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Digital city


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Digitalization in the city's of India.

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Digital city

  1. 1. Digitalization Bhawna Kandari
  2. 2. Digital Cities Bhawna Kandari
  3. 3. Digital cities MEANS: • Online Network, • Which delivers local (city-based) content such as  community events,  Nightlife,  Localized yellow pages,  Entertainment,  Visitor's guide,  E-commerce, • By Web Portal. Bhawna Kandari
  4. 4. The resources and capabilities of Teesside University and is dedicated to turning ideas into businesses. The next stage for these new businesses is Digital City Business which provides a comprehensive business support service. The business driver for the Tees Valley - fast becoming the UK’s most vibrant digital hub. We can help you with start- up, growth, expansion, community, and space and provide real support that will help grow your business. Digital City Business Digital City Innovation Digital City Business Bhawna Kandari
  5. 5. Scope of Digital Cities Emergency & Disaster management Information Management Inter- Agency Collaboration Law Enforcement Public Administration Serviced Citizen services & Immigration Control Critical Infrastructure Management Bhawna Kandari
  6. 6. Vision of Digital Cities Centered on 3 Key Areas • Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen • Governance & Services on Demand • Digital Empowerment of Citizens Bhawna Kandari
  7. 7. Vision Area 1: Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen • High speed internet as a core utility • Cradle to grave digital identity -unique, lifelong, online, authenticable • Mobile phone & Bank account enabling participation in digital & financial space • Easy access to a Common Service Centre • Shareable private space on a public cloud • Safe and secure Cyber-space Bhawna Kandari
  8. 8. • Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions • Available in real time • Available on the cloud • It improving Ease of Doing Bussiness • Making financial transactions electronic & cashless • Decision support systems & development Vision Area 2: Governance & Services On Demand Bhawna Kandari
  9. 9. Nine Pillars of Digital Cities 1. Broadband Highways 2. Universal Access to Phones 3. Public Internet Access Programme 6. Information for All 5. eKranti – Electronic delivery of services 4. E-Governance – Reforming government through Technology 7. Electronics Manufacturing – Target NET ZERO Imports 8. IT for Jobs 9. Early Harvest Programmes Bhawna Kandari
  10. 10.  Digitally motivated knowledge economic system.  It will help in decreasing crime if applied on whole. It will help in getting things done easily. It will help in decreasing documentation. Some of the services Digital Locker, e-education, e-health, e-sign and nationwide scholarship portal. Advantages Bhawna Kandari
  11. 11. Announcements Generating Demand for Domestically Designed and Manufactured Policies to Implement Announcements Specific to Electronics System Design and Manufacturing Industry wide Announcements applicable for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing•Semiconductor Wafer Fab •TV Manufacturing •Telecommunication Equipment Manufacturing •Solar PV Manufacturing •LED •Consumer Appliances •Personal Computers (Desktops/Laptops/Tablet s) •Avionics •Strategic Electronics •Investment Allowance •Streamlining Export/Import •Promoting FDI •Skill Development •MSME •TAX related •Industrial Corridors •Prime Minister’s Vision of developing 100 “Smart Cities” •e-Visa •Digital India •Digital Connectivity Bhawna Kandari
  12. 12. “Digital cities” Digital Economy e-government Digital Country e-industry e-society Infrastructure Best Practice Global Link Human Resource Bhawna Kandari
  13. 13. Smart Cities Development DEVELOPING - City Mobile - City Smart - City electronic - City Create Digital Opportunities Shorten Digital Divide Bhawna Kandari
  14. 14. Disadvantages • Misuse of technology. • Information easily stolen by hackers. • No particular law for the digital crime. • Only excess with internet. Bhawna Kandari
  15. 15. Bhawna Kandari