MivaCon 2014 Web Developer Roadmap


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Miva Merchant is an ecommerce platform with a long tradition and history rooted in web development. If you're a web developer, and want to learn about specifics features, functionality, and programs we're working on just for you, then this is a session you must attend.

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MivaCon 2014 Web Developer Roadmap

  1. 1. Web Developer Roadmap 2014 BRENNAN HEYDE
  2. 2. 2013 Milestones • Launch of Miva Merchant Videos / Updated Developer Training Series
  3. 3. Free Developer Stores
  4. 4. Bootstrap Responsive Framework
  5. 5. More Frameworks Coming What would help you the most? Smart Designs One Page Checkout Mobile Custom Designs
  6. 6. Miva Merchant Themes
  7. 7. Our First Meetup 26 Miva Employees and local San Diego designers / developers in the ecommerce space. Presented on Responsive Web Design for Ecommerce slid.es/bheyde/responsive-web-design-for- ecommerce
  8. 8. Miva Meetup Program • Miva will sponsor a monthly meetup in your city. • You’re responsible for organizing the event and finding a location and topic to present on. • Miva will reimburse expenses for meetup.com website listing ($12/month) • Miva will cover costs for snacks, beer and soda – Up to $100/event. The event must be ecommerce focused and should be geared to Web Developers in your area.
  9. 9. 2014 Plans Better Visibility / Insight to features and functionality coming • Quarterly Video Podcast • What's going on in the Miva World • Upcoming Features from Development • Google Plus Hangouts
  10. 10. Better Training / Documentation • Code Samples • How To Leverage Engine Functions (File Read / Write) • Updated Developer Training Series • Stack Overflow Q/A type site • Developer Portal – Central Place for Information
  11. 11. Regional One Day Dev Conferences • Different Cities Across US • Developer Training Focused Content • Attract Miva and Non Miva Web Developers • First Event Planned for Summer 2014 • City TBD
  12. 12. Custom Fields • Miva Merchants Most Powerful (developer) Feature • Save any type of custom data you can think of related to shoppers, customers, categories, products and orders • New Custom Order/Basket fields allow you to collect any information during checkout and save it with each order • Importable / Exportable, Custom Batch Reports
  13. 13. Create Your Own Tabs
  14. 14. mvt:assign, mvt:eval • Unlocks all built in Miva Engine Functions • File read/write, substring, glosub, len, time, math • Transforms Miva Template Language (SMT) into powerful scripting language
  15. 15. Version 9 – Error Messages
  16. 16. Feature Roadmap SEO Settings a. Root Level URLs without the need for category/product/page code b. Custom Title on per Product/Category/Page c. Meta Tags that cascade (Product, Category, Page, Global) d. XML Google Sitemap (Part of Feeds) d. Rich Snippets / Schema.org / Microdata f. Automatic 301 redirects from default Miva links to Short Link
  17. 17. Feature Roadmap Expand Template Language Subcat, ParentCat Price/Availability Group Lookup / Assignments Product Lookup, Category lookup Render/Include a Page Call URL (This may be doable now with the built in functions) Better Array handling with mvassign set cookie Access to All variant data
  18. 18. Feature Roadmap Product Feeds Module a. Similar to Template Base Batch reports, but these report write a file to the server or output content to the page. (Web Accessible) b. Built In Google Sitemap / Amazon Feed / Google Shopping Feed c. Ability to set frequency on when feed runs d. Ability to set output file / path [mivadata vs scripts] f. Ability to loop through products and product variants g. Ability to view/download feed from admin i. Ability to export feeds related to Google Trusted Store (Returns / Canceled orders) j. Ability to automatically email feeds at an interval l. Ability to trigger feed generation via a URL
  19. 19. Feature Roadmap JSON API retrieve data about anything (store settings, categories, products, variants, orders, baskets, customers, etc...) Additionally, all available data from a page could be accessed as a JavaScript object. Kind of like having the tokenlist as a global JavaScript object.
  20. 20. Feature Roadmap Improved Web Developer Workflow - Some Ideas: Ability to Edit CSS from the admin. File versioning history and cache control. A CSS & JavaScript Asset Manager where you could specify the pages to include specific css & javascript assets (Concatenation & Minification if possible too) Syntax Highlighting / Auto Complete / Line Numbers / Light Editor Update Pages via FTP File Manager / Built in FTP
  21. 21. Feature Roadmap Web Service API SOAP API to send and receive data from Miva Merchant Currently can be done with our enterprise tools - Dynamic Order Export - Remote Provisioning
  22. 22. Feature Roadmap Custom Global Items - Ability to create custom items that are global. Custom Fields a. New custom field type for multi select b. Ability to Sort Custom Fields c. On Drop Down list, ability to set default / change order of list d. Store/Page Level Custom Fields Template Based Emails a. All Email Templates Should be here (Lost Customer Password) b. Emails need to be able to be triggered from template code c. Emails need Product Level restrictions. d. Add BCC field to all emails
  23. 23. Feature Roadmap Other Ideas: 301 Redirect Manager Content Manager Streaming Updates for Modules Simple Text Editor Built in Form Processor JS Tag Manager Duplicate Everything
  24. 24. Thank You Questions / Feedback Brennan Heyde VP Developer Relations, Miva Merchant bheyde@mivamerchant.com