Contact Record2. Click the Categorize Icon3. You can select from the list one at a time – or Click All Categories and multi-select.4. Click SAVE AND CLOSE WHEN COMPLETE
  15. 15. OPTIONAL SHORTCUT TO ASSIGNING CATEGORIESAnother option is (a) get to the Phone List View –(b) Move the Category Field closer to the left margin to view(c) Right click in the Category Field on the line with Contact(d) And you can select the Categories from there withouthaving to open each record.
  16. 16. Congratulations! You have themorganized – so what can you dowith them?
  17. 17. REMEMBER THE 1st Time Home Buyer Articlewe wanted to send? Or an update of themortgage rates? Or a Holiday Card..or… or….#1. Sort/View Contacts by Category#2. Highlight their names(You can use the Shift Key to multi-select)
  18. 18. #3. Click the email icon on the menu bar.
  19. 19. #4. The email addresses of the selected contact will populatethe TO of the message. You will want to move them to BCC#5. Highlight all of the contact emails . Right Click. Select CUT#6. Right Click in BCC and Select PASTE.
  20. 20. #7. Fill in your Subject.#8. Enter your content#9. CLICK SEND.NO MORE DISTRIBUTION LISTS!TARGET MASS EMAILING IN SECONDS!
  21. 21. How does that help you with the BHG GREENHOUSE?#1. You will have contacts and email addresses to import into theGreenhouse.#2. If you do not have your contacts imported into theGreenhouse, you can still use the Digital Marketing center bycreating a piece, forwarding it to yourself and sending it fromOutlook.But you will not get the advantages of their Contact RelationshipManager including the Opt Out functions.
  22. 22. MANAGING CONTACTS IN THE GREENHOUSEThe BHGGreenhouse has a powerful and robust ContactRelationship Manager that you will want to use.You can setup prewritten campaigns, monitor your contactsand marketing from start to finish.
  23. 23. CONVERT LEADS TO CUSTOMERS TO CLOSINGS $$$$You will want to import yourcontacts into theGreenhouse -In the meantime:1. Gather as many contacts and emails as possible2. Organize them into Categories3. And be READY TO ROLL!
  24. 24. DIGITAL MARKETING VS PRINT MARKETINGThis presentation focused on email addresses– but while you are organizing your contacts,you might think about checking/gatheringmailing addresses for your PRINT MARKETINGPIECES 
  25. 25. Marsha MitchellDirector of Agent TechnologiesBetter Homes and Gardens Real EstateGary GreeneHouston,