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Top 5 sales tips/lessons by Zig Ziglar

Want to learn something more about "How to sale?" .
Go through this ppt , get some tips and share with others so they too can learn.
Tips includes: how to get referrals for excellent sales/how referrals help the salesman, how to train yourself to use voice effectively, how to handle questions and objections, how to pitch sales presentation, how to overcome sales objections.

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Top 5 sales tips/lessons by Zig Ziglar

  1. 1. Zig Ziglar’s lessons on Sales Presented By: Bhavesh Bhansal
  2. 2. Lesson No. 41 Referrals • Always ask for Referrals • Referrals keeps the sales professional in business. • Report back to customers letting them know the results of your calls.
  3. 3. Lesson No. 42 Train yourself to use your voice effectively • Record your sales presentation • Use voice inflection for price objections • Use strong and exciting words
  4. 4. Lesson No. 43 Questions and Objections • Sale person’s best friend-- Objections • Use additional information to Convert NO into YES • Never argue with the Customer over Objections
  5. 5. Lesson No. 44 Presentation • If you receive the same objections during your all presentations, you have to review your presentation • Be prepared for objections
  6. 6. Lesson No. 45 How to overcome sales objections Four Basic principles • Whoever has the most information, has the most influence • People make new decisions on additional information • Question the objections for better understanding • Overcome objections with evidence