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We really appreciate the fact that showed interest in our services.
Please find the overall functionality and credentials of Tutorvista and what we could do as a service to improve the quality of education for your school.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce TutorVista (www.tutorvista.com).
TutorVista is Worlds Largest and leading online tutoring company servicing students from US and other countries.

We are an online tutoring company offering supplemental tutoring in Math, English and Science for K-12 grades and College grades.

Online 24X7, one on one, individualized, supplemental LIVE tutoring can play a very significant role in K-12/college grade section and online programs by

>Better understanding of the subjects.
> Significant improvements in their grades they score.

We can help your students with affordable , convenient , personalized tutoring and supplemental help. You would be able to get more revenue from your student base , provide more comprehensive suite of services , reduce the dropout rate , increase the pass out rate by timely and specific intervention,

Research shows that intervention program at the exact time where the student has a doubt is the most effective, and in this case, all the student has to do is log in from anywhere and get his doubt clarified.

We can offer a customized supplemental tutoring using your course content and our tutors who have have been certified by you.

We are working with schools, online course providers and community colleges providing them this necessary and critical intervention which helps the student pass their respective grades/ courses.

We also , through our Indian subsidiary , have the ability to develop content for deploying online. This is done using Indian resources , at a fraction of the cost. We have done it for a number of US and UK companies and will be happy to do it for your needs too.

We can also develop joint offerings for the US market using your access , reach , brand and our platform and services.

We will be happy to set up a demo for the platform and the services for your team.

About Tutor Vista

> TutorVista has raised more than $38MM investment from the world’s top VCs like Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed & world’s leading education companies like Pearson and Manipal Education. Pearson Group has recently made a strategic investment in our company

> At present, our 1100+ tutors work with over 9000 K-12 students directly, providing them one-on-one supplemental tutoring in English, Math and
science. The service is 24X7 and all sessions are recorded and can be played back by the student later.

You could learn more about us at

We look forward for your business.

Best Regards:-
Bhavan kochana(Steve)
Business Development Team

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  • World Class Online Tutoring, Just A Click Away.
  • Tutorvista Presentation

    1. 1. World Class Online Tutoring, Just A Click Away.<br />TutorVista<br />Over 4,967,000 live tutoring sessions served !<br />
    2. 2. Leading Educational Company in US and India<br />TutorVista – US, UK and International Markets<br />Fastest growing Online Tutoring company<br /><ul><li>Served over 500000 students till date Capabilities
    3. 3. 2000 Tutors across 92 Cities in India & Worldwide
    4. 4. Deliver more than a million hours of tutoring every year
    5. 5. Scalable Tutoring platform</li></ul>Cap<br /><ul><li> Understanding of Tutoring Business
    6. 6. Tutor Hiring, Training, Certification, Retention
    7. 7. Remote Tutor Management
    8. 8. Remote Session Management
    9. 9. Automated Scheduling
    10. 10. Feedback Loop Management</li></ul>Access to fraternity of teachers and very good understanding of curriculum<br />
    11. 11. Tutorvista Business Model<br /><ul><li>Large offshore employee base (primarily in India), very high standard ofservice, well educated, cost-effective, scalable
    12. 12. Live global online tutoring, homework help & test-prep via voice, whiteboard and chat
    13. 13. Automated & live assessment
    14. 14. Scale quickly with high quality
    15. 15. Instruction in 20+ subjects
    16. 16. Tutors follow national & state academic standards & curricula. Extensive online content library, question banks, animations & simulations for maximum student engagement & learning</li></li></ul><li>One-on-One Online Tutoring<br />One-on-one, live TutorVista.com tutoring is delivered using a proprietary online tutoring software platform:<br /><ul><li> Interactive virtual whiteboard
    17. 17. Scheduled & instant sessions
    18. 18. Rich content library/resources
    19. 19. Cover 20+ subjects
    20. 20. E tutoring ERP
    21. 21. Natural 2-way voiceconversation</li></ul>Affordable – Convenient – Effective<br />
    22. 22. Equipment/Connectivity<br />Windows PC or Mac<br />Internet connection<br />Broadband (DSL, Cable) recommended<br />Dial-up connection ok if > 36k/bps<br />Digital Pen Tablet(Not mandatory)<br />Recommended for math & related courses<br />Easy to write, show work, draw figures<br />Cost: Approx. $50-100<br />
    23. 23. Structured Learning<br /><ul><li>Structured learning option available to students
    24. 24. Lesson plans created based on assessment tests
    25. 25. Tutors take students through lessons</li></li></ul><li>Math High School Curriculum<br />
    26. 26. TutorVistaTutors<br /><ul><li>Over 2000 tutors working with TutorVista
    27. 27. Spread across 98 cities in India and Worldwide
    28. 28. Work primarily from home
    29. 29. Recruited, Trained, Certified by TutorVista</li></li></ul><li>Back to School Program<br />Whether you are catching up, keeping up or getting ahead, we’re here<br />to help. Save time and study smarter!<br /><ul><li>Tutoring across grades
    30. 30. Math, Science and English
    31. 31. Unlimited one-on-one sessions
    32. 32. Tutors available 24x7
    33. 33. Expert professional tutors
    34. 34. Instant access to tutors
    35. 35. Concept, homework, assignments
    36. 36. Assessment tests
    37. 37. Recorded sessions
    38. 38. Whiteboard and interactive tools</li></ul>Unlimited tutoring at an affordable price! <br />
    39. 39.
    40. 40. The TutorVista Advantage<br /><ul><li>Tutors/Coaches
    41. 41. Qualifications
    42. 42. Selection
    43. 43. Training & Certification
    44. 44. Monitoring
    45. 45. Employees
    46. 46. Delivery
    47. 47. Natural voice
    48. 48. Chat
    49. 49. Whiteboard
    50. 50. Shelf-product
    51. 51. Platform
    52. 52. Scalability
    53. 53. Real-time management
    54. 54. India
    55. 55. Education strength
    56. 56. Economics
    57. 57. Huge high quality tutor base
    58. 58. BPO & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
    59. 59. Expertise
    60. 60. Tutoring model breadth
    61. 61. Diagnostic/Prescriptive
    62. 62. Homework help
    63. 63. Test-prep</li></li></ul><li>Media Speak<br />
    64. 64. Customer Speak<br />“Parents like the results -- all the help you can get without breaking the bank with your kids right where you can see them.” Fox TV News<br />"Tutor Vista has made the biggest<br />difference. My daughter is literally at the<br />top of every single one of her classes<br />and she has never done that before."<br />D.R. (Parent)<br />“It brings the tutoring resource once<br />reserved for the wealthy to the<br />masses…For $100 a month, Sydney gets<br />unlimited tutoring through Tutor Vista in<br />any subject, any time of day. After her<br />first session Sydney saw success.” ABC TV News<br />"I highly recommend Tutor Vista for students who<br />are struggling and those who want to get ahead.<br />Students come to class prepared and confident.<br />Chris (Teacher), GA<br />“I was so intrigued when I learned about this, I signed my own kids up...It's fun – we're having a good time with it!"CBS TV News Reporter<br />
    65. 65. Thank you for your Interest in TutorVista.<br />