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Maphub	  and	  Annotorious	  Bernhard	  Haslhofer	  &	  Rainer	  Simon	    iAnnotate	  2013,	  San	  Francisco	  
MAPHUB	  4/11/13
Annota4ons	  on	  Historical	  Maps	  4/11/13
Benefits	      §  Engage	  people;	  let	  them	  tell	  their	  stories	      §  Collect	  knowledge;	  enhance	  metada...
Maphub	  §  Online	  App	  for	  exploring	  and	  annotaHng	      digiHzed	  historical	  maps	  §  Bootstrapped	  with...
Geo-­‐Referencing	  4/11/13
Map	  Overlays	  4/11/13
Textual	  annota4on	  +	  Seman4c	  Tagging	  4/11/13
Textual	  annota4on	  +	  Seman4c	  Tagging	  4/11/13
Seman4c	  Tagging	  User	  Study	  •  Method:	  in-­‐lab	  user	  study,	  24	  parHcipants,	  within-­‐   subject	  desig...
Mul4lingual	  Search	  4/11/13
W3C	  Open	  AnnotaHon	  API	              "bernhard.haslhofer@          oa:             oax:            maphub:          ...
W3C	  Open	  AnnotaHon	  API	                                                "bernhard.haslhofer@                         ...
What	  is	  Annotorious?	  A	  JavaScript	  image	  annotaHon	  library.	  Adds	  annotaHon	  features	  to	  exisHng	  We...
1.	  Link	  Annotorious	  into	  your	  Web	  page	        2.	  Mark	  images	  as	  annotatable	  	  
Example:	  Bounding	  Box	  
Example:	  Polygon	  
What	  Else	  is	  in	  There?	  JavaScript	  API	  –	  build	  your	  own	  Mashups	  Plug-­‐In	  framework	  –	  extend	...
Get	  Involved!	  h9p://	  h9p://	  
The	  big	  picture…	                                                                                     W3C Open Annotat...
Preview:	  Openlayers	  Module	  
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Maphub and Annotorious


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iAnnotate 2013 talk about maphub and annotorious

Published in: Technology, Education
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Maphub and Annotorious

  1. 1. Maphub  and  Annotorious  Bernhard  Haslhofer  &  Rainer  Simon   iAnnotate  2013,  San  Francisco  
  2. 2. MAPHUB  4/11/13
  3. 3. Annota4ons  on  Historical  Maps  4/11/13
  4. 4. Benefits   §  Engage  people;  let  them  tell  their  stories   §  Collect  knowledge;  enhance  metadata   §  Connect  maps  with  other  Web  resources  4/11/13
  5. 5. h9p://  
  6. 6. Maphub  §  Online  App  for  exploring  and  annotaHng   digiHzed  historical  maps  §  Bootstrapped  with  6K  LoC  maps  §  Core  Features   - Geo  referencing  +  Map  overlays   - Textual  annotaHon  +  SemanHc  tagging   - MulHlingual  search   - W3C  Open  AnnotaHon  API  4/11/13
  7. 7. Geo-­‐Referencing  4/11/13
  8. 8. Map  Overlays  4/11/13
  9. 9. Textual  annota4on  +  Seman4c  Tagging  4/11/13
  10. 10. Textual  annota4on  +  Seman4c  Tagging  4/11/13
  11. 11. Seman4c  Tagging  User  Study  •  Method:  in-­‐lab  user  study,  24  parHcipants,  within-­‐ subject  design,  4  tagging  condiHons  •  Findings:  semanHc  tagging  does  not  affect  tag   producHon,  the  types  and  categories  of  tags  assigned,   and  user  task  load  but  gives  unambiguous  references   to  well-­‐defined  concepts.    Haslhofer  et  al.:  Seman/c  Tagging  on  Historical  Maps,  ACM  Web  Science  2013  hp://  4/11/13
  12. 12. Mul4lingual  Search  4/11/13
  13. 13. W3C  Open  AnnotaHon  API   "bernhard.haslhofer@ oa: oax: maphub: "2012-07-18T02:" Annotation Tagging GeoReference 01:07Z" "behas" rdf:type "2012-07-18T02: foaf:mbox rdf:type rdf:type 01:07Z" oa:annotated foaf:name oa:generated http:// http://maphubdev. uuid:1235 control_points/1 oa:annotator oa:generator oax:hasSemanticTag oa:Specific oa:hasTarget Resource rdf:type http:// oa:Fragment uuid:4567 Selector 2643743/ oa:hasSelector rdf:type oa:hasSource uuid:8910 http:// rdf:value at/maps/raw/ g3200.ct000725C.jp2 xywh=6550,6228,1,1 dc:format rdf:type4/11/13 image/jp2 dcterms:StillImage
  14. 14. W3C  Open  AnnotaHon  API   "bernhard.haslhofer@ oa: "2012-07-18T02:" Annotation 01:07Z" "behas" "2012-07-18T02: foaf:mbox rdf:type 01:07Z" oa:annotated foaf:name oa:generated http:// http://maphubdev. uuid:1235 annotations/1 oa:annotator oa:generator oax:hasSemanticTag oax:hasSemanticTag oa:hasTarget oa:Specific ct:ContentAs Resource rdf:type Text dbpedia: rdf:type dbpedia: Pillars_of_Hercules Strait_of_Gibraltar uuid:4567 dcterms: oa:hasSelector format image/svg cnt:Content oa:hasBody uuid:2752 oa:hasSource AsText oa:hasSelector rdf:type uuid:2751 ct:chars <svg…..> "text/plain" http:// rdf:type cnt:chars uuid:2753 dc:format at/maps/raw/ g3200.ct000725C.jp2 ct:ContentAs dcterms: Text In antiquity, the Strait of Gibraltar (which format dc:format connects the Atlantic Ocean with the rdf:type Mediterranean Sea) was also known by the name "The Pillars of Hercules". This is the reason for this inscription! image/jp2 application/wkt ct:chars POLYGON((5315 dcterms:StillImage 5639,5444….)4/11/13
  15. 15. 4/11/13
  16. 16. What  is  Annotorious?  A  JavaScript  image  annotaHon  library.  Adds  annotaHon  features  to  exisHng  Web  pages.  An  ongoing  Open  Source  project.  
  17. 17. 1.  Link  Annotorious  into  your  Web  page   2.  Mark  images  as  annotatable    
  18. 18. Example:  Bounding  Box  
  19. 19. Example:  Polygon  
  20. 20. What  Else  is  in  There?  JavaScript  API  –  build  your  own  Mashups  Plug-­‐In  framework  –  extend  Annotorious  Embeddable  –  integrate  into  “host”  app,  e.g.  into  Annotator  Modules  –  addi/onal  media  types  (under  development)    
  21. 21. Get  Involved!  h9p://  h9p://  
  22. 22. The  big  picture…   W3C Open Annotations maphub Semantic Tagging (Zoomable) Historic Maps JavaScript, Ruby on RailsLEMO YUMA yuma.min.js / AnnotoriousLinked Data Annotation Model OAC Model Audio, (Zoomable) ImagesAudio,Video, Images Audio,Video, Images JavaScriptServer + Flash Clients Server + GWT Clients yuma4j Storage Server (Java) Open Annotation OAC Model Open Knowledge Collaboration (OAC) Foundation Annotator 2007 2013 4/11/13
  23. 23. Preview:  Openlayers  Module