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Trip to Tehran

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  1. 1. Air fare hotel for stay
  2. 2. Niavaran Palace
  3. 3. One of the principal Tehran tourist attractions, Niavaran Palace, Tehran Is a huge draw amongst the international visitors. You must visit the Niavaran Palace, Tehran on amazing Tehran tours. Located in the Niavaran Village, the Niavaran Palace, Tehran makes for a memorable sightseeing experience. The Niavaran Palace was the former summer retreat on the outskirts of Tehran. It was a popular retreat of the king and the governmental executives of the Qajar regime. Fath-`Ali-Shah Qajar began the construction of a small pavilion within the Niavaran village. After Mohammad-Shah died, Nasser-ed-Din -Shah took up the reins of the Niavaran. He reconstructed the palace as his summer harem. As the reconstruction work was carried out, it came to be known as the Sahebqraniyeh Palace on the orders of Nasser-ed-Din-Shah.
  4. 4. The splendid Niavaran Palace, Tehran is situated to the northern part of Tehran in Iran. One of the most significant sightseeing attractions, the Niavaran Palace, Tehran is home to a number of buildings and a museum. The Niavaran Palace was the principal residence of the last Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and also the Imperial family until the Iranian Revolution. The beautiful Niavaran Cultural - Historical Complex is situated in the north eastern part of Tehran (Shemiranat). Its origins can be traced back to the Qajar Dynasty. The Niavaran Palace, Tehran was transformed to a museum after the Islamic Revolution. This initiative was taken jointly with Sa’adabad Complex till 1378 AH (1999) and it became independent in 1379 AH (2000). The Niavaran Palace Complex in Tehran comprises of five beautiful museums. You must visit these spectacular museums on your sightseeing to the Niavaran Palace, Tehran. The Niavaran Private Palace comprises of several museums comprising of the Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Sahebqaranieh Palace, Jahan Nama museum and the private library. You will also find a range of historic and cultural attractions in the palace complex. Some of the cultural, historical attractions include the Blue Hall, Private Cinema and the Jahan Nama Gallery. Some natural attractions add to the beauty of the palace. One of the natural attractions of the palace is the Niavaran Garden. Azadi tower
  5. 5. The Grand Bazaar The Grand Bazaar is a historical market situated in the capital of Iran, Tehran. A bazaar is a type of marketplace, although many - such as Tehran's Grand bazaar - fulfill many additional
  6. 6. functions rather than merely trade. Throughout its history, the Grand bazaar has played host to banks and financiers, mosques and guest houses. Saad-Abad Palace & Park, Tehran Milad tower