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This is a Powerpoint that helps explain the USA products for sale.

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  1. 1. Silicondust USA, Inc. was founded in 2007 and launched the HDHomeRun® . The first network-attached digital TV tuner, allowing customers in the US and Canada to receive over the air broadcast and unencrypted digital cable TV on their PCs. Subsequent product launches expanded the product line to offer the same functionality to customers across Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The next innovation from Silicondust was the HDHomeRun® PRIME™, a CableLabs™-certified digital cable tuner supporting CableCARD™ conditional access, allowing customers to receive subscription digital cable TV on their home PCs. Development efforts have added the ability to access these channels via DLNA devices such as smart TVs and game consoles. Our Android app will allow for viewing of premium digital cable content throughout the home on tablets and smart phones. HDHomeRun® products include devices with compatibility for over-the-air antenna unencrypted broadcast signals • ATSC • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • ISDB-T Digital cable • QAM with Access Control / ClearQAM • DVB-C (Unencrypted / and planned introduction of CI & CI+ access control devices). Future development plans also include products to receive free-to-air satellite. • DVB-S • DVB-S2 Silicondust offers a variety of models for consumer, industrial, and commercial use. HDHomeRun products are used in homes, by field technicians in the broadcast and cable industries, and in large-scale operations supporting large numbers of users, such as hotels, apartments, businesses, and cable systems. Global Presence Silicondust USA, Inc. is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. We have sales offices in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Taiwan, and The Netherlands, each with their own distribution centers for these regions. Our manufacturing includes Taiwan, China, Singapore and the United States. About
  2. 2. HDTC-2US/2DT/2IS Hardware conversion to H.264 • Live TV streaming to tablets/phones • Suitable for use over wireless networks • DLNA / UPnP Streaming Works with PCs as well Media streamer support in development HDTC-2US (2 tuners) • ATSC • Clear QAM HDTC-2US(CA) (2 tuners) • ATSC HDTC-2DT (2 tuners) • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-C HDTC-2IS (2 tuners) • ISDB-T International (SBTVD)
  3. 3. COMPATIBLE DEVICES: • Android 4.0+ (Ice cream sandwich or higher) • A NEON compatible ARM processor COMPATIBLE HDHomeRun DEVICES: • HDHomeRun® PRIME (HDHR3-CC)* [US Cable TV] • HDHomeRun® PLUS (HDTC-2US) [North American ATSC Antenna / US Unencrypted Cable TV] • HDHomeRun® 4DC (HDHR3-4DC) [Unencrypted DVB-C in supported markets] • More compatible models and global markets to come… REQUIREMENTS: • Reliable Wi-Fi network • NEON compatible Android device • Compatible HDHomeRun device. (From List above / legacy devices NOT supported.) • CableCARD™ Inserted and Activated to allow streaming of protected US Cable TV when using HDHomeRun PRIME** • Windows PC to run initial or subsequent channel scan • Note: Viewing Content with Non-Transcode HDHomeRun devices is recommended in Standard Definition for better performance. SiliconDust is bringing Premium Cable TV and Free to Air TV viewing to your Android devices. Finally, watch all your favorite shows on your Android phone or tablet. Watching Premium and Free to Air TV has never been easier. With the HDHomeRun® VIEW app you can access your Cable TV channels and your free to air HDTV channels on your Android device. The number of TV viewing screens in your home just got larger and more mobile. Watch Food Network in the kitchen, Discovery Channel in the garage, relax on the porch while catching up on MSNBC, and don’t miss a second of the game just take it with you, anywhere around your home network. HDHomeRun VIEW will even access your premium subscribed channels like HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. FEATURES: • Live Cable TV and Free to Air TV viewing on your phone or tablet • QAM cable channels, even Premium Content such as HBO, Showtime, & etc. * • No external player needed to download • Fast Channel changes • Pinch / Zoom to adjust channel list • Volume, Brightness and Zoom controls on screen with a single tap • Menu access to switch between HDHomeRun servers (for those with both Cable and Free to Air devices on the same home network) • Does NOT require an always on computer * Requires subscription ** Current version supports Standard Definition channels only
  4. 4. Click our APP and watch LIVE TV
  5. 5. Low-cost, PC – console - smart TV-based solution DLNA / UPnP Streaming HDHR4-2US • ATSC • Clear QAM HDHR4-2US(CA) • ATSC HDHR4-2DT • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-C (unencrypted) HDHR4-2IS • ISDB-T International (SBTVD) HDHR4-2US/2DT/2IS
  6. 6. Three Digital Tuners, Anywhere on Your Network: Watching Premium TV has never been easier. Stream live TV to smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Media Players, PCs, All in ones, Ultrabooks, Android devices, Games consoles. Silicondust is continually launching user friendly Device Apps, including our New Samsung Smart Hub App, upcoming Android App with DTCP-IP support, and soon to be released PS3 App. Our Device Apps allow for one click access to live TV on devices. One click and you're watching live TV. Requirements: • Subscription to digital cable service • M-CARD rented from cable provider • Home network (100 or 1000Mb/s, also works with MoCA (adapter not included) • PC-based playback requires compatible PC: Windows 7/8 with Windows Media Center, dual (or more) core CPU, modern video card (minimum NVIDIA 9500, ATI HD5000, Intel HD graphics) supporting HDCP, display supporting HDCP, DVI or HDMI connection linking video card with display • Non-PC devices must support TS format and MPEG2 video Copy protected channels require support for DRM (WMDRM or DTCP-IP) Specifications: • Premium digital cable TV (CableCARD) • M-CARD interface • 100/1000Mb/s high speed network • USB port for connection to Tuning Adapter (for providers utilizing Switched Digital Video) • MPEG2 and MPEG4/H.264, SD and HD channels • 3 tuners - receive 3 channels at once • 1 year warranty Full Compatibility: • Windows Media Center on Windows 7/8 • Android 4.0+ devices (SD only) (coming soon) • DLNA-compatible devices with DTCP-IP support (e.g. Sony PlayStation 3)
  7. 7. Silicondust is the innovator of the HDHomeRun line of network connected TV tuners. We would like to introduce the HDHomeRun PRIME, a CableLabs Certified OCUR Device and a DLNA Certified Live TV DMS. Subscribers can "Watch TV on any screen on your network". HDHomeRun PRIME is an access control device using CableCARD™ technology supporting PlayReady, WMDRM, and DTCP-IP protected streaming. Watching Premium TV has never been easier. Stream live TV to SmartTV's, Blu-ray players, Media Players, PCs, All in ones, Ultrabooks, Android devices, Games consoles (PS3 & XBOX).
