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Nualgi is a micro nutrient for Diatom Algae.
Diatom algae are the most useful of all algae.
Diatoms release large amounts of oxygen and are at the bottom of the food chain.

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  1. 1. NUALGI Invented and manufactured by NUALGI NANOBIOTECH T SAMPATH KUMAR BANGALORE Marketed by Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd Hyderabad
  2. 2. NUALGI • 'NUALGI' is a patented nano technology plant nutrient that promotes photosynthesis and thus speed up the growth of any plant. • Its can be used to increase growth of diatoms algae in seawater, high saline water, fresh water, polluted water, sewage water, etc. • The growth of diatoms is very fast - starting within 5 minutes and continues as long as the nutrient lasts i.e., about 1 week or 10 days.
  3. 3. Various types of Algae • Blue Green Algae, Green Algae, Dinoflagellets and Diatom Algae are major groups of algae. • Diatoms have silica bodies and are consumed by Zooplankton and these by fish. • Blue Green Algae, Green Algae, etc., have cellulose cell walls and are not consumed by zooplankton or by many fish, hence they accumulate in water and decompose. This makes them a nuisance. • Diatoms do not accumulate since they are consumed by Zooplankton.
  4. 4. DIATOM ALGAE • Are small algae less than 1 mm in size. • Among several species of algae, diatoms as a species are responsible for more than 50 % of the world's food produced in the oceans. • The growing diatom algae absorb nutrients and carbon dioxide and produces oxygen by photosynthesis. • The oxygen released during photosynthesis helps aerobic bacteria in breaking down the organics and converting the pollutants to base constituents.
  5. 5. NUALGI – Diatom Algae • Nualgi is specifically made to be available to be consumed by Diatom algae. • On land the micronutrients required are available and plants pick up the required nutrients from the soil. • In water, the micro nutrients are not soluble and hence they precipitate out. • Nualgi contains Silica, Iron, Manganese, Zinc and other metals and minerals. • 1 kg of Nualgi used in natural lakes or sewage treatment plants results in a bloom of Diatoms and these absorb about 137.5 kg of Carbon dioxide and release at least 100 kgs of Oxygen. • 1 kg of Nualgi treats 1 acre of lake for a period of 1 week – about 4 million litres.
  6. 6. GREEN & BLUE GREEN ALGAE • In rivers / streams / lakes where sewage is dumped untreated the proliferation of green and blue green algae is seen. • The water will be dark green or blackish in color and the usual foul smell of H2S is present. • The algae periodically dies off causing algal crash and in the process it removes dissolved oxygen from the water causing mass Fish kill.
  7. 7. Nualgi equation The process can be represented by the following equation: Sunlight (Free) + CO2 (Free) + (Water (Free) + Nitrogen (Free) + Phosphorus (Free)) + Nualgi= Fish / Fuel + Clean Water The value of fish is always more than the cost of Nualgi used. Biodiesel from diatoms is possible but may take a few years to develop since technologies for harvesting, processing, etc., are yet to be developed.
  8. 8. Schematic diagram of the process triggered by Nualgi. Diatoms provide oxygen to Aerobic Bacteria which breakdown the organic matter and these are consumed by the Diatoms and these by zooplankton and these by fish.
  9. 9. NUALGI Extract from Ashok Leyland Ltd CSR Report 2005 – 06 • “During the heavy downpours in end-2005, the ponds filled up and overflowed. After the rains, the living organisms in the ponds, including the fish, were found to be dying in large numbers. Extensive analysis of the reasons was carried out in coordination with a few Governmental agencies. The root cause was found to be an increase in the ‘Biological Oxygen’ demand due to sudden changes in atmospheric conditions accompanying the downpours - a serious threat to the living organisms in the water. As a solution, a chemical called Nualgi was used to increase the Oxygen content in the water and the problem was solved.” • _report_final1.pdf
  10. 10. Nualgi for Sewage Treatment Plants • Electric Powered Aerators are used in STPs to increase Dissolved Oxygen level. • If Nualgi is used, oxygen from Diatoms will provide the oxygen required by Aerobic Bacteria. • Video of oxygen bubbling up in a lake is available at • Nualgi has been tested in Yelahanka Sewage Treatment Plant in Bangalore. • The rotten egg smell of H2S that’s present in any STP will stop within hours of use of Nualgi. Its to be added in the first point in the plant and will work through out the plant, in all the tanks.
  11. 11. Oxygen - Diatom Algae vs Electric Aerators Diatoms are more economical and do not require any capital expenditure or power consumption
  12. 12. Trees and Diatom Algae • Growing Diatom Algae is similar to planting trees - but in WATER – they too absorb carbon dioxide, release oxygen and thus clean sewage laden water-bodies, prevent fish kills and red tides in oceans.
  13. 13. Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico Mississippi ‘Dead Zone’ • Low oxygen water has spread across nearly • oxygen concentration 5,800 square miles of the (red and orange very low) Gulf of Mexico • Nutrient – Nitrogen and Phosphorus input the cause • Nualgi can be used in Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico to increase Diatom growth in the river and thereby reduce the nutrient level and increase oxygen level
  14. 14. Nualgi 1 kg pack for Aqua-farms, Sewage treatment, Lake remediation, Algae for Biodiesel, 200 ml bottle for Aquariums and 100 gram foliar spray pack for Agriculture and Horticulture.
  15. 15. Nualgi Thank you M V Bhaskar Kadambari Consultants Pvt Ltd Hyderabad. 91 92465 08213