Orientation for ISU Graduate distance students


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Orientation for Indiana State University distance students enrolled in the College of Graduate and Professional Programs.

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Orientation for ISU Graduate distance students

  1. 1. College of Graduate and Professional StudiesOrientation<br />
  2. 2. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Outline<br />Essential Resources<br />GSA<br />Advising<br />Theses and Dissertations<br />Graduation<br />Research: IRB/IACUC<br />Research: Student Support<br />Contacts<br />
  3. 3. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Essential Resources<br />All forms, policies, and deadlines are published on the College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies (CGPS) website. These materials are regularly updated at<br />graduate.instate.edu<br />The Graduate Catalog is located on-line. The catalog is the official policy document <br />of the CGPS and contains all essential academic information. The catalog is located at<br />http://catalog.indstate.edu/index.php. Be sure to select the correct catalog and year<br />of entry into the program.<br />MyISU. The ISU portal, known as MyISU, serves as a “one-stop” resource for most student <br />services. The portal is used for on-line registration, accessing a searchable schedule of <br />courses, viewing academic calendar, and accessing your student account (including <br />financial aid). Please note that to protect your privacy and to keep you informed, the CGPS <br />will communicate electronically using only the official indstate.edu email.<br />
  4. 4. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Graduate Student Association<br />GSA is a student organization that works in partnership with student government (SGA)<br />As an advocate for students, GSA has representation on university committees including Graduate Council and Faculty Senate<br />GSA holds regular meetings and these meetings are announced via ISU’s daily global email<br />The organization also hosts social events<br />http://www.indstate.edu/gsa/<br />
  5. 5. Academic Advising<br />Your academic advisor (likely the same person as your thesis or dissertation advisor) will be responsible for coordinating your “plan of study” aka “contract of study”<br />The “contract” or “plan” maps out which courses you will take in fulfillment of the program requirements as outlined in the graduate catalog<br />Beginning if Fall 2010, all programs will be able to use DARS<br />Your academic advisor can assist you with course selection, petitions/waivers, transfer credit, and other curricular processes<br />College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />
  6. 6. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Theses & Dissertations: Resources<br />Writing Support<br />CGPS supports two assistantships to assist students with thesis and dissertation writing issues<br />The Writing Center will assist students for whom English is their nature language<br />The LLL Language Lab is able to assist non-native speakers<br />Format<br />CGPS provides a formatted MS Word template for use by students that conforms to the approved handbook. <br />Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation<br />Beginning in Spring 2010, CGPS will accept only electronic theses and dissertations. The instructions and policy are located on line at http://www.indstate.edu/sogs/Students.htm<br />
  7. 7. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Theses & Dissertations<br />Steps in the Process<br />Identify a chair (aka advisor) and form a committee<br />Propose the research, defend the research, and process the approval of proposal form<br />Establish an appropriate defense date based on the published critical dates and notify CGPS at least one week prior to the public defense<br />Defend the final document, route the approval form, and submit for format review to CGPS<br />Submit final approved ETD copy <br />For in-depth information, please review the “steps” document <br />http://www.indstate.edu/sogs/forms/steps_complete_thesis_dissertation.pdf<br />All students completing a thesis or dissertation are expected to review and understand the responsibilities of students which are available at graduate.indstate.edu. <br />
  8. 8. Graduation<br />College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />All students must apply for graduation no later than the first month of the intended graduating semester<br />The deadline for filing an application for graduation is posted on the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website<br />The graduation application and commencement materials are located at http://www.indstate.edu/sogs/gradandcommencement.htm<br />
