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Teaching aids bank


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Published in: Education
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Teaching aids bank

  1. 1. What is teaching aids bank? A compilation of teaching resources. It is a box or a ‘bank’ of supplies used to teach a specific section of a lesson plan.
  2. 2. The TPACK is a framework that shows the types of knowledge involved in the teacher’s capacity to integrate technology in the teaching-learning process (Mishra and Koehler, 2007). The TPACK Framework (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)
  3. 3. This refers not only on whether you are computer literate but also on knowing what technology is best to use and how they should be utilized in teaching. 1.
  4. 4. This refers to the principles and strategies of teaching. It includes your knowledge of the learners, and in formulating objectives, designing activities and assessing your learners. 2.
  5. 5. This refers to how well you know the subject area or topic that you will teach. It includes how wide and how deep you know about what you will teach.
  6. 6. Technological knowledge (TK) Content Knowledge (CK) Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK) Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Technological Content Knowledge (TCK) Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)
  7. 7. - to provide a collection of educational resources like teaching materials activity ideas and other teaching resources.
  8. 8. Teaching aids bank is very important so that teaching aids will be stored and kept well. This will help the teacher save his resources and reuse and renovate them for another time and another purpose for learning.