  8. 8. Click our APP and watch LIVE TV Access all your premium channels with one click of our APP with HDHomeRun PRIME
  9. 9. Comparison Guide -US
  10. 10. • Stream Live or Recorded Over-the-Air TV • Around the Home or From Anywhere in the World • Integrated Electronic Program Guide • Record Favorite TV Episodes or Series to Local or Cloud Storage • Transfer Recordings to Any Mobile Device • Common User Interface for OTT Discovery • 5 Simultaneously Connected Devices Key Features Live or Recorded TV, Anytime, Anywhere, Feature & Cost Comparison Simple.TV TiVO Roamio Tablo Price (one year) $229 $508 $249 Premium Subscription Optional-$59/$149 Required Optional-$55/$165 Rich Electronic Program Guide Yes Yes Yes Watch, Pause & Record Yes Yes Yes Offline access (transfer recordings to mobile Yes Yes Yes TV Tuners 2 4 2 OTA/QAM Yes Yes OTA Mobile Device Support iOS, Android, Win8 iOS, Android iOS, Android Remote streaming Yes Limited Yes Storage BYO or 1,000 hrs Cloud 500GB BYO
  11. 11. Cloud Storage Watch TV Anywhere in the world!
  12. 12. Watch & Record FREE Over-the-Air HD Broadcast TV!
  13. 13. Use on devices like this…
  14. 14. Savings SimpleTV & OTT Cable/Sat MonthlyCost $100 $75 $20 $0 Year 2 $ 2300 Year 1 $ 1061 6 Months $ 450 Consumer cost savings Combined Per Service
  15. 15. Feature Basic Service Premier Subscription Watch, Pause & Record Live TV Record 2Shows at the Same Time*** Record TV Episodes Get TV Show Details & Images Whole-planet Remote Access Automatic Series Recordings(get the whole season) Pause & Resume on Select Devices Offline Viewing for Mobile Devices(download-to-go) coming soon Early Access Pass (see the new features before everyone else) Annual Premier Subscription $59.99 Lifetime Premier Subscription $149.99 Simple.TV services A Network TV Tuner, DVR with Cloud Storage Starting at $199
  16. 16. Broadcast Regions
  17. 17. Contact information For Silicondust USA Inc. Address: SiliconDust USA, Inc. 5627 Stoneridge Dr. Suite 317 Pleasanton, CA 94588 United States Phone: Sales: 925-443-HDTV (4388) Fax: 925-443-3243 Email: Technical Support – please visit our support page - Technical and Product Function Inquiries General Company information and inquiries International and Domestic Sales inquiries Theodore Head - President / CEO Nicholas Kelsey - CTO / Founder Edwin Kim - VP of Products
  18. 18. Glossary of Terms AAC - Newer audio standard that is commonly used for music on portable devices, more efficient and better supported than AC3 AC3 - Dolby Digital audio, used throughout most of the world for multi-channel digital audio ATSC - over the air digital broadcast signals in North America CableCARD - device that decodes subscription digital cable channels Clear QAM - unencrypted digital cable signals in North America DLNA - industry standard for enabling the sharing of audio, video, and pictures between various devices over a network DVR - digital video recorder (interchangeable with PVR) DVB - family of digital broadcast standards used across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania DVB-T - older over the air broadcast standard that is largely being replaced with DVB-T2 DVB-T2 - newer over the air broadcast standard used in many of the above territories, especially for HD channels DVB-C - standard for digital cable used in the above territories DVB-S/S2 - standard for digital satellite used in the above territories EPG - electronic or enhanced program guide EyeTV - PVR software for MacOS, made by Elgato H.264 - newer video standard that is used for broadcast and cable TV in the rest of the world, as well as almost all streaming video. More efficient than MPEG2 leading to lower data rate requirements. HD - high definition, 720p or 1080i video, which results in higher quality ISDB-T - over the air digital broadcast signals used in most of South and Central America MPEG2 - video standard used for most broadcast and cable TV in North America and Australia and for SD channels in most of Europe MythTV - PVR software for the Linux operating system OTA - over the air PVR - personal video recorder SD - standard definition - 480i/576i video, which is basically a digital version of the old analog video standards. Roughly DVD quality. SDV - see Switched Digital Video Switched Digital Video - Technology that allows cable providers to carry more channels than they have capacity for by only sending channels that someone in the area is actually watching. Requires the use of a tuning adapter to receive. TA - see Tuning Adapter TR - see Tuning adapter Tuning adapter - device that communicates channel change requests back to the cable provider in order to enable switched digital video to work. Also known as a tuning resolver. UPnP - industry standard that defines the low-level communications between many different kinds of smart network devices, forms the basis of DLNA VLC - free, cross-platform media player software WMC - Windows Media Center, Microsoft's PVR software for Windows 7/8 XBMC - free, cross-platform media player software