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Shank Power Products


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I created a Power Point with the services that Shank Power Products provides for their customers

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Shank Power Products

  1. 1. Background: John (Jack) M. Shank (1914-1989) founded Shank Power Products in 1955. Jack’s expectations for excellence in sales and engineering abilities combined with strong ethics and professionalism remains an integral part of the organization. Central office in West St. Paul, MN with full-time office manager. Representing quality component suppliers to the O.E.M. market in the upper Midwest.
  2. 2. The SHANK POWER PRODUCTS’ Advantage Company Advantages • We are structured differently than most rep firms. Each salesman is an equal shareholder in the company. This reduces personnel turnover and creates stable customer coverage. • Central office allows for meetings to stay on top of principals/technical changes. • Reputation of representing high quality companies. • Multiple lines compliment each other and keep us in front of customers. Provides “One Stop Shopping” for customers. Staff Advantages • All sales staff have engineering/technical backgrounds. • Provides added value by developing and selling an engineered solution for customer applications. • Experienced resource for solving customer application problems.
  3. 3. 64 Years The SHANK POWER PRODUCTS’ Advantage Long term contracts with principals. 39 Years 25 Years 20 Years 18 Years 15 Years 12 Years 11 Years 8 Years 7 Years 3 Years 2 Years
  4. 4. Products: ENGINE AND POWERTRAIN • Roller Chain and Sprockets - iwisDrive Systems, Inc • CVT Belt Drives - CVTECH-IBC, Inc. • Exhaust silencers, tubing & flex-pipes - Belmar Industries, Inc. • Exhaust blankets - Temptec • CAC & air intake components - Engineered Components, Inc. - Nott Co • Fuel & cooling hoses - Engineered Components, Inc. - Nott Co. • Air filtration - Virgis Filter, S.P.A - Engineered Components, Inc. • Transmission controls - Orscheln Products, LLC • Radiators - Young/Touchstone • Fluid level indicators & fill tubes - Orscheln Products, LLC
  5. 5. • Work, driving, and interior lights - Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. • CAN control modules, displays, keypads - H.E.D, Inc • Hand & foot throttle controls - Orscheln Products, LLC • Rocker pedals - Engineered Components, Inc. • Wire harnesses & cable assemblies - Unisource Assembly Products: ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS • Backlit rocker switch panels - Road Runner Connect • Wireless remotes - Fasse Valve • Telematics and datalogging - H.E.D, Inc • Relays, horns, electrical accessories - Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. • Rotary, temperature & pressure sensors - Engineered Components, Inc. - Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. • Slip rings - United Equipment Accessories
  6. 6. • Custom cylinders - Rosenboom • Hydraulic swivels - United Equipment Accessories • Custom manifold valves - Fasse Valve • Control packages - Fasse Valve • Oil coolers - Young/Touchstone Products: HYDRAULIC PRODUCTS • Mechanical valve controls & cables - Orscheln Products, LLC • Auxiliary hydraulic power supplies - Fasse Valve - Engineered Components, Inc. • Molded plastic reservoirs - U.S. Molders • Fire hose & couplings - Nott Co.
  7. 7. • HVAC systems, ducts & louvers - Aurora NA, LLC • Windshield wipers & washers - Hella Automotive Sales, Inc. • Gas springs - Stampede Distribution, LLC. • Control cables & linkages - Orscheln Products, LLC • Park brake controls & cables - Orscheln Products, LLC Products: CAB AND COMPONENTS • Floor mats - Nott Co. • Seals and trim - Nott Co. • Custom molded urethane - State Industries, Inc. • Rotationally molded plastics - U.S. Molders
  8. 8. _ Power Gen. & Eng Dist. Agriculture & Forestry Other (Rail, Marine, Dist, Misc.) Construction & Mining Industrial Powersports & Turf Utility & Truck Body Fire & Rescue On/Off Highway (Military, Bus, Refuse, RV) Trailers Markets by Customers Served in Territory
  9. 9. _ Power Gen & Eng Dist Agriculture & Forestry Other (Rail,Marine,Dist,Misc). Construction & Mining Industrial Powersports & Turf Utility & Truck body Fire & Rescue On/Off Hwy (Military, Bus, Refuse,RV) Trailers Markets by Sales Dollars
  10. 10. SHANK POWER PRODUCTS TERRITORY Our services are available in the following regions*: • UP of Michigan • Wisconsin • Northern Illinois • Iowa • Minnesota • Kansas • Nebraska • South Dakota • North Dakota • Manitoba • Kansas City and St. Joseph metro areas of Missouri. * Primary territory, contact office for specific coverage.
  11. 11. SHANK POWER PRODUCTS’ STAFF - TERRITORY Kurt Stuebs Jeff Schnell Doug Stone Neil Engel
  12. 12. Neil R. Engel, P.E. Neil joined Shank Power Products in 2008. He spent 5 years at Pierce Manufacturing where he held the position of Director – Product Engineering. Prior to that, he held a variety of engineering positions including 7 years at Oshkosh Truck Corporation, 5 years at Cat Forestry, and 2 years at Peterbilt. Key Customers Include:
  13. 13. Jeff Schnell Jeff joined Shank Power Products in 2004. Jeff spent 14 years with NMC-Wollard, where he was the Engineering Manager. He also spent over 9 years with Oshkosh Truck in Oshkosh, Wisconsin designing Off-Highway trucks for construction, military, and airport crash/fire and rescue markets. Key Customers Include:
  14. 14. Doug Stone Doug has been with Shank Power Products since 1993. His prior experience includes 5 years in outside sales for a manufacturers’ rep agency in the mechanical power transmission field, and 5 years in the sales force of the Durst Division of Regal Beloit. Key Customers Include:
  15. 15. Kurt Stuebs Kurt joined Shank Power Products in 2005. During the previous 13 years, Kurt was National Sales Manager for Phillips and Temro Industries managing the Industrial Representative and Distributor organization in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Kurt spent 5 years at Watlow Electric’s World Headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri working in Application Engineering, Inside Sales Support, and Product Management. Key Customers Include:
  16. 16. The SHANK POWER PRODUCTS’ Advantage Summary • Company structure provides a model for success. We are fully invested in growing our business. • Engineering/technical backgrounds prove useful in helping customers solve problems. • Long term relationships with customers and principals. • Complimenting product lines keep us in front of customers. Thank you for reviewing our company presentation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 651-455-1241 or
  17. 17. Representing Component Suppliers to the O.E.M. Market since 1955.