Testing and Evaluation


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Testing and Evaluation

  1. 1. Testing with the End UsersTo test my website, I chose to usewww.surveymonkey.comI sent the survey to ten people from my GCSEDT: Graphics class, and here are the results…(their responses will help me form myevaluation and I will know how well my websitemeets my initial aims and objectives)
  2. 2. Question 1To test how easy it is for students to find specific information, I asked them questions(the answers of which are on different pages of my blog) and asked them how many“clicks” of the mouse it took them to find the answers. To make it a fair test, they hadto start at the homepage each time.The resultsclearlyshow thateveryonefound therequiredinformationin thenumber of“clicks”they shouldhave.This showsthat mywebsite iseasy to use– it meetsmy aim.
  3. 3. Question 2: To what extent do youagree with the following statements? I used the “Likert Scale,” to ask my end users to what extent they agreed with my previous aims. This provided me with enough information to not only figure out whether I had met those objectives, but also to what level.
  4. 4. The one person who said the quizwasn’t helpful said so because “itwould be more helpful if therewas more information about eachtype of learner.
  5. 5. Question 3: What do you particularly like about my website/ what was a good idea?Statement Number of people who said thisConcise 4Aesthetically pleasing 6Lots of pictures/ diagrams 3Range of learning techniques used (e.g. quizzes) 3Good idea to use a comment box on the last page 4– so others can share their findingsAppropriate information 3Useful list of topics to revise on front page 4Organized 3
  6. 6. Question 4: What could be done better/ improved? Any suggestions?Statement Number of people who said thisVary the fonts used 2Make the mind-map on the Tools, Paper and 1Board page a little bit biggerDescribe the 3 types of learners in a bit more 1detailSpelling mistake on the last page (I have fixed this 3already)Add search boxes on every page 1Put a higher resolution picture in the banner 1along the top
  7. 7. Evaluation of my website Aims Objectives Have I achieved it? How I’d improveEasy navigation Search box I have successfully inserted a Site Search Box on One person who took my survey Navigation bar on left-hand side my homepage, and I know it works well because said that I should add a search I have tested it out. box on every page. To improve The above objective had to be I think it is easy for students to navigate through my website, I could do this, changes due to the fact that Yola my website and find information because however the reason I haven’t didn’t offer it. However, I do not everyone who took my survey did so in the done so yet was because I did not really think it affected my ease-of- minimum number of “clicks” and only one feel it was necessary and didn’t use because everyone who took my person used the search box – this shows that want to waste space on a page. survey said the “Strongly Agree” the website is easy to use even without a search with the statement that the box so it must be organized and clear. navigation bar is in an accessible 3 people who took my survey said that my place. website is organized, and this helps the navigation as well. Everyone who tested out my website agreed with the statement that my website is easy to use and most of them Strongly Agreed. Though I did not make myEasy to Diagrams and pictures 3 people said that there were a lot of pictures To improve my website, I wouldunderstand for Video explaining a visual topic and diagrams used to explain topics, and also have liked to make my mind-mapstudents Quizzes that a range of learning techniques were used. on the “Tools, Paper and Board”Helpful to 4 people said that the list of revision topics was page a little bit bigger, as at thestudents also helpful and I think this would make the moment it is a little difficult to(effective website appropriate for revision. read.revision) Therefore, I think my website is quite helpful to Also, one person said that it students as a revision source. would be helpful to have the three types of learners in a little bit more detail (following the quiz on the front page). If I had more time, I would definitely do this.
  8. 8. Aims Objectives Have I achieved it? How I’d improveAdheres to Pages on each topic/ Unit in My website definitely adheres to the AQA I think I have stuck to the AQAexamination the AQA book requirements, and I am sure of this because board, but maybe to improve Irequirements List of revision topics I used their book to check the topics and could add page references to(appropriate information and also to write up the list of show the students which pageinformation) revision topics. I even added a link on the a certain topic is in the book. last page to the official AQA website. As well as this, 3 people who took my quiz said that the information was appropriate.Aesthetically Colour coding 6 people who took my survey said that the To improve, 2 students said Ipleasing website is aesthetically pleasing, and one should vary the fonts I used in person said that the graphics were really the website. I didn’t do this so good. My banner was appreciated and so far because I wanted to keep a was the background as well as the large “flow” through the pages, and font and lots of colours used. keep them looking somewhat similar. However, I could vary some sections to add emphasis – which I had done so far by just using bold and underline.Source of other Links to other revision 4 people said that the comments box on To improve, instead of justrevision materials websites the links page was a good idea, because typing the URLs to the other now people can add their own findings, and websites, I can add proper links my aim was to provide other revision so that the students can just websites which I have done successfully. click on them and go straight there instead of copying and pasting it into their URL box. This isn’t a huge problem, but if I had more time I would improve my website in that way.
  9. 9. Evaluation of the process Having finished my project, I am quite pleased with my endproduct – the website. I have also really improved my knowledge of ICT – e.g. imageediting and using web tools to create my own website. At thebeginning of the project, I didn’t know much about image editingand could only use photoshop quite limitedly. However, I can nowuse Seashore (a free image-editing software) very confidently andmake relatively harder images and effects. This is because I made allthe diagrams and pictures as well as my website banner using thissoftware, and I now know how to use it very effectively. I have alsoimproved my knowledge of how to create and publish a website aswell as have it recognized by Google – something I had no ideaabout before. I did many quite complex things that I actually hadn’tplanned to or knew how to do before the project, such as using thehtml embed tool to add quizzes, and a comment box.
  10. 10. I started off my project by producing a mind-map of theoverview, and researching similar websites and website-builders.This proved very useful, because it showed me the good and badqualities of existing websites as well as which website-builder wasthe best for my purpose. I identified my aims and objectives, whichhelped me keep my focus and make my website as good as possible. Ialso created a survey for my End Users, so I know what they wantfrom the website. This was very helpful because I could tell whichtopics I had to cover and which revision tools are best. I think surveymonkey.com was a hugely helpful online tool totest and research with my End Users because they frequently checktheir email, and so I got my answer within a week. Also, it had manytypes of questions to choose from and so I could basically ask anyquestion I wanted and get the answers I need. To contact my client,Mr. Dewick, I sent him emails, because even he checked his quitefrequently however he preferred to tell me his answers in person,which in a way was good because I could fully understand what hewanted and we could have a proper conversation.