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Client Case Study

Global manufacturing software company
increases profile with Publishing Partner
role in Microsoft maga...
“Being associated
and in guiding us on how best to           opportunity enables us to offer an
position ourselves on thos...
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Dassault Systemes Case Study 090323143920 Phpapp02


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Dassault Systemes Case Study 090323143920 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Client Case Study Global manufacturing software company increases profile with Publishing Partner role in Microsoft magazine ince 1981, Dassault Systèmes has helped its industrial S Client: customers to maximise product design and development. Dassault Systèmes Having pioneered 3D software with its Catia Solutions product line, Dassault Systèmes now anticipates the industrial processes of Description: With over 6,200 employees in 27 tomorrow with solutions providing a 3D view of the entire product countries, Dassault Systèmes is a lifecycle. The company has grown to become an international group pioneer in 3D software solutions with over 6,200 employees at 146 sites in 27 countries. for industrial product design and development. In 2004, Dassault Systèmes agreed a strategic five-year alliance Sector: with Microsoft, engaging with the company on several grounds Manufacturing including technology integration, business collaboration, and joint marketing operations. Brief: Dassault Systèmes wanted to showcase its expertise and promote its partnership with Around the same time, Microsoft was especially because Prime has reach into Microsoft to a wide audience of working with Tudor Rose to establish all our prospects and customers.” business decision makers in the Prime magazine, one of a stable of manufacturing industry. industry-specific titles produced by Extended reach Tudor Rose as a vehicle to inform end It took just two years for Prime to Tudor Rose department(s): users about Windows-based partner expand into a global publication, Publishing solutions and services for the extending its reach to customers and manufacturing industry. Prime gives prospects worldwide. “We are contributors an opportunity to go to especially happy that the publication market alongside Microsoft, showcase has gone global,” adds de Cidrac. “We their expertise and actively promote appreciate the professionalism of the their Microsoft alliance to business publishing team, which has made decision makers. Dassault Systèmes Prime an excellent showcase for our recognised the value of the solutions. Being associated with Prime opportunity, and became a publishing magazine brings even more credibility partner of the magazine from the to our value proposition for outset. manufacturing companies.” “Dassault Systèmes and Microsoft have Dassault Systèmes has been able to a very strategic alliance, and have engage effectively with Prime as a engaged together on various levels marketing tool, and its relationship including research and development, with Tudor Rose has helped it to bringing our solutions onto the maximise its opportunities here. Microsoft platform, as well as marketing “Throughout our partnership, Tudor and sales activities,” says Isabelle de Rose has been very proactive in Cidrac, Marketing Director, Microsoft- bringing Dassault Systèmes content Dassault Systèmes Alliance at Dassault into the magazine. The account Systèmes. “Leveraging Microsoft’s managers have been of great help in publication was a natural move for us, identifying topics of interest for us,
  2. 2. “Being associated and in guiding us on how best to opportunity enables us to offer an position ourselves on those topics,” end-to-end solution. The value with Prime comments de Cidrac. “Our proposition we offer together with collaboration with the account Microsoft is far greater than the one magazine brings management and editorial teams has we could bring to customers alone.” been very positive, enabling us to even more contribute to articles that are relevant De Cidrac recognises that marketing credibility to our and well-thought-out. In addition, the the alliance in an intelligent way editorial team is proactive in visiting demands the skill of an expert team: value proposition our own website regularly and “Our work with Tudor Rose and Prime engaging with our sales and has been very successful,” she for manufacturing marketing teams to find the most continues. “The editorial team takes a recent information that could be non-partisan approach, companies” leveraged in articles, and in the accommodating different viewpoints overall content of the magazine.” between partners that are also often Isabelle de Cidrac competitors. This is done in a very Marketing Director, Microsoft-Dassault Expert coverage thorough way that gives partners their Systèmes Alliance, Dassault Systèmes Prime’s success as a marketing tool is unique voice without letting those partly due to the Tudor Rose team’s points of view conflict or clash. The efforts to offer an independent editorial team keeps a neutral eye – editorial perspective, giving partners when they conduct an interview, they an opportunity to expand the remain critical enough to constructively dialogue with readers beyond the challenge what we tell them, ensuring confines of wholly ‘Microsoft-centric’ that the finished articles are engaging subjects. In doing so, they are better and informative.” able to showcase their own skills and expertise in using the Windows Looking forward platform and technology stack to the Dassault Systèmes is keen to build on best advantage of the end user. its partnership with Tudor Rose by taking advantage of its broad For de Cidrac, alliance marketing experience in producing marketing offers considerable benefits to collateral. “We are looking forward to partners: “Microsoft has a very discussing how we can expand our thoughtful positioning and a well- partnership,” says de Cidrac. “We articulated value proposition in the would certainly benefit from services manufacturing industry, beyond the such as this. I have been impressed optimisation of the platform,” she with the way the magazine has been says. “It talks about real-world issues, redesigned for its global launch, and such as how you communicate within we have repeatedly been offered the enterprise all the way down to the services such as writing letters to our shop floor, or how to share and find customers, sending extracts from the information in the enterprise, how to magazines, or cover story reprints. secure your IP and how to drive We’ll be looking into how we can use innovation. These are business issues these services for our best advantage – that Microsoft addresses very well, for example, how we could use beyond mere IT solutions. Teaming targeted mailings to the Prime up with Microsoft to address these audience.” topics and sharing the Microsoft viewpoint is of great benefit for us, and the alliance marketing Further Information For more information on promoting your business in Microsoft customer magazines, please contact: Paul Simpson, Director, To find out how Tudor Rose can help you to market your business, please contact: Toby Ingleton, Director, +44 116 222 9900