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Hutch Carpenter - VP Product


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In the course of updating my resume, I became frustrated with its format. Resumes are quite valuable as summaries of experience and achievements, useful for the first impression of someone. But they aren't geared for going in depth on particular areas.

I wanted something that allowed me to tell a story in a visually compelling way. There are many ways to do so, and infographics have successfully been doing this for a while. So I decided to create an infographic relating my experience at Spigit.

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Hutch Carpenter - VP Product

  1. 1. VP PRODUCT, SPIGIT Founded in 2007, Spigit became the leader in the innovation management market. The enterprise crowdsourcing platform is used by the Global 2000 to source and identify top ideas for growth. During my time at Spigit, revenue grew 91% annually. 2011 Innovation Management Adoption Curve Early Majority Late Majority Early Adopters Laggards Innovators 2012 $9.0 2010 $5.0 2009 $2.5 $17.4 While revenue growth is high, innovation management is still an early adopters market. The model of success is being defined. Product work focused on emerging needs, and discovering the features that make customers successful. Over the course of four years, I led development of several core features that helped Spigit grow to be the largest company in its space. SpigitFusion Screen ideas for selection ● ● ● Idea evaluation tools Task assignment Analytics track assessments Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● Increase input of experts in innovation process Reduce cases of ideas dying from lack of attention Challenge Events Focused crowdsourcing initiatives ● ● ● Time-boxed ideation events Structured engagement phases Winning ideas selection Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● Increase ROI by focusing on key business problems / opportunities Increase employees’ engagement in company innovation program Pairwise Comparison Stack rank ideas ● ● ● Idea pairs randomly presented People select better idea in pair Ideas ranked via crowd picks Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● ● Increase attention on every idea Increase ability to differentiate ideas beyond simple votes Increase community engagement Reputation Identify innovation catalysts ● ● ● Use feedback on user’s posts Sentiment analysis of comments Visible on user profile Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● Increase ability to know who is best at driving innovation Increase contribution quality with effective use of game mechanics Mobile Innovate on the go ● ● ● View activities, post ideas, vote, comment Photo upload; color branding iOS, Android Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● Increase access to innovation program for participants Increase opportunities to capture insights that drive innovation Personal Innovation Hub Discover and act on most relevant things quickly ● ● ● ● ● Activity stream segmented by level of interest Notifications inbox Private messages, @mentions Trending ideas algorithm Idea lightbox Customer outcomes satisfied: ● ● Increase engagement by centralizing key activities, ideas, interactions Reduce users’ time commitment by enabling interaction in one place In the course of my job, I worked with leading global companies that are pioneering innovation through crowdsourcing, including: And the work was recognized in the industry: Spigit: top vendor in Forrester Wave Spigit: lead vendor in IDC MarketScape Personal: Top 100 cloud expert You can find me here: Hutch Carpenter @bhc3