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Spigit fusion and release 3.1 webinar 021011


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Presentation used in the Spigit webinar of February 11, 2011. Discusses SpigitFusion, the evaluation management application that bridges ideation to implementation. More info here:

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Spigit fusion and release 3.1 webinar 021011

  1. 1. Introducing: <br />TM<br />And Enterprise Spigit v3.1<br />Ask questions via Twitter @ #spigit<br />
  2. 2. Quick Overview of Spigit<br /><ul><li>Splash page: Innovation messaging
  3. 3. Idea posting: Simple experience, configurable templates
  4. 4. View ideas: Filtering options
  5. 5. Analytics: Approval rating, leaderboard</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  6. 6. Spigit Release 3.1<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  7. 7. On Demand Ad Hoc Reporting<br /><ul><li>24/7 access to your data
  8. 8. 232 separate fields for ideas, content and members
  9. 9. Types: tables, charts, crosstabs
  10. 10. Excel, CSV, Word, PDF, Flash formats
  11. 11. Schedule reports for recurring delivery</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  12. 12. Other 3.1 Features<br /><ul><li>Theme editor
  13. 13. Branding on demand
  14. 14. Configure fonts, styles, sizes, colors, background, buttons
  15. 15. Site cloning
  16. 16. Use existing communities, or create community templates
  17. 17. Speeds the time-to-readiness for new communities
  18. 18. External SSO for registration and login
  19. 19. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  21. 21. Idea Management<br />Focus has been crowdsourcing the best ideas<br /><ul><li>Capturing ideas
  22. 22. Collaborating on ideas
  23. 23. Voting on ideas
  24. 24. Analytics</li></ul>These activities offer tremendous value to organizations. But…<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  25. 25. The Challenge…<br />How do we decide which ideas to implement?<br />How do we get ideas in front of the right people?<br />How do we keep the innovation process moving forward?<br />Without an evaluation process, ideas, and innovation programs, fall off a cliff<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  26. 26. The Answer is…<br />TM<br />Tools to Speed the “Time-to-Implementation” for Your Best Ideas<br />Adaptive<br />Unpredictable nature of ideas requires structure without process rigidity<br />Scorecards<br />Experts’ feedback is converted into a single view to quickly assess idea<br />Evaluation<br />Tap experts’ knowledge and perspectives to understand idea strengths & weaknesses<br />Business Cases<br />Business cases emerge naturally in the flow of the evaluation work<br />Innovation Tempo<br />Stay on track with task management, and Outlook and Lotus Notes integration <br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  27. 27. Idea Flow with<br />TM<br />Idea Capture<br />Finance<br />Ops <br />Manufacturing<br />SMEs<br />Implementers<br />Outcome owners<br />…etc.<br />Analytics<br />Idea Stages<br />Review <br />and <br />Approve <br />Evaluation <br />Resource Assignment<br />Idea Implementation<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  28. 28. 5 Types of Idea Evaluation…<br />1<br />Scorecards<br />2<br />Structured Questionnaires<br />3<br />Docs and spreadsheets<br />4<br />Requests for Information<br />5<br />Approvals<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  29. 29. Template Library<br />Build and maintain libraries of evaluation templates<br /><ul><li>Easily create review templates and forms with Spigit Web Form Builder
  30. 30. The “Evaluation File Library” is the central repository to store evaluation files</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  31. 31. Task Tracking<br />Visibility and tracking to better understand the health of an innovation program<br />SpigitFusion tracks tasks by:<br /><ul><li>Specific idea
  32. 32. Individual members
  33. 33. Category</li></ul>Notifications via: <br /><ul><li>Email
  34. 34. Activity streams</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  35. 35. Evaluation Tasks for Each Idea<br />Add individual evaluation tasks unique to certain ideas<br /><ul><li>Task type
  36. 36. Assignments
  37. 37. Due dates and reminders</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  38. 38. Idea Scorecards<br />Visualize the strengths and weaknesses of an idea across multiple criteria<br /><ul><li>All scorecard reviews on one page
  39. 39. View responses to individual criteria</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  40. 40. Evaluation Tasks for All Ideas<br />New evaluation tasks can be set for community-wide graduation criteria<br /><ul><li>Task type
  41. 41. Assignments
  42. 42. Due dates and reminders</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  43. 43. Graduation Stage Advancement<br />Automated idea advancement based on unique graduation paths<br /><ul><li>SpigitFusion enables a tailored graduation workflow for each idea 
  44. 44. Evaluation tasks can be set as required or not required for graduation</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  45. 45. Case Study<br />Challenge:<br /><ul><li>Employees want to know “what happened to my idea?”
  46. 46. Needed to put more process around the selection and implementation of an idea
  47. 47. Needed a quick way to build reports on the fly to share with management</li></ul>Solution:<br /><ul><li>Fusion provides transparency to the idea author that work is being done on idea and gives the community the tools they need to see what and where there is work being done
  48. 48. Product development can manage the movement of ideas to concepts to new products through robust task management
  49. 49. With custom reporting tools, communities can gather data without needing additional development work</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  50. 50. Case Study<br />Challenge:<br /><ul><li>Needed a set of tools to evaluate ideas from conception to project implementation
  51. 51. Needed a comprehensive assessment of ideas captured within the site</li></ul>Solution:<br /><ul><li>Idea-specific review & evaluation templates take crowdsourcing to the next level by going deeper into the idea evaluation process
  52. 52. Advanced reporting, task management capabilities, adaptive idea evaluation workflow and analytics give more value to the ideas being evaluated</li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  53. 53. TM<br /><ul><li>Automates the idea evaluation process while creating a custom graduation path
  54. 54. Ensures the rightpeople are collaborating on, and evaluating ideas
  55. 55. Enhances automated idea graduation with stronger criteria
  56. 56. Decreases the time and effort to properly evaluate ideas
  57. 57. Ensures the highest quality ideas are implemented </li></ul>POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />
  58. 58. What’s New At Spigit?<br /> Spigit V3.1 and SpigitFusion<br />Thank you…<br />Ask questions via Twitter @ #spigit<br />Presenter:<br />Brian Wick<br />SVP Marketing<br />Presenter:<br />Hutch Carpenter<br />VP Product<br />POWERFUL INTELLIGENT ENGAGING<br />