AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme


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AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme on Software Applications from 11-22 June 2012

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AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme

  1. 1. Brief Report OnAICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme On “Software Applications” Submitted To ALL India Council for Technical Education Indira Gandhi Sports Complex, I.P. Estate New Delhi- 110 002 Prof. U. S. Bhadade Co-ordinator Prof. Bhavesh Shah, Prof. Rahul Gaikwad Co-Coordinators Submitted By Department of Computer Engineering GF’s Godavari College of Engineering, Bhusaval Road, Jalgaon-425001
  2. 2. Brief Report on AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme On “Software Applications”Introduction:The course contents have been taught by eminent experts in the field, having adequateteaching and research experience. This course will be beneficial to faculty of alldiscipline of engineering as a potential analytical tool in their research activities. Thiscourse is aimed at engineering college faculty, designed from the basic concepts toapplication and reviews.Objectives of this programme:  This is the training that faculty will receive when they first join an organization or begin a new roll.  This type of training is designed to provide the faculty with the essential skills like software applications needed to perform their job.  Induction training can also include an introduction to institute ethos, values and culture so that the faculty.Programme Schedule:The programme is designed in such a way that, the participant starts with concept ofreporting writing in LaTex (an Open Source tool) and then learn the concept ofMATLAB. The first week is devoted to Hands On practice on LaTex and MATLABprogramming language.For all participants an outdoor visit was arranged at Ajantha on Saturday 16th June2012.The second week was devoted to Open Sources tool i.e. Linux Operating System,SciLab and SAGE. The detailed Programme schedule is enclosed in Annexure-I.Execution of the Programme:With the above objective in mind, GF’s Godavari College of Engineering had appliedto All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) under Staff DevelopmentProgramme Scheme in 13/01/2012. The Council has approved the Programme andsanctioned Rs. 3,00,000/-(Rupees Three Lakhs only) in the month of February 2012.The Staff Development Programme Details in the form of Brochure were sent in thefirst week of April 2012 to 453 Engineering Colleges throughout the country, out ofwhich 125 applicants responded within the stipulated time (13/05/2012). Afterthorough screening, intimations to the selected Thirty (30) participants were sent byE-mail and Telephone. Details of Participants are enclosed in Annexure-II
  3. 3. Resource Persons:The resource persons with LaTex, Linux OS and SciLab/SAGE specializations aremainly drawn from Industry and Institutes of Pune. Dr. S.P. Narote, Professor,Electronics Engineering Department of Sinhgad College of Engineering, Punedelivered the keynote address on Inaugural session. The details are presented inAnnexure-III.Course Material Details:The course material is prepared in four volumes. The first one on “LaTex” isexclusively prepared for familiarizing the participants in the report writing area. Itincludes theory and also hands on practice on LaTex software.The second one contains the lecture notes on MATLAB of the invited outstationresource persons and he also conducted Hands on sessions on MATLAB.The third session conducted on Linux Operating System. They had provided coursematerial of around 30 pages on Linux OS.The Last session on SciLab/SAGE, was conducted by Mrs. Manjusha Joshi. Sheprovides online course material to participants so that they gain some moreinformation about SciLab and SAGE.The above four course materials along with 100 pages long writing pad with the entireprogramme schedule as back page were handed over in an executive bag to theparticipants in the inaugural session on 11/06/2012.Inaugural Session:The programme was inaugurated by Dr. S. P. Narote, Professor , Dept. of E&C andProf. P. B. Phalak, Vice-Principal, on 11/06/2012 at 9.00 AM in the ComputerCentre, GF’s Godavari College of Engineering, Jalgaon Campus. Dr. S. P. Narotespoke on this occasion.The program was attended by all the Participants, along with other Heads of theDepartments and Professors. Some Important Photographs of inauguration and rest ofthe program are enclosed in Annexure-IV. Press clippings are enclosed in Annexure-VBoarding and Lodging Arrangements to Participants:All the participants were accommodated in Neeraj Vihar. Double rooms wereprovided for all participants. Lunch arranged for all resource persons, supporting staffalong with participants in the Dining Hall of College.
