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Sanskar Sheri Raas Garba - 2011


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Navratri, the festival of nights, lasts for 9 days with three days each devoted to worship of Ma Durga (Goddess of power and strength), Ma Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth and prosperity) and Ma Saraswati (Goddess of knowledge).

During the nine days of Navratri, forms of celebration and worship include fasting, prayer, feasting and dancing activities amongst the Hindus. Evenings give rise to the religious dances in order to worship Goddess Durga Ma. The festival signifies power, wealth, prosperity and knowledge.

A unique & appreciated event over the years with a perfect blend of culture & tradition, music, dance, dignity and decorum.

The Performers wear traditional costumes with Elaborate, colorful embroidery and mirror work. The celebrations continue unabated for nine days. During these nine days, apart from fun and frolic, the Goddess is worshipped in her nine different forms.

All differences vanish during this festival and one and all, regardless of age, take
part in its celebrations and share its universal appeal.

Navratri Festival, much awaited event of the year represents Freedom, Fun & Celebration where everyone wants to take part and enjoy this festival . This creates a wonderful opportunity for brand visibility and promotions during the festival.

SANSKAR SHERI RAAS GARBA’ 11 (imagination of VR1 Foundation)
Sardar Patel Stadium, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Expecting huge participation of around 3,50,000 youth & families during these 8 days, which gives us enough reasons to celebrate the Traditional & Authentic flavour of Music, Dance & Ambience of this festival.

We have specially designed a fantabulous event this year which would feature Jaykar Bhojak, Shyamal. Saumil, Prasad Kadam, Jagdip Mehta and many more renowned names who would directly relate with the target audience segment & also would do justice to this longest Musical Festival for all 8 days.

Over & above we have designed a very traditional set which would highlight the true essence of Sheri Raas Garba & the walk through reflects the traditional touch which overall gives a feeling of festivity.

For more details please visit our website.


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Sanskar Sheri Raas Garba - 2011