  9. 9. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Research: Human Subjects (IRB) & Animals (IACUC)<br />All graduate students performing research that involves human subjects and/or animals are required to complete Institutional Review Board or IACUC training<br />Training is provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs through CITI<br />All graduate students must have their research and associated protocols approved by either the IRB (humans) or IACUC (animals)<br />Students completing a thesis or dissertation that requires IRB/IACUC review will not be permitted to graduate without evidence of IRB/IACUC approval<br />
  10. 10. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Research: Student Support<br />CGPS awards student research & creativity awards on a competitive basis<br />Students may submit proposals requesting up to $600<br />Students are limited to one award per year, two cycles per year<br />Department and advisor support required<br />Recipients are expected to participate in the annual student research event known as Symposium (Spring Semester)<br />Electronic submission required<br />Grants & Contracts. When discussing your research needs with your advisor, you are encouraged to apply for a grant. Please note, your advisor will likely be required to serve as the Principal Investigator (PI).<br />External grant opportunities: OSP<br />Internal grant opportunities: CIRT, CPSCE, & OSP<br />
  11. 11. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Contacts: Key Offices<br />Affirmative Action Office 812.237.8954 http://www.indstate.edu/aao/sjohnson65@isugw.indstate.edu<br />Affirmative Action provides students with a variety of professional training opportunities. The office is responsible for the oversight and investigation of<br />complaints of harassment or discrimination prohibited under law.<br />Financial Aid 812.237.2215 http://www.indstate.edu/finaid/finaid@indstate.edu<br />Financial Aid is responsible for coordinating federal, state, and campus funded aid programs.<br />Center for Instruction, Research & Technology 812.237.2676 http://www.indstate.edu/cirt/cirt@indstate.edu<br />CIRT provides professional development opportunities in the area of teaching and delivers a variety of technology workshops. CIRT also coordinates a mini-<br />grant program.<br />Center for Public Services and Community Engagement 812.237.2334http://www.indstate.edu/publicservice/cpsce@indstate.edu<br />CPSCE provides campus and community programming as well as opportunities to engage in community-based research.<br />Bursar’s Office 812.237.3535 http://www.indstate.edu/bursar/index.htm<br />The Bursar’s Office is responsible for tuition and fee billing and maintaining all student accounts.<br />International Affairs Center 812.237.2440 http://www.indstate.edu/iac/iac@indstate.edu<br />The IAC coordinates campus programs (including international travel grants) and works with international student issues including immigration.<br />Office of Diversity 812.237.8513 http://www.indstate.edu/diversity/<br />The Office of Diversity is responsible for coordinating a variety of campus-based activities and programming as well as works with the<br />campus community to build capacity and promote diversity.<br />Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) 812.237.3088 http://www.indstate.edu/osp/osp@indstate.edu<br />OSP provides support for the IRB, IACUC, and grants/contracts. Additionally, OSP sponsors grant writing workshops.<br />Office of Registration and Records 812.237.2020http://www.indstate.edu/registrar/regemail1@isugw.indstate.edu<br />If you are having significant issues with your academic or university record or need a transcript, ORR is the appropriate office to contact.<br />
  12. 12. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Contacts: Distance Support<br />Distance Learning 812.237.8080 http://www.indstate.edu/distance/<br />Distance learning supports distance education at ISU. If you are experiencing difficulties, please feel free to contact <br />this office directly.<br />OIT Help Desk/User Services. 812.237.2910 http://www.indstate.edu/oit1/userservices/ithelp/it-help@indstate.edu<br />If you are experiencing technical difficulties including accessing the portal, the OIT help desk can provide assistance <br />on-line, through live-chat or over the phone. Additionally, the user services website contains a variety of trouble-<br />shooting tips and FAQs that are useful for students.<br />
  13. 13. College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />Contacts: CGPS<br />Carolyn Greenwalt, Student Services<br />Admissions & Curricular/Transfer Questions<br />Helen Hoffa, Student Services<br />Graduation check out, theses/dissertations, and commencement<br />Pam Allison, Administrative Assistant<br />graduate assistantships, scholarships, and student research awards<br />
  14. 14. Questions<br />College of Graduate and <br />Professional Studies<br />If you have any additional questions concerning any of the policies or procedures<br />outlined in this session, please contact the College of Graduate and Professional<br />Studies via email [ISU-GradStudy@mail.indstate.edu] phone 812.237.3005<br />