  4. 4. Valedictory Session:Valedictory session was organized on the last day of the programme i.e. 22/06/2012 inthe Computer Centre, GF’s Godavari College of Engineering, Jalgaon.Dr. R. P. Borkar, Principal, Govt. Engineering College, Jalgaon was Chief Guest forthis function. Dr. B. K. Mukherjee, Principal, GF’s Godavari College ofEngineering, Jalgaon, and Prof. U.S. Bhadade were present on this occasion.Dr. R. P. Borkar share his experience on the Importance of Staff DevelopmentProgramme for Faculty members. Some of the participants responded with theirfeedbacks highlighting the pros and cons of the programme. All feedbacks were foundto be excellent.Certificates to the participants were distributed by Dr. R. P. Borkar and Dr. B. K.Mukherjee. Prof. U.S. Bhadade Co-ordinator concluded the meeting with Vote ofThanks.
  5. 5. Annexure I Schedule of Programme I II III IV 9:00- Day Date 9:30-11:00 11:15-12:45 13:45-15:15 15:30-17:00 9:30 Inaugral Monday 06/11/2012 LaTex LaTex LaTex Function Tuesday 06/12/2012 LaTex LaTex LaTex LaTexWednesday 13/6/2012 LaTex LaTex LaTex LaTexThursday 14/6/2012 MATLAB MATLAB MATLAB MATLAB Friday 15/6/2012 MATLAB T MATLAB MATLAB T MATLAB BREAK FAST & TEA E E L Saturday 16/6/2012 FIELD TOUR A FIELD TOUR FIELD TOUR A FIELD TOUR U B B N R R Sunday 17/6/2012 C E E H A A Monday 18/6/2012 Linux OS K Linux OS Linux OS K Linux OS Tuesday 19/6/2012 Linux OS Linux OS MS office MS officeWednesday 20/6/2012 SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGEThursday 21/6/2012 SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE Valedictory Friday 22/6/2012 SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE SCiLab/ SAGE Function
  6. 6. Annexure II List of Faculty ParticipantsSr.No. Name of Participant College Address State Email Dept. of Computer Sc., 1 Dr. Ajay S. Patil MH NMU, Jalgaon 2 Kalpana Mughdam COET Akola MH 3 Sunita N. Govt. Poly, Jalgaon MH 4 Shubhangi D. Govt. Poly, Jalgaon MH 5 Uday B. Shinde Govt. poly, Mumbai MH 6 G.S. Sonawane SSVPS, Dhule MH 7 Nikhil S. Deshmukh SSVPS, Dhule MH B.L. Patil Polytechnic 8 Mandar M. Dixit MH Khopoli, Raigad DN Patel COE 9 V.S. Mahajan MH Shahada DN Patel COE 10 P.R. Patil MH Shahada 11 Yogeshwari S. Borse SSBT COET Bhambori MH Govt. Engg. College 12 Kulkarni Samadhan C. MH Jalgaon Govt. Engg. College 13 Haridas D. Gadade MH Jalgaon 14 H.E. Suryavanshi RCPIT, Shirpur MH 15 Mali Makarand L. RCPIT, Shirpur MH 16 Prafulla Patil VCET(MU) MH 17 Vishal V. Pande VCET(MU) MH 18 Shaikh Asfaque GFs GCOE, Jalgaon MH
  7. 7. 19 Swarupa N. Sable GFs GCOE, Jalgaon MH swarupa.sable@gmail.com20 Archana S. Chitte GFs GCOE, Jalgaon MH The Technological21 Satish Khatak institute of Textile & Haryana Sciences, Bhiwani The Technological22 Vikram Singh institute of Textile & Haryana Sciences, Bhiwani The Technological23 Kamal Sardana institute of Textile & Haryana Sciences, Bhiwani PDA College of engg,24 Sridhara K. Karnataka Gulbarga25 Bimal Kumar Rai RSMT Varanasi UP BVM Engg. College,26 Mohan M. Khambalkar Gujarat VV nagar, Anand PDA College of engg,27 Rajkumar bainoor Karnataka Gulbarga MATS University28 Vinod Jena CG Raipur NAVEEN KUMAR PDIT college, Hospet,29 KANAVI Karnataka Bellary - (Dist) PDA College of engg,30 Sunita Kheman Karnataka Gulbarga
  8. 8. Annexure III Details of Resource PersonsSr. Name of Designation Organization Session takenNo. Resource Person Professor, Dept. of Sinhgad College Of 1. Dr. S.P. Narote LaTex E&C Engineering, Pune 2. Prof. D.R. Dhotre Asso. Professor SSGCOE, Shegaon MATLAB Pune Linux User 3. Mr. S. Joglekar Researcher Linux OS Group Pune Linux User 4. Mr. Gaurav Pant Researcher Linux OS Group Prof. Pramod B. Asso. Professor and MS Office for 5. GF’s GCOE, Jalgaon Gosavi Head of IT Dept. Engineers Mrs. Manjusha Pune Linux User 6. Researcher SciLab/SAGE Joshi Group Mr. Shantnu Pune Linux User 7. Researcher SciLab/SAGE Mahajan Group
  9. 9. Annexure IV Important Photographs Dr. S. P. Narote, Chief Guest along with Vice- Principal, Coordinator, HOD of E&C Dept., HOD of Electronics Deot. Inaugurating the AICTE Sponsored Staff Development Programme On “Software Applications” on 11/06/2012.Dr. S.P. Narote, presenting his inaugural talk onintroduction and overview of LaTex. Prof. U.S. Bhadade, Coordinator giving brief introduction about AICTE Sponsored SDP on Software Applications.
  10. 10. Dr. S.P. Narote, taking session on LaTex. Participants listening session on LaTex. Session taken By Prof. Gourav Pant Pune Linux Users Group Participants attending Hands on session on Linux Operating System
  11. 11. Prof. Gourav Pant, conducting interactive sessionon Linux OS. Dr. B.K. Mukherjee, welcomes Dr. R.P. Borkar, Chief Guest.Mrs. Manjusha Joshi, giving importance of StaffDevelopment Programmes and shares herexperiences with participants. Dr. R. P. Borkar, Chief Guest, distributing certificate to participant.
  12. 12. Dr. R. P. Borkar, Chief Guest, distributingcertificate to participant. Mrs. Sunita N. Mughdam, Participant, giving feedback on AICTE Sponsored SDP from 11-22 June 2012.
  13. 13. Annexure VPress Clipping in Local News Papers Daily Lokmat