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Grp ppt


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Published in: Education
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Grp ppt

  2. 2. PLAN • AIM: • Preparedness on floods. • Rationale: Seen loss of life, money, belongings.
  3. 3. Outcome: What to do? 1 Disaster Kit - Will contain items from interview and reserach. 2 Brochure distribution. - Our aim, why we’re doing this, what we want. - Simple dos and donts - Flood drill – immediate actions. - Emails and nos to contact.
  4. 4. Cont... 3 Model -Will contain what could be done to prevent floods 4 Animation video - Will show dos and donts in a simpler manner - B4, after , during - An example of an evacuation plan 5 awareness campaigns --this is in 2 parts – junior + senior
  5. 5. Junior campaign • For 1std – 5 std --Will show the anim. Video --do a simple flood drill exerise --small ppt to show why we’re doing this --kit showcasing. Noting them down for them. ( all this will take 40-45 mins) Have ot decide when we’re doing this. Maybe tues Feb2)
  6. 6. Senior campaign • Gr 6-11 • All teachers, some parents will be there --will show the model working as a video --display of model + kit --show padlet link --distribution of brochires --a video of what happend in chennai floods + pics of what we’ve been doing+ disaster family prep --quick ppt Will take about an hour and a half ( maybe on Friday feb 5)
  7. 7. How to get info? • Meet maid– done • Meet princi- done • Meet akila mam- will do on mon • Meet friend- will do on mon • Meet NGO – i have got the contact will fix a meetinng during the weekdays one day maybe Wednesday feb 3?) • Padlet- done
  8. 8. Last but not the leastttt • FILL UP YOUR LOGSHEET!!! • STICK TO UR TIMELINE!! • Then we’re gud to go...