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Orientation for ISU Graduate distance students


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Orientation for Indiana State University distance students enrolled in the College of Graduate and Professional Programs.

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Orientation for ISU Graduate distance students

  1. 1. College of Graduate and Professional StudiesOrientation<br />
  2. 2. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Outline<br />Essential Resources<br />GSA<br />Advising<br />Theses and Dissertations<br />Graduation<br />Research: IRB/IACUC<br />Research: Student Support<br />Contacts<br />
  3. 3. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Essential Resources<br />All forms, policies, and deadlines are published on the College of Graduate and Professional <br />Studies (CGPS) website. These materials are regularly updated at<br />The Graduate Catalog is on-line. The catalog is the official policy document of CGPS and <br />contains all essential information. The catalog is located at<br />When accessing the catalog, please be sure to select the correct catalog and year.<br />The ISU portal, known as MyISU, serves as a “one-stop” resource for most student services. <br />The portal is used for on-line registration, accessing a searchable schedule of courses, viewing <br />the academic calendar, and accessing your student account information. Please note that to<br />protect your privacy and keep you informed, the CGPS will communicate electronically using<br />only the official email.<br />
  4. 4. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Graduate Student Association<br />GSA is a student organization that works in partnership with student government (SGA)<br />As an advocate for students, GSA has representation on university committees including Graduate Council and Faculty Senate<br />GSA holds regular meetings and these meetings are announced via ISU’s daily global email and target email to students<br />The organization also hosts social events<br /><br />
  5. 5. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Advising<br />Your academic advisor (who may or may not be the same person as your thesis or dissertation chair) will be responsible for coordinating your “plan of study” aka “contract of study”<br />The “contract” or “plan” maps out which courses you will take in fulfillment of the program requirements as outlined in the graduate catalog<br />Beginning if Fall 2010, all programs will be able to use DARS<br />Your academic advisor can assist you with course selection, petitions/waivers, transfer credit, and other curricular processes<br />
  6. 6. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Theses & Dissertations: Resources<br />Writing Support<br />CGPS supports two assistantships to assist students with thesis and dissertation writing issues<br />The Writing Center will assist students for whom English is their native language<br />The LLL Language Lab is able to assist non-native speakers<br />Format<br />CGPS provides a formatted MS Word template for use by students that conforms to the approved handbook. <br />Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation<br />Beginning in Spring 2010, CGPS will accept only electronic theses and dissertations. The instructions and policy are located on line at<br />
  7. 7. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Theses & Dissertations<br />Steps in the Process<br />Identify a chair (aka advisor) and form a committee<br />The timing of the selection of a chair depends on the program<br />Propose the research, defend the research, and process the approval of proposal form<br />Establish an appropriate defense date based on the published critical dates and notify CGPS at least one week prior to the public defense<br />Defend the final document, route the approval form, and submit for format review to CGPS<br />Submit final approved ETD copy <br />For in-depth information, please review the “steps” document <br /><br />All students completing a thesis or dissertation are expected to review and understand the responsibilities of students<br />
  8. 8. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Graduation<br />All students must apply for graduation no later than the first month of the intended graduating semester<br />The deadline for filing an application for graduation is posted on the College of Graduate and Professional Studies website<br />The graduation application and commencement materials are located at<br />
  9. 9. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Research: Human Subjects (IRB) & Animals (IACUC)<br />All graduate students performing research that involves human subjects and/or animals are required to complete Institutional Review Board or IACUC training<br />Training is provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs through CITI<br />All graduate students must have their research and associated protocols approved by either the IRB (humans) or IACUC (animals)<br />Students completing a thesis or dissertation that requires IRB/IACUC review will not be permitted to graduate without evidence of IRB/IACUC approval<br />
  10. 10. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Research: Student Support<br />CGPS awards student research & creativity awards on a competitive basis<br />Students may submit proposals requesting up to $600<br />Students are limited to one award per year, two cycles per year<br />Department and advisor support required<br />Recipients are expected to participate in the annual student research event known as Symposium (Spring Semester)<br />Electronic submission required<br />Grants & Contracts. When discussing your research needs with your advisor, you are encouraged to apply for a grant. Please note, your advisor will likely be required to serve as the Principal Investigator (PI).<br />External grant opportunities: OSP<br />Internal grant opportunities: CIRT, CPSCE, & OSP<br />
  11. 11. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Contacts: Key Offices<br />Affirmative Action Office 812.237.8954<br />Affirmative Action provides students with a variety of professional training opportunities. The office is <br />responsible for the Oversight and investigation of complaints of harassment or discrimination prohibited <br />under law.<br />Bursar’s Office 812.237.3535<br />The Bursar’s Office is responsible for tuition and fee billing and maintaining all student accounts.<br />Center for Instruction, Research & Technology 812.237.2676<br />CIRT provides professional development opportunities in the area of teaching and delivers a variety of <br />Technology workshops. CIRT also coordinates a mini-grant program.<br />Center for Public Services and Community Engagement 812.237.2334<br /><br />CPSCE provides campus and community programming as well as opportunities to engage in community-<br />based research.<br />Financial Aid 812.237.2215<br />Financial Aid is responsible for coordinating federal, state, and campus funded aid programs.<br />
  12. 12. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Contacts: Key Offices<br />International Affairs Center 812.237.2440<br />The IAC coordinates campus programs (including international travel grants) and works with international <br />student issues Including immigration.<br />Office of Diversity 812.237.8513<br />The Office of Diversity is responsible for coordinating a variety of campus-based activities and programming <br />as well as works with the campus community to build capacity and promote diversity.<br />Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) 812.237.3088<br />OSP provides support for the IRB, IACUC, and grants/contracts. Additionally, OSP sponsors grant writing <br />workshops.<br />Office of Registration and Records 812.237.2020<br />If you are having significant issues with your academic or university record or need a transcript, ORR is the <br />appropriate office to contact.<br />
  13. 13. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Contacts: Distance Support<br />Distance Learning 812.237.8080<br />Distance learning supports distance education at ISU. If you are experiencing difficulties, please feel free to contact <br />this office directly.<br />OIT Help Desk/User Services. 812.237.2190<br />If you are experiencing technical difficulties including accessing the portal, the OIT help desk can provide assistance <br />on-line, through live-chat or over the phone. Additionally, the user services website contains a variety of trouble-<br />shooting tips and FAQs that are useful for students.<br />
  14. 14. College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />Contacts: CGPS<br />Nita Alexander, Student Services<br />Admissions & Curricular/Transfer Questions<br />Helen Hoffa, Student Services<br />Graduation check out, theses/dissertations, and commencement<br />Pam Allison, Administrative Assistant<br />graduate assistantships, scholarships, and student research awards<br />Sandy Harris, Student Services<br />General Q&A<br />
  15. 15. Questions<br />College of Graduate and Professional Studies<br />If you have any additional questions concerning any of the policies or procedures<br />outlined in this session, please contact the College of Graduate and Professional<br />Studies via email []or phone 812.237.3005<br />