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  1. 1. A Research Report On“IMPACT OF BELOW THE LINE ACTIVITIES ON TATA SWACH” MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2011-2013) Submitted To:- Submitted By :- Mr. Gautam Das Bhaskar Das Senior Area Sales Manager 3rd Semester, TATA SWACH Dept. of Business Administration Delhi- NCR Assam University Silchar TATA CHEMICALS Ltd. DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ASSAM UNIVERSITY, SILCHAR I
  2. 2. DECLARATIONThis is to declare that, I Bhaskar Das , a student of Master of BusinessAdministration in Assam University, Silchar (2011-2013), have given original andauthentic data, information and maintained full confidentiality to the best of myknowledge in the project report titled “IMPACT OF BELOW THE LINEACTIVITIES ON TATA SWACH ” and that no part of this information has beenused for any other assignment but for the partial of the requirement towards thecompletion of the said course. Bhaskar Das Department Of Business Administration School of Management Studies Assam University, Silchar II
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAt the very outset, I would like to take the golden opportunity of thanking thosepersons without whose guidance, co-operation, inspiration and suggestion it wouldnot have been possible for me to accomplish the project successfully.First of all I would like to thank Mr. Gautam Das(Senior Area Sales Manager,Delhi-NCR) for giving me an opportunity to work with them through this summerproject.I am thankful to Mr. Manish Gupta, Zonal Sales Manager,Tata Chemicals,Noida for his objective guidance, suggestions, co-operation and for acquaintingme with various pertinent issues during the project.I would also like to convey my sincere thanks to the whole sales team of TATASwach, Delhi-NCR for their help & co-operation especially Mr. Deepak Roy(Territory Executive, East Delhi), for his numerous suggestions and assistance andfinally to all the „Swach Rakshaks‟ who have worked with me during these twomonths and carried out the promotional activities on the field for TATA Swach.I extend my sincere gratitude to the Department of Business Administration,Assam University, Silchar, without whose significant contributions & guidancethis project would not have been possible. III
  4. 4. PREFACEProjects are indispensable part of any kind of formal education. They help us tohave a practical exposure as well as better outlook of the subject, which we arestudying. In professional courses like MBA, we are basically trained and equippedwith strong theoretical knowledge of how business operates and what are the timestested methods of running a successful business. The program is designed toprovide both portfolio of strong functional skills and the ability to apply adapt andintegrate those skills indifferent management settings. But no course of study isfully completed unless there is first hand on-the job practical knowledge of thebusiness and professional way of working. Therefore, to reinforce this strongtheoretical base by practical knowledge, the students of the Department ofBusiness Administration, Assam University, are sent to reputed businessorganization to undergo a minor project. The students are assigned certain projectsand are asked to prepare a project report, whose successful competition can bebeneficial both to the student and the organization concerned.I was assigned to work at TATA CHEMICALS,NOIDAI worked with the organization and did a project on “TATA SWACH.”The report has been prepared keeping in mind all the important practical aspectsand in-depth analysis of the data collected. Every effort has been made to make therecommendation as scientific and practical as possible. IV
  5. 5. Executive Summary Title Of The Project: “IMPACT OF BELOW THE LINE ACTIVITIES ONTATA SWACH” Organization: TATA CHEMICALS Ltd. Organizational Guide: Mr. Gautam Das, Senior Area Sales Manager Objectives of the study : The primary objective of the study is to bringawareness among the people and judiciously use the Swach Rakshak to increasethe sale of TATA SWACH Sample Size: 54Research Methodology:UNIT OF RESEARCH STUDY -The research has been done over the retailers as well as non sellers of the productTATA SWACH.METHODOLOGY:The following was the methodology procedure adopted for the project study. V
  6. 6. 1. PRELIMINARY STUDY:The study was initiated through general discussion with the organizational guideand the discussion was made to get an idea about how to bring awareness amongthe consumers and increase the sale of the product.2. DATA COLLECTION:The data and information is collected mainly from primary sources. The primarydata were collected from the retailers of East and Central territory. This was doneby surveying method through personal meetings/appointments with the TerritoryExecutive and Swach Rakshak.3. TOOLS USED:As the data collected through the questionnaire are afresh and for the first time andoriginal in character, the sources that have been used for the purpose of datacollection is primary in nature which were collected with the help personalinterview. Tool for the research study is structured Questionnaire. Thequestionnaire is prepared in accordance to the objective of the study. Thequestionnaire is in precise size and simple language.4. SAMPLE SIZE:For the study of the project a survey was done using structured questionnaire. Forthis respondents were selected on the basis of random survey. No. of Retailersselected are 54. VI
  7. 7. 5.SCOPE:The scope of the project is defined by the objectives of the study. The scopes of theproject are as follows:The study is confined within East and Central Delhi. The study is made to know the way of selecting product and their perceptionregarding TATA SWACH. VII
  8. 8. TABLE OF CONTENTS  DECLARATION II  ACKNOWLEGDEMENT III  PREFACE IV  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VCHAPTER (1) Introduction 1.1 What is Water Purifier? 1.2 Need for Water Purifier 1.3 Consumer‟s Behavior 1.4 Company Profile 1.5 Product ProfileCHAPTER (2) Research Methodology 2.1 Review of Related Literature 2.2 Statement of the Problem 2.3 Purpose of the Study 2.4 Objectives 2.5 Universe 2.6 Sample 2.7 Sampling Method 2.8 Data Collection 2.9 Questionnaire 2.10 DelimitationCHAPTER (3) Activities Performed during SIP with Detailed Analysis andInterpretation of DataCHAPTER (4) FindingsCHAPTER (5) Conclusion and RecommendationsAPPENDIX – A: QUESTIONNAIREAPPENDIX- B: BIBLIOGRAPHY VIII