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The Flame In My Heart... Ignite!!


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Published in: Self Improvement
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The Flame In My Heart... Ignite!!

  1. 1. The Flame In My Heart... Ignite!! You don't need to be intelligent to find an answer. You don't have to have an answer to find the solution. Problems occur because we don't adapt. We accept the problems and don't fight for the solution. The industry has no passion. The engineers, managers, workers don't care. Few do. But, those that do have no voice. They can't talk. We just look like we have no clue because we have no experience in what they are talking about. But, that's not the point. The beast mode... Is it on? Is the beast mode, meaning the care that drives you to do more, excel, and be great... Is it in you? I hate politics. I hate being told no. I don't like not understanding. I want to figure out the answer. Whether people know me or not, I walk with unwavering confidence. The people I talk to on the job site understand my position. They know who I am, what I think, where I'm going. Guys, it's more than just looking for work. We are looking to solve a problem! That's why we are hired. "Can I solve the problem?" Who says you can't? You can solve the problem.
  2. 2. But, you got to fight for it. Walk with confidence. Apply to everything. Show in your speech, talk and writing that you are someone that can't be messed with. You will solve that problem. You will engineer the solution. Engage with who you want to work for. Care about their problem. Show them solutions. Regardless of whether you know how seismic bracing goes up or kitchen exhaust duct clashing with the bottom of the beam. It's ok. You don't need to understand it. All that matters is that the duct needs to move and the brace needs to go up. Look at all the angles because the problem will be your answer. Fight with confidence. Work for the experience, not for the money. If money is your solution, you failed. If the problem is your solution, you will do more than the problem itself. +Engineer is amazing. Sometimes, I feel incapable of motivating you guys. My motives are pure. I truly care... But, the answers aren't defined. There is no "solution" to job hunting. You can't just make a "ultimate résumé", have an "ultimate way of interviewing" to find work. All you can do is tackle each problem as if it was the most important one.